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expert975Why set nameserver to google instead of the one provided by DHCP on the live image?00:44
rrqvvande: Devuan iso(s) are made to be used with or without UEFI00:59
masonexpert975: Don't set your DNS to use Google.00:59
expert975mason: the DHCP server sets DNS servers to and
masonexpert975: Sounds good. That'll be your local router, which will itself get DNS from your ISP.01:00
expert975mason: sure, let's say that's what those are01:01
expert975I just mounted the iso and /etc/resolv.conf contains and
expert975It should obey DHCP instead01:02
masonexpert975: It should. Using is (to me) unexpected and not desireable.01:03
rrqexpert975: mounting doesn't usually change /etc/resolv.conf ??01:05
expert975rrq: isos are read-only filesystems, mounting won't change their contents01:06
masonexpert975: There's always union mounting / overlayfs.01:09
rrqagree. I should assume that you by /etc/resolv.conf refer to a file on an ISO; perhaps a Devuan live install iSO ?01:09
expert975mason, rrq: "mount devuan_beowulf_3.1.1_amd64_desktop-live.iso /mnt/iso; mount /mnt/iso/live/filesystem.squashfs /mnt/squashfs; cat /mnt/squashfs/etc/resolv.conf"01:11
expert975## google's nameservers01:11
rrqok; I guess you'll also need to inspect /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf to see how a use of that on a system reacts to a DHCP-offered domain-name setting01:14
masonIs that read-only when mounted?01:15
expert975mason: it is01:15
expert975rrq: "sudo dhclient eth0" sets the resolver to the ones provided by DHCP01:16
masonexpert975: But not if they're read-only, or am I missing some significant point? I suspect you'd want an overlayfs/union mount onto tmpfs to make the read-only /etc writeable to get around that.01:16
expert975mason: I am running these commands on Debian, not on the live system01:17
masonexpert975: What's your ultimate goal? I may have missed it.01:17
rrqI would have thought running the live gives an overlay filesystem making /etc/resolv.conf transiently changeable01:18
expert975mason: I want the live system to honor DNS servers provided by DHCP at boot01:18
expert975rrq: it does. I'm not running these commands on the live system01:19
masonexpert975: That'd then involve a change request.01:19
masonexpert975: Or as rrq says, make sure it's not doing the right thing already.01:19
expert975rqq: err, except the 'dhclient eth0' one01:19
expert975mason: it isn't01:19
rrqare you saying that when you run the live iso, it connects via DHCP and does not honour the offered domain-server settings ?01:20
rrqit = the live system01:21
expert975rrq: exactly01:21
masonThat'd be a bug report for whichever live image you're using.01:21
expert975mason: devuan_beowulf_3.1.1_amd64_desktop-live.iso01:22
masonAnd thank you in advance.01:23
masonadvance even01:23
masonOh, felt the typo but it wasn't there.01:24
expert975mason: you're only mistake is thinking you were wrong :^)01:24
masonAs long as I'm wrong about *something* it's okay.01:24
masonexpert975: See? It's sticky.01:25
expert975mason: what package should this bug report target?01:27
rrquse "devuan-installer" and version 3.1.101:27
rrqit's not tottal right so please include the ISO filename as well01:28
rrqtoo many t01:28
expert975ok. I'll write the email01:28
rrqof course, ISOs are rather rigid animals so any corrections are most likely to only be forward-ported to the chimaera suite01:31
rrqbut certainly useful even so01:33
expert975does anyone want a CC?01:34
fsmithredare you saying that address is hard-coded in resolv.conf inside the iso?01:35
fsmithredexpert975, ^^^01:35
expert975fsmithred: yes, as the above transcrips show01:36
fsmithredok, then I have to figure out where it's coming from. It must be either in the debootstrap stage or some package is doing it.01:36
fsmithredbut I've never seen that on a regular install.01:36
rrqwell the squashfs will have something, but it's supposed to be ovewritten by dhclient if the dhcp server offers something new01:38
masonSomeday in my immense free time I want to build the Debian standard live ISO only with Devuan giblets.01:38
masonMy initial look made it seem daunting, but I should look again sometime.01:38
fsmithredlive-build is not too bad01:38
fsmithredif you want the debian-installer included, it's more difficult, but there are people in the community who know how to do it01:39
masonThat part I don't care about so much, since I want to include my debootstrap-based installer.01:39
masonAs of today I boot J. Random Live Image and install utilities and ZFS bits from my local repositories, and I want an image that just comes with everything.01:40
fsmithredok, I'm seeing it for myself in /etc/resolv.conf inside the beowulf 3.1.1 amd64 desktop-live iso, and all I can say is "What the fuck?"01:40
expert975fsmithred: right? I was surprized01:42
fsmithredit's in chimaera, too01:44
fsmithredI did not put it there!01:44
fsmithred(I made those isos)01:44
fsmithredin chimaera just the nameserver lines are there. No comment is included.01:44
expert975mason: Bug report sent.01:45
Xenguy.oO( Curiouser and curiouser ... )01:45
expert975bug report number 60101:54
masonexpert975: Thank you kindly.01:55
fsmithredexpert975, do you have an opinion on a fix? My easy options are to remove resolv.conf or populate it with a different address.02:06
fsmithredoh, or empty it. That's just as easy.02:06
expert975fsmithred: It's been debated in a systemd/debian bug. I suppose empty is a good call02:07
expert975fsmithred: if you have no /etc/resolv.conf systemd will use google's servers implicitly02:07
fsmithredchimaera is going to have network-manager, so it probably doesn't matter what I put in there. n-m will clobber it.02:07
fsmithredno systemd here02:08
expert975fsmithred: that's the point, isn't it? :p02:08
fsmithredmy refracta isos have no resolv.conf, but I think it gets created at boot and usually contains my router address.02:08
fsmithredthat's with wicd02:09
expert975BTW, sending the bug report via email was super easy. Nice system you have in place03:21
tr-amarsh04debianutils 5.0.1-1 breaks ifup and graphical logins /-:11:12
rrqapparently backward compatibility isn't modern enough11:22
tr-amarsh04rrq at least there are bug reports on the Debian bts rated as critical (3) and grave (1)11:32
fsmithredLogin is no longer needed. If you use homed you don't ever need to log out.11:34
GyrosGeierlogin is now a cloud service11:36
fsmithredah, that makes sense11:36
rrqas easy as swiping your credit card I suppose11:38
tr-amarsh04fortunately I had a second pc to look things up on after the upgrade left my main pc without a network connection11:38
GyrosGeieralso, I was too subtle in my remark that the initramfs is basically replacing what used to be the root filesystem11:40
fsmithredbrocashelm, see the bug report ^^^11:46
fsmithredand anyone else running ceres11:46
Unit193Option  1. Downgrade debianutils.  2. s/tempfile/mktemp/g in /etc/X11/Xsession12:05
tr-amarsh04I had run-parts fail in ifup, due to being changed from /bin to /usr/bin and the full path being hardcoded in ifupdown12:09
fsmithredpin the package at the lower version before upgrade12:11
brocashelmthanks for the heads-up, fsmithred15:43
brocashelmdebianutils is held for the time being on all my machines15:44
brocashelmdodged the bugs 992410 and 99239915:47
brocashelmi also dodged the rpcsvc-proto bug, so my libc6 packages are held back for now15:48
rwpbrocashelm, Lucky you!  I was hit by the Unstable Sid problem.  Boots but no networking.  Fortunately it is a VM and I can console recover it.21:18
brocashelmrwp: i did have an alsa/jack server issue with another round of updates (no audio on mpv, but cmus had no issues) that was solved by restarting x21:22

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