libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2021-07-28

utentefollowung packages was been extracted, but still not configured. "it is necessary to configure them using "dpkg --configure" or the configuration option in dselect menu to make them work.00:00
plasma41utente: excellent, thank you00:00
utenteplasma41,  shall i run dpkg --configure?00:01
plasma41Let's start by trying to get aptitude in a working state. Start with `dpkg --configure aptitude`00:01
plasma41diegs: I'm not aware of any conflict between different architectures for sdl, only a conflict for different version (1.X and 2.X conflict)00:06
utenteplasma41, `dpkg --configure aptitude report: problem win dependence dos not allow to configure aptitude: aptitude depends on libcwidget3v5 (>= 0,5,17-8) aniway:00:12
utentepackage libcwidget3v5:amd64 still not configures00:12
utentei didi dpkg --configure libcwidget3v5:amd64  and it worsk00:13
utentetthen i did dpkg --configure aptitude and it woks!00:13
utentenext step?00:13
utentei did dpkg --configure aptitude -a and some pakages are configuring00:14
plasma41utente: excellent00:14
utentei did again dpkg --configure aptitude -a and it stop of "too much errors"00:15
plasma41utente: Does aptitude no longer appear in `dpkg --audit`?00:17
utentei amd doing apt --fix-broken install and sometimes is running on.. as it finisg, i search for that00:18
plasma41utente: Sounds good00:19
utenteit is extracting a lot of packages... 3% now... lets wait.00:21
plasma41utente: Still working?00:40
utenteplasma41, yes, 39% of processing00:41
utenteplasma41, now finisched.00:43
utenteit installed many packages.00:43
utentebut termitate wit errors.00:44
utentenow i tray apt update.00:44
utenteupgrade, i mean00:44
plasma41utente: is the output of `dpkg --audit` smaller now?00:44
utenteyes, it seems smaller00:45
utentebut still huge00:46
plasma41utente: But making progress!00:46
utentei do now dpkg --configure --pending00:46
utenteplasma41, yes, progres are dona00:46
utentenow dpkg --configure --pending is doin a lot of configurations!00:46
utenteplasma41, configuration termetated, but wit message: "errors occured in elaboration of: eudev"00:54
utentebut mani progress was done!00:55
plasma41utente: try `apt-get install eudev libeudev1 udev- libudev1-` again00:55
utentei did, but still error.00:56
utente"error occured in epaboration of: /var/cache/apt/archives/eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:57
plasma41utente: What is the output of `sha256sum /var/cache/apt/archives/eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb`?00:59
utente8e8cdffd0f62dcb5bf91b3a8f97e3b9afda0d6ee2d01408ba22ba9c7c2d0108f  /var/cache/apt/archives/eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb01:00
plasma41utente: Ok, that's as expected, so it's not a corrupted package download issue.01:01
plasma41utente: What's the output of `aptitude why-not eudev`?01:03
utenteroot@devuan:~# aptitude why-not eudev01:04
utenteManually installed, current version 3.2.2-13, priority importante01:04
utenteThe candidate version 3.2.9-9~beowulf1 has priority opzionale01:04
utenteNo dependencies require to remove eudev01:04
plasma41Oh, very interesting01:06
utenteplasma41, tell me.01:06
plasma41The package priority for eudev appears to have dropped from 'important' to 'optional'. I don't know if that was intentional, but it could well be causing the current issue.01:08
golinuxMaybe Debian slipped it in?01:09
plasma41utente: If that is the cause, then `apt-get install -- force eudev libeudev1 udev- libudev1-` should work.01:09
utenteno debian repository was mixed to devuan01:10
utenteok i do01:10
utente"impossible to find package 'force'"01:11
utenteplasma41, "impossible to find package 'force'"01:11
plasma41utente: Oops, I accidentally added a space. Should be `apt-get install --force eudev libeudev1 udev- libudev1-`01:11
utenteE: Opzione a riga di comando --force non riconosciuta in combinazione con le altre opzioni01:13
utente = command line option '--force' is not recognized mixed with other options.01:13
plasma41utente: Try this and tell me the output `apt-get install --no-act --allow-remove-essential eudev libeudev1 udev- libudev1-`01:17
plasma41utente: Ok, that looks safe. Go ahead and run that for real this time by omitting the '--no-act' option.01:22
utenteok wait01:22
plasma41utente: `apt-get install --allow-remove-essential eudev libeudev1 udev- libudev1-`01:22
utentestill same error,
golinuxutente: Most of Devuan comes untouched via "merged" Debian repositories01:27
utentegolinux, ah, ok.01:27
plasma41utente: Ok, so that error message is from the eudev.preinst script. I'm looking through that now01:28
utenteplasma41, ok i wait.01:29
plasma41utente: That error message is from line 136. It's getting triggered on line 134.01:34
utenteplasma41, sthere is a solution?01:34
plasma41utente: I'm trying to determine if why that line is getting triggered and if it is happening erroneously.01:36
utenteplasma41, ok i wait.01:36
plasma41utente: ok, the $missing_symbol variable gets set on line 112...01:38
fsmithredwish I could find where I've seen that error01:39
fsmithredI thought it was the forum, but I couldn't find it01:40
fsmithredand I'm pretty sure there was a solution01:40
fsmithredis there a search engine that treats a quoted string as a search term?01:41
plasma41utente: Run `for symbol in inotify_init signalfd accept4 open_by_handle_at timerfd_create epoll_create; do egrep "^[a-fA-F0-9]+ T \.?sys_${symbol}$" /proc/kallsyms; done` Does it produce any output?01:45
utenteit produce no results.01:46
fsmithredutente, are you using lvm?01:50
utentefsmithred, i dont know what lvm is.01:50
fsmithredLogical Volume Management01:50
fsmithredyou would have chosen that during the initial installation01:51
utentefsmithred, no i did not.01:52
utentenormal /dev/sda1 to install :-)01:52
plasma41utente: I need to go afk for about half an hour. I'm determined to get to the bottom of this.01:52
utenteplasma41, me too. i can wait eve in here is near 2AM01:53
plasma41utente: I'm back.02:11
utenteplasma41, ok02:11
utenteplasma41, did you find some clue?02:14
plasma41utente: I think I'm close. The evidence seems to suggest there is an error with the preinst script.02:17
utenteok. do you have to modify that script?02:17
plasma41utente: Maybe. I'm experimenting now02:18
utenteplasma41, ok i stay on line. I hope to not fall sleeping on keyboard :-)02:19
plasma41utente: I'll try to experiment quickly02:20
plasma41utente: Run `dpkg-query --status eudev`02:25
fsmithredyou have to re-pack the package with the edited script02:25
utentefsmithred, maybe can i use midnight commander to enter .deb and overwrite the script with new version?02:27
fsmithredbrb phone02:30
plasma41utente: one thing that has me stumped is the fact that the error message you are receiving comes from the preinst script, but according to the flowchart I'm consulting, an upgrade from one version of a package to another shouldn't even be running that script.02:32
utenteplasma41, I have no reply to you, packet management is out of my knoledge :-)02:33
plasma41utente: Wait, nevermind I just found it in the flowchart. Disregard my last message.02:33
fsmithredis there any way to make it run the old preinst script?02:34
plasma41utente: Tracking down the origin of that script to see who wrote that funtion and see if I can gain any insight from that...02:40
utenteplasma41, I wait here.02:40
rrq.. Il pacchetto "libudev1" non e installato e quindi non e stato rimosso02:51
rrq.. doesn't seem good02:51
rrq.. no, I'm sleepy .. ignore me02:53
utenterrq, need translation?02:55
rrqno, I misread it as libeudev1 ...02:56
plasma41utente: I think I may have found the issue, (one of them anyway).
utenteafter the issie there is also the solution?03:00
utenteis the line with "-" the right one?03:00
plasma41I think if that line is changed in the preinst script and the package is recompiled you should no longer incorrectly trigger that error and you should be able to install the eudev packages.03:04
plasma41utente: It appears to be a case of a fix getting applied in unstable, but never getting backported as a bugfix in stable.03:05
utenteaahah got it.03:05
utenteso the right one is the line with "+" than must be replaced over line with "-"?03:06
plasma41utente: correct03:07
utentei can co inside .deb package using midnight commandr and replace the incorrect line, hold on...03:07
plasma41utente: That's not the "Right Way" to do it, but it should work.03:08
utentei am inside "preinst" file...03:09
plasma41You may have to install the packages with just dpkg. I'm not sure, but I think apt may complain about an invalid checksum.03:09
utenteim going to replace the line.03:10
rrqmmm which symbol is not found?03:10
plasma41rrq: None of them were found because of incorrect regex.03:11
utentei first try wit apt-get upgrade03:11
utentefail. noi i try apt --fix-broken install03:11
rrqmm I tried that grep here... seemed correct03:12
utentefail again03:12
plasma41utente: apt-get upgrade will not work in this case. It pull from the repos. If the .deb in the cache has an incorrect checksum it will not use it.03:13
utenteplasma41, ok, shall i go with dpkg -i packagename.deb?03:13
plasma41utente: give it a try03:14
utenteok wait03:14
utenteAAAH!! still fail!03:14
utentewait, i pastebin you the preist file03:14
utenteoh, my it is not changed... let me do again.03:16
fsmithredit got changed when you tried to install from repo03:16
fsmithredchanged back03:16
utenteusing midnight commander i can enter .deb but if i try to change some file, i cannot. i mus "unpack" the .deb file but i dont know how to do.03:18
utenteplasma41, can you drive me to do the change?03:19
plasma41utente: the recommend way to get a fixed .deb is to rebuild the package from source after modifying the file03:19
utenteplasma41, i never did that kind of task :-(03:20
plasma41utente: I can walk you through it03:20
utenteok, lets go.03:21
plasma41utente: first create a directory to hold the source code and cd into it03:21
utenteHEY WAIT A MOMENT! what about i use unstable repos ONLY to install eudev package? if ther is fixed, i use it and go.03:22
rrqperhaps using -oDebug::Runscripts=1 on the apt install command could give some insight (see man apt.conf)03:22
plasma41utente: That should work. Let me check that the fix is indeed in unstable.03:23
utenteplasma41, ok i wait.03:23
plasma41In the git repository the current suites/unstable branch is a direct descendant of the commit with the fix, but it doesn't appear to be present. I'm going to track down where it got lost.03:29
plasma41It looks like is the commit that introduced the regression.03:36
plasma41utente: Are you still awake or should we put this off till tomorrow?03:38
utenteplasma41, here i am03:38
utenteif you aren ot sleepy, i am not.03:38
utenteplasma41, are you a devua manteinar? can you "fix" the regression and "repack" the .deb?03:39
plasma41utente: I'm not a package maintainer, but I'll be sure to submit a patch. I believe gnu_srs is the maintainer for the eudev package03:40
utenteso you can commit a solutio for that regression.03:41
plasma41Ok, let's build a package then. First create a new directory and cd into it03:41
utenteas root or normal user?03:42
utentei am in a new directory03:43
plasma41next you'll need the source. run `apt-get source eudev/beowulf`03:43
plasma41Oh, wait03:44
utentein need source repos.03:44
plasma41for that to work you'll need to add a deb-src line to your sources.list03:44
utenteim doung03:45
utenteim doing03:45
plasma41add the line `deb-src beowulf main`03:45
utenteim doing.03:45
utenteim updating03:46
utenteback ormal user and running the previous command03:47
utenteok i got all the source. next step?03:47
utenteplasma41, i runned apt-get source eudev/beowulf03:49
plasma41next you'll need the build dependencies. This can be done by running `apt-get build-dep` but I prefer to create a local eudev-build-deps package using the mk-build-debs command from the devscripts package.03:49
utenteso, what command have i to type?03:51
plasma41using mk-build-debs makes it easier to remove the build dependencies when you're done.03:51
utenteso i must type 'mk-build-debs'?03:52
plasma41i mistyped. should be mk-build-deps03:52
utenteok wait03:53
plasma41`mk-build-deps eudev`03:53
plasma41type that^03:53
utentemk-build-deps eudev ---> command not found.03:53
utentelet me install03:53
plasma41oh, right. you will need to install `devscripts` to use mk-build-deps03:54
utentei tried to apt-get install devscripts but i got a lot of errors of unmet dependences. tool suggest me to do --fix-broken, wait i try.03:54
utenteah yes, thrt send me back to original error of udev.03:55
utenteseem i am in a "circular" error. i cannot install devscripts.03:56
utenteto do i need devscripts, but to install in is impossible cos of "lock" of installation caused by missing of eudev.03:57
plasma41if devscripts is giving you too much trouble, you can just run `apt-get build-dep eudev/beowulf`, but then again, that may fail for the same reason.03:57
utentethre is another solution?03:58
utenteIf i cannot do on my pc, cna you do on your PC and send me the .deb package?03:59
utentei am in contitio that to do A, I need B, but to have B, i need A.04:00
plasma41my computer has a lot of Chimaera packages on it, so if I tried making the package on my system, it would be linked against newer package versions than you have.04:02
utentewhat about i add chimaera repos and use them tu install eudev?04:03
plasma41eudev in Chimaera appears to have the same issue as eudev in Beowulf. Also, I don't recommend mixing stable with testing. I only do it because I'm confident in my ability to fix it _when_ it breaks.04:05
plasma41[This file04:06
plasma41oops, hit enter too soon04:06
utenteplasma41, because at the moment i cannot install anthing because of the probme olf eudev, there is another way to fix the issue using the tool i already have onstalled on mu devuan?04:07
utentesorry for miss typing.04:08
plasma41[This file]( contains the list of eudev build dependencies. Unfortunately it's not short.04:08
plasma41I have an idea. One moment...04:09
utentei guess how noone before me find this problem...04:09
utenteok i wait.04:09
plasma41utente: ok, I think I've worked out a solution that works within the given constraints.04:28
utentelets go.04:29
plasma41ok into a new directory (which I'll refer to a directory A) download and
utentei use wget04:32
plasma41I'm assuming your computer is amd64, correct?04:32
utenteamd64, yes.04:33
utenteok i have the 2 .deb file04:33
plasma41Great. once you have those two files, cd into A if it isn't already your current directory04:34
utentei am in directory_A and there is inside the 2 deb file i downloaded.04:35
plasma41From there run `dpkg-deb --raw-extract eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64`04:35
plasma41open the file `eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64/DEBIAN/preinst` in your text editor of choice04:37
utenteline #21 is the guilty one :-)04:38
plasma41Right. change that line like before.04:39
utenteshell I replace with "if ! egrep -q "^[a-fA-F0-9]+ T (_+.*_)?sys_${symbol}$" /proc/kallsyms; then"?04:39
utentei done and saved the file with changed line.04:40
plasma41good. now cd into A and run "rm eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb"04:41
plasma41now run `dpkg-deb -b eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64`04:42
utentedone. backage rebuild!04:43
plasma41Now if all goes well, as root run `dpkg -i eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb libeudev1_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb` and you should have a freshly updated eudev.04:45
utentefinger crossed! i do..04:45
utenteis running.....04:46
utentedone. IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!04:46
plasma41*\o/* HUZZAH!!!!!!!04:47
utentethe baby is born!04:47
utenteapget all this effort, i hope the eudev pachage will be updated for everyone :-)04:48
plasma41:-D YYYEEESSSS!04:48
utentenow i go for apt-get upgrade :-)04:48
utenteit was a "bath into blood" (it means: "a long pain and strong effort")04:49
plasma41utente: Thank you for teaching me. I learned a lot from troubleshooting your problem!04:50
utenteplasma41, you are qeulcome :)04:50
utenteafter i do also dist-upgrade, ehehhe04:51
plasma41and it _only_ took ~10 1/2 hours to diagnose04:52
utenteplasma41, oh, so long we stay in chat?04:54
utentei start 18:25 now is 4:54.... wow!04:55
plasma41Yes, your initial IRC message was at 16:25 UTC.04:56
utenteim using my local time. where are ytou from, plasma41 ?04:56
plasma41It was 10:25 in my timezone. I'm in Texas.04:57
utenteehe, upddate still running...04:57
utenteat least this chat take another bug avay from devuan, so good.04:58
utentein half hour here sun will start to rise... and i will go to sleep, ahahaha04:59
plasma41utente: Yeah, it is definitely time to go to bed. I'll be around tomorrow if you'd like to talk some more. Goodnight05:00
utentethanks a lot for you effort, plasma41. and good night.05:01
BLooTzenoob question?14:26
aplainzetakindI have an acpi event for my keyboard mute key, with `action=/usr/bin/amixer sset Master toggle`. This used to work fine with alsa only. Now I have pulseaudio on to and now at first press it mutes, but never works again (though the mute LED toggles). Calling `amixer sset Master toggle` from the command line still works as expected. I'm puzzled.17:33
aplainzetakinds/on to/on top/17:34
aplainzetakindAh, the command doesn't work either when ran as root.17:38
aplainzetakindSo it probably has to do with the acpi action being run as root. What's a good way pass the user in a script without hardcoding?17:41
plasma41aplainzetakind: What is in the output of `pactl list short sources`? Please reply with a pastebin.17:42
plasma41aplainzetakind: Oops, should have said the output of `pactl list short sinks`17:45
plasma41aplainzetakind: The command `set-sink-mute alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1f.3.analog-stereo toggle` should (un)mute your audio.17:49
aplainzetakindIt does, but I'd like my buttons to work outside X.17:50
plasma41aplainzetakind: `set-sink-mute 0 toggle` should also work.17:50
aplainzetakindSo I want to stick to amixer.17:50
aplainzetakindWhich works from a terminal, but not when called as an acpi action.17:50
plasma41I'm not very familiar with acpi, unfortunately.17:51
aplainzetakindThe situation is that as my user, `amixer sset Master toggle` works fine, but as root, neither that nor `sudo -u my_user amixer sset Master toggle` does.17:52
aplainzetakindSo this minimal non-working example is acpi-less.17:53
aplainzetakindI'm trying to figure out how to make it work as root.17:54
plasma41aplainzetakind: `amixer info` and `sudo amixer info` produces differing output on my system. Maybe that's a place to start looking?17:56
masonplasma41: Are you part of group "audio"?17:56
masonaplainzetakind: Wait, it works as your user, but not as root? That's... unusual.17:56
plasma41root does not appear to be a member of 'audio'. interesting17:57
plasma41`sudo groups` returns only 'root'17:57
aplainzetakindroot amixer sees the actual card, while user amixer sees pulseaudio.17:58
aplainzetakindI'm not sure what the intended multiuser behaviour of pa is.17:59
aplainzetakindShould I just add root to audio? Would it work when pulseaudio is run by the user?17:59
plasma41aplainzetakind: There's one way to find out.18:00
aplainzetakindplasma41: usermod -a -G audio root  <- is this not it?18:03
aplainzetakindDid nothing, groups still only shows root18:03
plasma41aplainzetakind: That command looks valid18:04
aplainzetakindOK looged out and back and it shows up. Didn't help though.18:08
masonaplainzetakind: PA has a couple modes in which it can run. The common one is per-user, and that caters to the user, not root. That said, I don't use it so my direct experience with getting PA to work in various situations is slowly rotting.18:09
aplainzetakindStrangely, doing `su theuser` from root and then calling amixer doesn't work either.18:10
aplainzetakindThe thing is root can't do anything with pactl either.18:22
aplainzetakindPff. This answer by GazL here:
darkeyeHow's going?19:58
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDHow to i use connman to connect to a wireguard vpn in devuan?22:35
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI don't see the wireguard in the vpn tab of cmst22:36
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDalso, any news on ceres?22:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi want to suggest using connman over wicd22:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's much more reliable and fast22:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDalso, doesn't seem to require power cycling interfaces to reconnect eiher22:39
plasma41CAPTCHA_REQUIRED: I'm not familiar with using connman or wireguard. Try idling for a while and someone who knows more may be able to help you.22:40
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthank yoy22:41
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDiwn doesn't work22:41
plasma41CAPTCHA_REQUIRED: There's never really much news on ceres. It's always unstable.22:41
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDon beowulf, it doesn't have an init script only a systemd service file22:41
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi thought beowulf fixed thatl must of slipped through or something?22:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDalso it complains there's something wrong with the kernel, that certain kernel features are not turned on and fails to start22:42
plasma41I'm not aware of a program called iwn22:42
plasma41iwd != iwn22:44
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit doesn't work complains the kernel is missing features, only systemd service22:44
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwell that's the daemon package22:44
plasma41This appears to have been reported in
DPAiwd needs nl80211. Not sure if it's enabled in debian / which config option that is, and if all drivers already support that.22:54
DPAShould be enabled.22:55
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit also complains about needing in-kernel crypto22:58
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDlike arc422:58
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi need it because my work uses client certificates to authenticate to wifi23:00
DPAIndeed, I just tried it with the backports kernel from beowulf. It's those are also missing these. Maybe try the chimaera kernels, they seem to have more of these crypto modules enabled:23:11
DPAapt-get install ./linux-image-5.10.0-8-amd64_5.10.46-2_amd64.deb ./linux-image-amd64_5.10.46-2_amd64.deb23:11
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDis debian 4.0 soon?23:12
DPAI don't know.23:12
brocashelmthey moved it to mid-august iirc23:12
brocashelmoh, you were asking about devuan? hopefully as soon as bullseye is out23:13
brocashelmthere are isos you could try with chimaera if you wanted23:14
aplainzetakindIn dmesg, I have these errors: and these warnings:
aplainzetakindWhat do I need to make my nvidia work without complaints.23:15
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbrocashelm, yes please23:16
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI see that xfce was updated to a gtk3 version23:16
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhat is devuan's policy on gtk2 applications?23:16
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDif somebody wants to maintain gtk2 applications or forks of other programs that went gtk3-only back to gtk223:17
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDmaybe a better question for #devuan-dev?23:18
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDalso, will perfectly working and maintained gtk2 applications be removed from the tree?23:19
DPAaplainzetakind: To get rid of the firmware warning, nvidia/gp108/gr/sw_nonctx.bin seams to be in firmware-misc-nonfree. So add non-free after main to /etc/apt/sources.list, and install sw_nonctx.bin23:19
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDor will they be left alone23:20
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: WAG devuan is trying to stay focused on systemd, they probably don't have resources to add gtk2 vs gtk3 fights23:20
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: I betcha it's up to upstream debian at that point23:20
nemoand willingness of people to maintain gtk2 compat23:20
DPA*install firmware-misc-nonfree23:20
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI'm asking because I'm willing to maintain some applications; applications I have since forked way back when the matte project started23:21
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI've bounced around distros for a while23:21
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: wouldn't this be more appropriate to a derivative mini distro?23:21
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: there are a few devuan derivatives out there23:21
nemolike devuan-nogtk323:21
nemoor something ☺23:21
brocashelmlike refracta (which i use)23:21
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDThis applications would benefit all devuan users23:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI don't want to have to fight upstream23:22
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: oh.. you mean they are apps that were dropped from debian due to lack of support?23:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthat's why i'm checking23:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthey were not dropped from debian23:22
nemohave an example?23:22
nemoI'm genuinely curious23:22
nemoas "random devuan user" ☺23:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDspacefm for example still supports and prefers gtk2 build.23:23
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand a fork on engrampa that uses gtk223:23
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand audacious23:23
brocashelmthat's a good one. i use pale moon still23:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand gmusicbrowser23:24
diegsyou maintain audacious, CAPTCHA_REQUIRED? i did not know23:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED(a perl based library manager)23:24
diegsit's still at 3.10 in base beowulf, do you have a package of your own?23:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdiegs, audacious 4.x stopped doing what I needed23:24
diegshow so23:24
diegswell, i'll ask somewhere else23:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwell it became gtk3 based23:25
diegsman... and here i was thinking i'd have it follow symlinks sometime soon23:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand because of this it became very buggy and it stopped integrating nicely with the rest of my desktop23:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDsmall annoying bugs piling up like drag n drop not working23:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDtbh I could live without audacious23:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthe other applications though i cannot23:26
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhich is why I've forked them23:26
brocashelmyeah, i have not been too happy with pale moon's decisions lately23:26
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwell you should consider working on webbroser instead23:26
Guest92Hi! I think I have a problem with repository configuration.23:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI've removed a lot of the vendoring and all of the proprietary branding23:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDas well as directive423:27
diegsaudacious has so many audio format plugins i could hardly part from honestly, like USF (nintendo 64)23:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI'm going to move it to sourcehut because they have a nice mailinglist23:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's getting popular enough to warrent a mailinglist now instead of just the 'HACKING' text file i put there23:27
brocashelmi heard of the project through digdeeper's site. i tried to build it myself but i couldn't get it working23:28
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: oh. I do like audacious23:28
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdiegs, did you know that plugin actually emulates a full n64?23:28
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDof wait no23:28
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: I had commit access before I got distracted with other things like hedgewars ☺23:28
diegsat least the RSP audio processing part23:28
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI was thinking of the MOS6502 based nintendo console23:29
diegsthat's the SNES right?23:29
diegsi didn't know that part23:29
diegsand you mean libgme then I guess23:29
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthere a plugin that emulates an entire snes to work and play those mods23:29
nemobut I hadn't really paid attention to gtk2 vs gtk3.  I'm surprised drag and drop doesn't work23:29
Guest92In the settings of the Synaptic package manager, in the "repositories", I turned on all 4 default options after the system installation. It is: chimaera-security and chimaera-updates, both deb and deb-src.23:29
nemohm. lemme try on the living room devuan chimæra - it has audacious23:29
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDnemo, here is a very extensive article on the gtk+ debacle
Guest92I cannot find the chimaera-updates repository in the sources.23:30
Guest92Why would it be like this? What can cause the problem?23:30
brocashelmguest92: are you using for your repositories?23:30
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDmost distros have already drawn their line in the sand and I'm just looking for a distro that isn't on the religiously pushing gtk3/4/redhat poetteringware side by removing perfectly working and actively maintained projects like hexchat or claws-mail because their upstream decided to say no to gtk323:31
brocashelmcaptcha_required: you'd be in good hands here23:32
brocashelmwe could use all the help we can get23:32
Guest92brocashelm: The dafault settings after the installation. for the -updates, and for the -security.23:32
Guest92All were disabled, but I enabled them in Synaptic options, and now only -security seem to load.23:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED> i heard of the project through digdeeper's site. i tried to build it myself but i couldn't get it working23:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbrocashelm, email me a backtrace of the issue your having and what you've tried. my email is in the 'HACKING' file23:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwell that's the other thing23:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI was initially very attracked to Gentoo and Alpine because of their ebuild syntax23:34
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi'm not as familar with dpkg and it seems kind of complex23:34
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbut if it is as polished and capable as an ebuild I'd like to learn it so i can start 'debianizing' my applications23:34
Guest92Also. There were no -proposed -backports and -experimental on the package list. Why is that so?23:35
golinuxMaybe this should go to offtopic as it's mot a support discussion?23:35
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDanybody have any good debianization guides they want to reccomend?23:35
nemogolinux: huh. if he's offering to maintain packages that seems on-topic23:36
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI wanted to ask if I might be able to have testing access to devuan's CI server so I can work on automated builds23:36
brocashelmcaptcha_required: will do. also, join #devuan-dev on here23:36
golinuxnemo Then he should try #devuan-dev23:36
nemointeresting. audacious in devuan uses the qt gui23:36
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDyou can tell because it doesn't have that really neat winamp skin preview23:37
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDonly the gtk2 version has that23:37
Guest92golinux: I did see this. Why do you past this alone here. My question was why the -updates package doesn't load.23:39
Guest92This is, how it is just after the installation.23:39
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: er. are you sure? I just fired up audacious on this devuan chimæra and it seems to have skin preview23:39
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDcan you send a screenshot?23:40
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: If I select Winamp Classic Interface I can browse all the old skins. and it switches as I browse23:40
golinuxCan you guys please go to OT.  This is not a devuan issue.23:40
brocashelmcaptcha_required: #devuan-offtopic23:41
Guest92Why only 2, out of all 5 repositories are included in sources.list file, and only one works?23:44
Guest92Shouldn't all 5 be included, with just part of them being commented out?23:44
Guest92And why doesn't -updates work?23:45
Guest92Also, how do I set the mirrors?23:46
brocashelmguest92: i just tested chimaera and chimaera-updates with and apt worked23:46
nemoGuest92: the only one that doesn't work (logically) is backports I think ☺23:46
brocashelmguest92: can you link a paste of your sources.list file and also a sample of the output on the repos not working for you?23:46
Guest92brocashelm: Only origin of -security is shown by the Synaptics package manager, so I concluded something is wrong with the other. I can paste the file.23:48
utenteplasma41, hello.23:49
Guest92# Line commented out by installer because it failed to verify:23:50
Guest92deb chimaera-security main contrib non-free23:50
Guest92deb-src chimaera-security main contrib non-free23:50
Guest92# chimaera-updates, to get updates before a point release is made;23:50
Guest92# see
Guest92# A network mirror was not selected during install.  The following entries23:50
Guest92# are provided as examples, but you should amend them as appropriate23:50
Guest92# for your mirror of choice.23:50
Guest92deb chimaera-updates main contrib non-free23:50
Guest92deb-src chimaera-updates main contrib non-free23:50
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDif we used XMPP this wouldn't be a problem. XMPP supports multiline messages and serverside munging into pastes23:50
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDeven debian uses xmpp23:50
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: which libera has. see #ircv323:50
nemoit's a WIP progress23:51
Guest92Should I post it like this? Sorry, if it is considered a spam.23:51
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDno Guest92 use f.perl.bot23:51
Guest92Ok. I am new here, so I have no idea.23:52
brocashelmguest92: use next time please23:53
Guest92brocashelm: one more.(the same file)23:53
Guest92 it is like this*(that before was changed separately, and this one is how it is saved. That shouldn't make difference though, as I see this.)23:56
brocashelmthat is strange as it should all work correctly23:57
brocashelmguest92: do you have devuan-keyring installed?23:58
Guest92Why is there no all 5 repositories written in, though?23:58
Guest92brocashelm: Yes. I even tried to install it again.23:59
Guest92With "apt-get install devuan-keyring" it is.23:59

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