libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2021-07-29

Guest92I got some random disconnection. Did anyone message me, in the meantime?00:01
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbrocashelm, here is a precomlied version of webbrowser for beowulf amd64
nemoGuest92:  just to get you back in channel ☺00:15
Guest92Right! Thank you. :)00:15
nemoI'm rather surprised that there's such a big variation between ceres and chimaera00:16
Guest92ceres is unstable, right?00:16
nemoyeeeeah, but I thought fsmithred said they were pretty close at this point.00:17
nemobut I do not know much about debian packaging ☺00:17
nemo  for comparison purposes00:19
nemooh neat. it's even in beowulf backports00:20
nemoI switched to chimaera last year to get usable gaming on the family AMD GPU ☺00:20
nemo(and firefox GL acceleration)00:20
Guest92I did use MXLinux previously, but my pc crashed, and I tried again live install, and encountered a lot of issues, so I decided to try other distro.00:21
nemoI like devuan - most debian targetted stuff works with it, only a few modest problems.  and folks here are helpful.  I'm at gentoo/devuan mix at home/work now00:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhat is the appeal of mxlinux over devuan?00:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhy fragment? they seem like the same thing00:24
nemoBTW, funny workplace story. At work we are now up to 7 devuan servers (down 2 from peak) and 2 ubuntu servers.  on devuan and ubuntu I've been using desktop installs because the people managing the VMs want a gui to log into00:25
nemoidling on a login screen on the devuan boxes w/ default install was taking 65MiB of RAM.  It was taking 625MiB on the ubuntu 20.04 LTS00:25
nemoapparently purely due to ubuntu decision to default to gnome3/gdm ☺00:26
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhat does devuan use, slim?00:27
nemowas in #ubuntu today trying to figure this out, since using ⅔rds of a gig of RAM just to show a PNG and a login prompt seemed excessive00:27
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: yep00:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi never used the task-sel for desktop00:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi just used netinst-base and built up manually00:27
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: thankfully installing slim seems to have worked fine on the ubuntus. now if only I could say the same for the rest of the distro00:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDcan i ask, what are they using the the graphical login for on a vm hyervisor00:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDjust to open xterm?00:28
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: so. these are windows admins. they expect a gui and login prompt in the tab on the vm manager00:30
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: they use it, I believe, to load network shares in a gui file manager for installing .deb - for firing up firefox to fetch packages to install from the kernel malware (er virus scanner) that they install, and to grab stuff from oracle and other 3rd party vendors00:30
nemowhich is fine. I'm just glad we are at more than 0 linux servers these days00:31
nemobut the memory usage was pretty dumb00:31
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhy are they using a physical tty00:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDgoing up to a physical rack00:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDeven windows supports vnc00:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDyou can do all those thing with X11 forwarding00:43
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI don't ever physiclly touch production servers unless something goes terribly wrong00:43
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: I'm talking about a non-physical tty00:43
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: literally connecting to admin interface. one tab for hardware, one for system stats, one for the virtual monitor00:43
Guest92Can I safely uninstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau before installing nvidia-driver, and then restart?00:43
nemothat kind of thing00:43
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: and if you're a windows admin, you expect a gui...00:43
nemoGuest92: I'd say it's always safe ☺00:44
gnarfaceGuest92: yes but just blacklist it00:44
nemoGuest92: at worst you have to work from a VT instead of desktop ☺00:44
Guest92Thank you! How to do so?00:44
gnarfaceGuest92: it'll just get reinstalled next time you upgrade; put "blacklist nouveau" in a file ending with ".conf" in /etc/modprobe.d/00:44
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDin /etc/modprobe.d/00:45
Guest92I am a littleafraid to do that with VT ;)00:45
nemognarface: he needs the nvidia firmware right?00:45
gnarfacenemo: it should be part of their driver package set00:45
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDproritary driver has firmware blobs built into it00:45
nemook.... I thought there was a separate nvidia-nonfree00:45
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's also buggy as hell and kills 2d performance00:46
gnarfacewell the official nvidia drivers are all in non-free but there is a risk of missing packages though, since they have dozens of separate packages and aren't very good at properly defining dependencies between them00:46
gnarfacei would recommend running "dpkg -l |grep nvidia" and "apt-cache search ^nvidia" and look for version discrepancies00:47
Guest92gnarface: Ok. Thank you. I will blacklist like this.00:47
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED doesn't load00:48
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDin web browser but loads fine in other browsers00:48
gnarfacenemo: there isn't a separate nvidia-nonfree, it just seems like stable backports is only there for the nvidia drivers00:48
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDsays connection timeout00:48
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDis there some weird waf on that site that breaks http1.1 compliance?00:48
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDoh, nevermind it's working now00:49
gnarfaceCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: make sure your time is accurate.  recent changes to https protocols tightened how accurate your clock needs to be to well less than 5 minutes drift00:49
gnarfacehttps and dns00:50
gnarfacethey don't work for shit now if your clock is off00:50
gnarfaceGuest92: probably worth mentioning that lots of people have to get the beowulf-backports kernel and nvidia driver combo to support current hardware, just fyi00:51
Guest92I have in that folder dkms.conf, nvidia.conf,  nvidia-blacklists-nouveau.conf, and nvidia-kernel-common.conf00:51
Guest92Where to put blacklist nouveau ?00:51
gnarfaceadd a new file of your own00:51
Guest92Oh. I have it in that third already.00:51
gnarfacethe other files may be manipulated by package install/uninstall, so you might have to make sure to clean up after it00:52
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED0.000000079 seconds slow of NTP time00:52
Guest92Maybe because of the installation through nvidia-driver, but I got an message about conflict here.00:52
gnarfaceCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: well, that should certainly be close enough00:52
nemoit's a little slow00:52
nemobut not that much00:52
gnarfaceGuest92: you're installing the ones from the repos not the shell script from right?00:52
Guest92Yes. One from the repo.00:53
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDchrony is great00:53
Guest92I had a bad time once, with the second one.00:53
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: hm. works for me even in w3m00:53
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's working now00:53
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDtransient hiccup probably00:54
nemoCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: one thing I've observed with VMs is spinup lag00:54
nemolike if someone hadn't hit the git in past, oh, hour00:54
nemoboth with commercial and our local ones00:54
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDnemo how are you doing that00:55
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDshutting down services that don't get accessed00:55
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDcan i do that with containers?00:55
nemoI don't know anything about their setup or ours00:55
nemoI've just noticed that behaviour00:55
nemoI'm not a sysadmin00:55
nemoit's gotten to point that if I have to do a demo on a test project that's idled for a long time, I make sure to hit it before the boss does00:55
nemoverify db, server, etc are all nice and snappy00:56
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhy not just use swapdisk?00:57
rrqguys, could you please keep offline chat to #devuan-offfline00:58
rrqor maybe it was *offtopic*00:58
nemorrq: I think it started with speculating as to why was failing to load for him ☺00:59
nemobut should have halted sooner yes00:59
gnarfaceit's #devuan-offtopic but i think we at least used to have an infrastructure channel at #devuan-www01:04
gnarface(before the move)01:05
golinuxYes and it's for work on the Devuan website01:07
golinuxDevuan has about a dozen channels01:07
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDrrq, what is offline chat?01:45
rrqthat's where we send spammers and trolls ;)01:46
Guest20After nvidia-driver installation I have all the time errors during package installation related to nvidia-persistenced02:24
Guest20"E: nvidia-persistenced: installed nvidia-persistenced package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1"02:24
Guest20How to fix this?02:24
Guest20Should I remove the nvidia-persistenced package?02:25
gnarfaceyea you don't need it02:29
gnarfaceyou do need however, for sure, <i>at least</i> nvidia-driver, nvidia-support, nvidia-modprobe, nvidia-driver-bin and libgl-nvidia-glx02:30
gnarfacei think if you install all those it should get there rest02:30
gnarfacebut run "dpkg -l |grep nvidia" afterwards to check to make sure all the versions match02:30
gnarfacea couple might lag behind or have weird datestamp values as a version, but for the most part the whole list should be on the same version #02:31
Guest20Ok. Thanks! :)02:42
gnarfaceonce you run that list, you can try to "apt-get install" everything in it again one by one to make sure it's the latest one02:43
gnarfacenvidia can't keep their dependencies right so you have to double check it02:43
gnarfaceand if something still isn't working you might have to do this all over again with the versions in beowulf-backports02:44
Guest20Alright. Everything seems to run fine, now.02:47
GuestyguestHi, I'm having difficulty installing devuan03:23
GuestyguestUsing the latest desktop-live iso03:24
GuestyguestIt's extremely, horrendously slow03:24
GuestyguestI've been waiting about 30 minutes to open the file manager03:24
Guestyguestcurrently it's just a window border with nothing in it yet03:24
GuestyguestI tried both the regular boot option and running from ram03:25
GuestyguestIt's still about 300x slower than live ubuntu03:25
gnarfaceuse the netinstaller instead03:25
gnarfacethe live installer needs a lot of ram03:25
GuestyguestI need nonfree firmware in order to connect to the internet03:26
gnarfaceit is on there03:26
GuestyguestI tried netinstall first, since I wanted a gui-less system, but it gave me the typical debian prompt to insert firmware on a usb03:26
GuestyguestI tried answering no, and then it started prompting me again for each and every missing binary during network setup03:27
Guestyguestath-10k is my network adapter. Do you not include that firmware in the netinst image?03:28
gnarfacei'm pretty sure all the firmware is included but there's a possibility your device is too new for the stable versions03:28
GuestyguestIt's about 2 years old03:28
gnarfacewithin the timeframe03:29
gnarfacedo you still have the netinstall image on hand though?  i wonder if they've just put those packages in the "load additional installer components" menu03:29
GuestyguestI overwrote it with the desktop-live image lol03:29
gnarfacehow much RAM does the system have?03:30
Guestyguest4 GB03:30
gnarfacehmm, does it have a swap partition?03:30
GuestyguestI'm running it from USB so whatever's on the HDD shouldn't matter, right?03:30
gnarfaceit shouldn't but if you're low on RAM the live image will make use of any swap partitions it finds03:31
gnarfaceand if there aren't any well, it could hit a serious performance wall03:31
GuestyguestI bet thats what happened03:31
gnarfacei'm not sure whether 4GB is enough to avoid that these days or not, it used to be enough but might be borderline now03:31
Guestyguestmaybe its swapping on the thumbdrive haha03:31
gnarfacethat could be bad03:31
Guestyguestok so is there another image I can use?03:32
Guestyguestsomething that includes firmware but doesn't need over 4 GB of ram?03:32
gnarfaceall the images besides the live one should be usable with as little as 128MB03:32
Guestyguestwhat about desktop?03:32
Guestyguestinstead of desktop-live?03:33
gnarfaceshould be fine afaik03:33
gnarfacei haven't tested that one03:33
gnarfacethe netinstall should be fine too, it should still be possible to make it complete the install without a network connection03:33
gnarfacethen you could copy the firmware package from another machine03:33
Guestyguesttheres like 10 binaries it needs03:34
gnarfaceit has no physical ethernet port?  wifi only?03:34
Guestyguestits a netbook03:34
GuestyguestI thought it would be perfect for a minimal gui-less linux system, lets see tho03:35
Guestyguestok I'm trying the desktop iso now03:35
gnarfaceit really might be that it's barely too new and you'll need the backports versions of those packages03:36
gnarfacebut do a sanity check for me and boot the desktop iso in text expert mode03:36
Guestyguestok hang on, I need to download it first03:36
gnarface... then on the "load additional installer components" menu, before the networking step, double check the atheros firmware package isn't in that menu and needing manual selection03:37
gnarfacethis should work from the netinstall too03:37
gnarfacebut i admit i haven't tested this for a while03:37
Guestyguestnp, you've been really helpful! I'll be back in a few minutes03:38
gnarfacegood luck, keep me posted03:41
Guestyguestdownload should finish in 3003:42
Guestyguestok I just rebooted into the devuan desktop iso04:42
Guestyguestwait, it prompted for the missing firmware, but then it didn't need it haha04:45
gnarfacei think that it prompts no matter what, depending on your answers to other setup questions04:46
gnarfacethe important part is it's working04:46
Guestyguestyes, thank you04:47
Guestyguestif there are any devs here, perhaps that prompt should be removed if the firmware is present in the install media?04:48
XenguySounds like a bug report may be in order?04:49
gnarfaceit's not just about the network device i don't think... i think it can't know if there's more than one firmware package needed so it asks anyway in expert mode04:50
gnarfaceit's only a problem if then it does the network detection step again and there's still no network devices04:50
gnarfacebut even then you can skip it and just go without a network setup; the install should still be bootable04:51
gnarfacebut then you will of course have to configure networking manually after that04:51
GuestyguestIt prompted me for firmware 4 times total, with 3 of those during the network detection step... so although it's not broken, it's at least confusing for new users.04:53
gnarfacewell, granted, but it's expected behavior inherited from the debian one04:53
GuestyguestIt was after the third prompt that I decided to stop trying to use the original netinst image, so maybe that one would have worked aftter all too04:53
gnarfacethis whole distro was about not breaking expected behavior04:53
gnarfacehistorically expected behavior04:53
Guestyguestah, ok, so it's bug-compatible with debian then :P04:54
Guestyguestor annoyance-comaptible04:54
gnarfacewherever possible04:54
Guestyguestlol jk04:54
Guestyguesthey so how important is the root password on a default devuan install? Is ssh and stuff enabled by default?04:54
gnarfaceit should ask about allowing root logins separately, probably next04:55
gnarfaceif you install sudo you can do without a root password04:55
gnarfacenot that i'd recommend that, but you have to decide for yourself whether or not sudo is a bigger vulnerability than your own brain encumbered with more than 1 password04:56
gnarfaceyou should definitely deny ssh logins as root either way04:57
GuestyguestI've never really understood the problem with having an insecure root password though tbh04:58
GuestyguestIf remote logins are disabled then why is it a problem?04:58
gnarfaceas long as they are it shouldn't be a problem unless it drives you to do something horrendously stupid like write it on your desk04:58
GuestyguestAssuming nobody has physical access to my computer04:58
gnarfacefor some people, just the act of mitigating the effort of remembering more than one password is enough justification to configure it to only have one password04:59
gnarfacefor the rest of people, the second password is a good additional security barrier in the case of some desktop software like firefox being compromised remotely by a malicious site04:59
Guestyguestoh ok, so having a strong root password is meant as a backup if an attacker exploits something else05:00
gnarfaceyou're right that the concerns are much greater at an organizational level if it is a shared system instead of just a personal one05:00
gnarfacethe filesystem and all the devices are stratified into isolated permission groups this way for security (security that systemd drives a truck right through)05:02
GuestyguestI really don't understand how systemd became so widely accepted. Shouldn't the corporate interests have tried pushing *against* making linux systems less secure?05:05
GuestyguestThey're going to end up having systemd on their own systems and webservers now05:06
gnarfaceit's not really a conversation for this room, but they're infiltrated by bad actors05:06
Guestyguestoh, makes sense05:06
golinuxThere is money to be made in the security business05:07
gnarfacewe try to keep this room for support issues, bitching about it goes into #devuan-offtopic05:07
golinuxYes.  Should be on offtopic05:07
Guestyguestok ty05:07
golinuxTry #devuan-offtopic05:10
GuestyguestCan I put my home partition on an exfat-formatted microsd card?05:11
gnarfaceyou could but does exfat support unix filesystem permissions?05:12
gnarfaceit would be a mistake to use something that doesn't support unix filesystem permissions05:12
GuestyguestWould I have problems running executables from there? Or would there be other problems?05:14
gnarfacewell other than the insecurity of just having a filesystem for /home that is globally-writeable and globally-readable, yea there could be other problems when stuff tries to check and set permissions and they don't respond as expected05:18
gnarfacefor example the openssh client will full on refuse to work if the permissions on ~/.ssh are wrong05:18
gnarfaceit'll cause less obvious problems than you'd think but it's the equivalent to running chmod -R 77705:18
gnarfaceand since i assume the point would be so you could have a shared directory windows can also read05:19
gnarfacelet me just suggest you quarantine it in /usr/local/ somewhere05:19
gnarfaceor install a linux filesystem driver for the windows install (there are a couple unofficial ones)05:19
GuestyguestI like the /usr/local/ idea, that's a good one05:24
GuestyguestI'm getting a weird error though after trying to do guided encrypted LVM partitioning... "Volume group name already in use"05:24
Guestyguestselecting continue takes me back to asking what how I want to partition05:25
GuestyguestFull text of the error is "The volume group name used to automatically partition using LVM is already in use. Lowering the priority for configuration questions will allow you to specify an alternative name."05:26
XenguyIf it were me, I'd just try to back out gracefully05:27
XenguyRun away!!!05:27
gnarfaceGuestyguest: is this in expert mode?05:27
GuestyguestLooks like it's something about appending "-vg" to the hostname and creating a name conflict?
gnarfaceGuestyguest: there's some trick to it but i'm not using LVM here so i can't ever remember how to describe it05:28
GuestyguestXenguy I'm trying to overwrite the disk so it's not a big deal if the installation fails05:28
gnarfaceGuestyguest: maybe but it might also be just some other non-obvious peculiarity of the partitioning setup tool05:28
XenguyGuestyguest, I just try to avoid garden paths when I can05:29
Guestyguestgnarface IDK about expert mode, I never saw a prompt for that05:29
gnarfaceGuestyguest: if you don't care about losing the stuff on there, you could delete all the partitions and volume groups already present and try to make it re-create them from scratch05:29
Guestyguestits using the ncurses gui05:29
gnarfaceGuestyguest: somewhere in the boot menu on the disk i think there should be still an expert ncurses mode05:30
gnarfaceGuestyguest: (that will effectively lower the priority threshold for the questions it refers to)05:30
Guestyguestgrub had an "advanced options" section05:30
gnarfaceyea, i think it is in there05:30
Guestyguestok I'll reboot05:31
gnarfacelots of people trip up on this step though so i can't guarantee that's the issue you're facing05:31
gnarfacefull disk encryption and software raid seem to cause a lot of confusion mixed in with this05:31
gnarfacethe three things do work together but the installer is somewhat clumsy at making it happen05:32
Guestyguestok I'm in expert mode and finished setting up language and keyboard, now I'm at "Load installer components from CD"05:36
GuestyguestWhich ones do I select?05:36
GuestyguestAlso, is there a guide somewhere to the expert mode install?05:36
Guestyguestok nvm I found some guides on debian expert install05:38
GuestyguestCan I use f2fs instead of ext4 for root in an encrypted lvm install?05:51
Guestyguesthmm, f2fs isnt an option05:53
gnarfacef2fs is probably too new, i'm not sure anyone is shipping it yet05:55
gnarfaceyou might not need any of the additional installer components, but that's where i'd check first for anything missing from another step05:56
gnarfacef2fs might even be in that menu, i'm not sure... it wouldn't be the first filesystem driver to ever appear there05:57
gnarfacebut nothing would stop you from migrating to it afterwards other than the tedium05:57
GuestyguestI checked in additional components, the only slightly-relevant thing I left unchecked was mdcfg, which is supposed to be for raid05:58
Guestyguestlet me tell you about the system because I think I just need advice on the best way to set it up. It's a netbook upgraded with a 32GB intel optane cache as its main SSD, so I'd like to use a 128GB microSD card for stuff like /home06:00
gnarfaceit's probably an easier change to make after install06:01
gnarfaceafter formatting the microSD, it's just a one line change to /etc/fstab06:01
gnarfacethat would give you a chance to get f2fs first06:02
GuestyguestSo during install I should just put all files in the root partition then?06:02
Guestyguestinstead of trying to make a separate /home now06:02
Guestyguestgreat, thank you06:02
GuestyguestI'm getting some errors, how do I switch to virtual console 4?06:06
GuestyguestI tried ctrl+alt+f2 and it just took me back to the main menu06:06
Guestyguestits the volume group name again06:07
GuestyguestI tried naming it netbook-vg, it says selected name is already in use. But if I name it anything else it says "Unexpected error while creating volume group"06:09
Guestyguest"Autopartitioning using LVM failed because an error occurred while creating the volume group. Check /var/log/syslog or see virtual console 4 for the details"06:09
GuestyguestBut I can't switch to a prompt at all because ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+alt+f2 just take me back to the expert mode menu06:10
rrqctrl+alt+f1 = installer menu, ctrl+alt+f2 is a shell, ctrl+alt+f3 is a shell, ctrl+alt+f4 is showing the log06:11
GuestyguestI tried ctrl+alt+f4 and ctrl+alt+f3 but when that error occurs those key combinations are unresponsive06:12
Guestyguestctrl+alt+f2 takes me to the partition disks menu06:13
rrqmmm maybe I need to read more backlog06:13
GuestyguestIs it running my installer in f2 for some reason?06:13
GuestyguestIs it supposed to be in f1?06:13
rrqyes .. which iso are you using?06:14
rrqright... it should be f1 for the installer menues .. maybe your keyboard is not detected properly06:16
rrqexpert install?06:16
Guestyguestyes, currently06:16
rrqgood; it's top menu has a shell option to get into the shell06:17
GuestyguestI only started using expert install because I got a different volume error before06:17
Guestyguesttop menu item for me is "choose language"06:17
rrqthe installer has "more" only, so  you can do "more /var/log/syslog" to view the installation log06:17
rrqtry "go back" (?)06:18
GuestyguestOh, I found "Execute a shell"06:18
Guestyguestits towards the bottom06:18
GuestyguestThere's also "Save debug logs", want me to select that first?06:18
rrqI suppopse they will need a functioning target file system though06:19
GuestyguestI inserted a microsd card06:19
rrqI would go to the shell06:20
Guestyguestok im in ash06:21
* rrq reading backlog06:21
gnarfacei think it's just that the extra virtual consoles on f3 and f4 aren't activated by default anymore06:22
gnarfacei thought you can just re-activate one by switching to it and hitting enter06:22
rrqthey should all work like that, yes, but apparently doesn't for you06:23
rrqso maybe "more /var/log/syslog" would show something06:23
GuestyguestI ran it, it's 256,505 bytes total06:24
* Guestyguest is reading through it06:25
rrq? you mean "ls -l /var/log/syslog" ?06:25
GuestyguestWhen I run "more /var/log/syslog" it says "1% of 256505 bytes" at the bottom06:26
Guestyguestthats all I meant06:26
rrqok ... it'll be a few pages, but the "more" program is a bit rustic ... push space to advance by page06:27
GuestyguestWhat am I looking for? I started installing devuan because I wanted a gui-less system to learn linux. So I apologize if I'm a bit of a noob06:27
rrqyou might wount to mount the sdcard if it's formatted, then copy syslog to it and then move it to a friendlier environment06:28
Guestyguesthow do I mount an sd card in ash?06:28
rrqfirst "fdisk -l" to see what it's called06:29
rrqthen "mount /dev/something /mnt"06:29
Guestyguestohhhhhhhhhhhh, so it's just like bash?06:29
GuestyguestI ran "help" and it said it had only like 15 commands06:29
rrqpretty much .. without the bells06:29
Guestyguestok hang on06:30
rrqthat's the disk... should have a ..p1 partition06:30
Guestyguestyes, /dev/mmcblk0p106:31
rrqtry mounting that06:31
Guestyguest"mount: mounting /dev/mcblk0p1 on /mnt failed: Invalid argument"06:32
rrqmmm .. I guess you were halfway through partitioning06:33
Guestyguestyes that's where the installer goes nuts06:33
GuestyguestIt's been three hours since I started trying to install so I think I'll try this again tomorrow06:35
rrqok.. yes I would suggest you start again, and not use expert mode06:36
GuestyguestIf you look at my comments around an hour ago, that's where I tried not using expert mode06:37
GuestyguestI got this error:
GuestyguestWhich in ubuntu was due to some hardcoded naming scheme creating a name conflict I think06:38
GuestyguestAnyway ttyl, also thank you gnarface for your help as well06:39
rrqright. ok. note that the partitioner tries to be friendly and preserve partitions so will get confused by remmnants, especially if using LVM06:41
gnarfacerrq: if he comes back before i do, tell him to delete all that.  the point of trying expert mode was because it was supposed to give him an option to rename them, but at this point he should have followed my advice to just delete them all07:27
gnarfacethat was meant to be the "plan b" but i didn't stick around long enough to make sure it happened07:27
rrqok ta07:28
gnarfacei didn't see what he was actually looking at but it was apparently a pre-existing ubuntu install that he didn't care about, so it would have been easier to just wipe the disk clean from the start07:31
gnarfacethe partitioner got confused by the LVM setup somehow07:32
gnarfacebut it was trying to re-use something that wasn't important to keep in the first place07:32
masonSpoor from older installations can be troublesome. MD-RAID metadata is a particular thorn that bites me.16:36
masonOr... pokes I guess.16:36
plasma41I'm trying to collect more data to try to establish root cause for the issue I helped diagnose on this channel on Tuesday.22:05
plasma41Would folks on this channel be so kind as to run `egrep "^[a-fA-F0-9]+ T .*sys_(inotify_init|signalfd|accept4|open_by_handle_at|timerfd_create|epoll_create)$" /proc/kallsyms` and respond with a link to a pastebin containing the output?22:08
debdogexpires in 90 days22:13
plasma41debdog: Thank you. What kernel are you using? Do you have a mulitarch system?22:14
debdogmultiarch enabled, yes. 4.19.98-1+deb10u122:15
debdog*enabled and added i38622:15
plasma41debdog: Excellent, thank you.22:16
uncloudeddo you need any more?
plasma41unclouded: Yes, thanks. Same follow up questions: What kernel are you using? Do you have a mulitarch system?22:17
unclouded4.19.0-17-amd64, how do I determine multiarch?  `arch` just says x86_6422:17
uncloudedthere are /lib and /lib64 directories and neither is a link22:18
plasma41unclouded: What is the output of `dpkg --print-architecture`?22:19
uncloudedjust "amd64"22:20
debdogunclouded: dpkg  --print-foreign-architectures22:21
uncloudedcheers.  shows no output at all22:21
plasma41Hmm... Not what I was expecting, but that just means my current hypothesis is wrong or incomplete.22:22
fsmithredwhat about dpkg -l |grep multiarch?22:23
uncloudedthis is a totally fresh installation of beowulf in a VM22:23
unclouded`dpkg -l |grep multiarch` also shows no output at all22:23
fsmithredI have it installed and get no output from --print-foreign...22:24
debdogone does not install multirach. one has to activate it and add architectures22:25
fsmithredmultiarch-support is the name of the package22:25
fsmithredinstalled but I never did anything with it22:25
debdog- Transitional package to ensure multiarch compatibility22:26
debdogprolly transition from, what was it called, to multia'22:26
plasma41More data still needed22:31
plasma41fsmithred: thank you22:33
debdogis bootlaoder involved, too? sorry, no clue what issue we're talking about. I use lilo22:36
plasma41debdog: bootloader should be irrelevant to to issue at hand.22:43
plasma41debdog: Thank you for asking though22:44

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