libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2021-08-26

timerhello. I am dealing with an issue I've never dealt with before. my sys clock gets desync'd (seconds by seconds every hour or so), although I've syncronized it to hwclock with hwclock -s08:54
timerany idea what could be causing it skipping seconds? hwclock stays stable, so it's not it08:55
timerby skipping seconds, I mean that it falls behind a minute or so each hour08:55
timerI'd rather not use NTP08:57
buZzmaybe get a Hewlett Packard 5071A08:59
buZzthis is on a running system?09:00
buZzmaybe your cmos battery is getting empty?09:00
timerbuZz: yes, it's a desktop running 24/7 as a server. I don't think it's the CMOS because the hardware clock time doesn't skip any time09:00
timerI recently replaced my CPU and MOBO though, could it be it? but it appears to be on the software side09:01
timeror something wrong with the CPU?09:01
timerI've stress tested and had no stability issues09:02
buZztldp says > The Linux software clock is not always accurate. It is kept running by a periodic timer interrupt generated by PC hardware. If the system has too many processes running, it may take too long to service the timer interrupt, and the software clock starts slipping behind. The hardware clock runs independently and is usually more accurate. If you boot your computer often (as is the case for most09:03
buZzsystems that aren't servers), it will usually keep fairly accurate time.09:03
buZzmaybe you are having too many interrupts?09:04
timerdoubt it, it's sitting mostly idle09:04
timerhas plenty of spare RAM09:04
nutronNew to devuan, just poking around deciding if I want to deploy it on a cluster.   How is the release cycle decided?  Now that bullseye is out, would it be reasonable to assume devuan will release soon?09:10
timernutron: debian 10 stable was released 6 july of 2019, devuan 3 stable was released june of 202009:12
nutronAh, very good, so it's quite an undertaking.09:13
timerbuZz: I'm running a ryzen 7 5700g @ 4.2GHz @ 1.1V, I'll try to go for 4.0GHz just in case it's something with the CPU's freq timer and be back later if it still going wrong09:15
timerthank you09:15
buZz11 months? it felt sooner09:17
Jorilmmh Debian 9 2017-06-17, Devuan 2.0 2018-06-09, so almost 12 months... Things are getting better!09:54
buZzJoril: maybe next one will be 10!11:04
golinuxnutron: Chimaera is almost ready for release.  There are test isos available and many have already upgraded to Chimaera.19:10
ham5urgI'm trzing to find a way to keep track of suggested or recommended packages which are installed as dependencies. E.g. "apt install emacs" and "apt autoremove --purge emacs" do not invoke the same packages. I would like to stick with recommended packages but still be able to deinstall them. Do solutions exists?19:46

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