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ham5urgI just started to use xfce4 and I like it. It has better responsivness if I had to tell.00:37
blockheadxfce is fun to make themes for, also00:38
ham5urgIs there a way to change the color-heat. I would like to have a yellow-ish screen an nighttimes.00:39
blockheadi remember hearing about a program called soething like red shift, it did that, i think?00:39
blockheadgoogle or whatever could tell you more than i could00:40
ham5urgFound this:
ham5urgBut I would stick to the devuan-repo.00:42
Hydragyrumredshift does let you do some things like that, I don't know if it can yellow instead of red00:42
ham5urgredshift is nice.00:43
ham5urgBut it uses something on the network.00:43
blockheadi wonder if xgamma and a bash script or cron job could achieve the same effect?00:44
sgageRedshift works great for me - been using it a long time.00:51
Hydragyrumxgamma sounds like it could do it -- never used it myself but seems fine00:57
* blockhead likes simple commnd-line utilities00:58
ham5urgWhen I ever booted Ubuntu on a laptop, the battery drains at least 20% faster.01:05
blockheadtwo graphics cards?01:06
Xenguysgage, redshift makes it easier on the eyes, is that the idea?01:13
XenguyCurious also whether you use a GUI with that, or just run it from CLI?01:13
sgageXenguy, you can do it either way. Redshift is a daemon, but redshift-gtk gives you a gui.01:15
sgageyes, it makes it much easier on my old eyes.01:15
sgageit's very, very fine-tuneable, too. but if you set up a .config/redshift.conf,01:16
sgagethere's no need for any gui.01:16
sgageactually, the gui is very simple - all the fine tuning is done by editing the conf file.01:18
golinuxBut it's so . . . r e d01:19
ham5urgblockhead, no, just simple Intel-Laptops with much RAM.01:20
Xenguysgage, huh, thanks for the info.  Might give it a whirl sometime01:21
XenguyProbably just stick with the config file in that case01:21
sgagegolinux, you can make it very subtle, and actually change how it changes color.01:23
sgageit really is quite configurable.01:24
rwpRedshift is really supposed to be not-blue.  Blue being bad for circadian rhythms of trying to sleep at night.01:24
sgageright now, redshift is in effect, and the effect is not 'red'. it's nice.01:25
Xenguysgage, Tell me that it is light on resource usage too : -)01:27
sgagelet me see...01:28
sgageredshift, the daemon, uses 4.5 MB. redshift, the gui uses another 53.8.01:29
XenguySeems well behaved then01:30
sgageall the gui does is put an applet in the panel and allow you to turn it on and off.01:30
sgageI have found it so. The conf file really is comprehensive. I don't understand half of it :-)01:31
golinuxI once installed it just out of curiosity.  Didn't last more than a few minutes and was gone.01:51
sgagei think the defaults are perhaps a bit extreme :-) But it is so easily tweakable.01:57
sgageI wouldn't be without it - my eyes would burn.01:57
fsmithredthanks for reminding me to start darkening my desktop02:42
fsmithredI don't let redshift run automatically. I set it (semi)manually with a script.02:43
fsmithredredshift -o -P -O "$TEMP" -b "0.${BRIGHT}"02:44
XenguyI had no idea there was this community of redshift users, right in our midst : -)03:00
XenguyOnly heard of it today03:01
fsmithredI think a few people posted their scripts on the forum.03:12
fsmithredI'll find a link.03:12
fsmithredor not.03:22
rrqperhaps the earlist was
fsmithredthat's probably the one I was thinking of, but I guess I remember it differently.03:33
XenguyThanks folks03:36
rrqmost recently
rrqall in all there are 15 topics mentioning redshift03:38
rrqfour of them have redshift in the subject03:38
XenguyOdd, you'd think mentioning the keyword in the subject field might be a good idea03:48
blockheadtoo radical, too extreme  ;)03:49
Xenguy"So Nineties" , hahah03:50
XenguyOops, the slippery OT slope!03:50
blockheadwell, redshift is part of debian/devuan I would guess? (guess becuase I don't actually use it myself)03:51
* rrq reminds me that that "search" feature of the forum could well benefit from a little bit of gilding03:52
XenguyIt's in the repo, I checked03:52
golinuxrrq: Yes, it is quite crude03:59
golinuxDoesn't do phrases iirc.04:00
golinuxand no regex04:00
lfluffywofI wish ebay's search let you use regexes...  they don't even let you use wildcards anymore.  but at least it's ten thousand times better than amazon's!04:05
_ds_If they did that, it wouldn't be long before somebody tried an extremely computationally-intensive one…04:09
onefangUnless ebay is running on Devuan, that's #devuan-offtopic.04:10
gourmorning. my sound setting are reset each day when i boot my desktop machine and wonder how to make changes permanent?08:07
debdoggour: probably missing package alsa-utils08:09
gourdebdog: alsa-utils is installed. anything else?09:38
* gour is using ceres09:38
debdoggour: not from the top of my head. look in /etc/init.d/alsa-utils what it's supposed to do. check log whether it's executed during shutdown/reboot and startup09:46
debdogalso, are we talking alsa or pulseaudio sound?09:49
debdogsorry no clue09:50
chomwittgood morning.. devuan rocks11:45
chomwitti have it in my pc for two months with LXQT , and as a small vps.11:46
chomwittsorry , i should say devuan+runit+LXQt.11:46
gnarfacecongrats, chomwitt12:34
ham5urgYes, chomwitt, I have a similar experience. I switched from Devuan+Gnome to Devuan+Xfce. I was many years with Gnome but Wayland is a desertland.13:39
ham5urgI tested the battery drain laptops with Ubuntu+Gnome, Devuan+Gnome, Devuan+Xfce. I would approximate that there is a 25% less battery-drain with every combination.13:40
ham5urgwith laptops*13:40
chomwittWell, i had year debian + kde . The problem is.. that added functionality hits back many times with issues so complex that leave you to unmaintained land..14:19
chomwitti think some times in libreland we want to flight.. but alas it resembles the icarus one.14:20
chomwittAnyway the battery-drain is maybe another syptom of overdoing it in not so rock foundations14:22
chomwitti guess your are referring to drain from casual usage and not idle14:24
ham5urgchomwitt, yes, casual usage, office work.14:27
buZzchomwitt / ham5urg ; its the old intel-microsoft law14:59
buZzbasically 'any faster cpus we will get, will only make software complexer to the point that you wont notice them getting faster, ever'15:00
buZzwhich is why i run fluxbox as WM, no DE at all15:00
blockheadthe thing is, are CPUs getting faster any more?15:04
buZzlook at raw math, not gaming fps or windows startup speeds15:07
chomwitti think the trend is to add more transistors each year15:08
buZzmore transistors is more complexity15:08
* blockhead ponders speed of light and size of chip15:08
buZznot more sophistication15:08
buZzevery added instruction adds thousands if not millions of transistors15:08
buZzAMD and intel both keep adding them like no tomorrow15:08
buZzx86 is dead since IBM AT15:08
buZzwe are just beating a dead horse because 'we already invested into it'15:09
* onefang thinks this conversation is getting more #devuan-offtopic.15:09
blockheadonefang - sorry15:09
buZzblockhead: yeah, how many ARM desktops do you have?15:09
buZzoh, derp15:09
buZzi confused this channel for ##hardware15:09
_ds_buZz, some of us have used (and still own) ARM desktop boxes – old Acorn hardware15:53
buZz:) yeah15:53
_ds_Not going to get Devuan, or anything even remotely recent (except, perhaps, updated RISC OS builds), running on them…15:56
gouri want to creat a new association for certain types of files to be opened with specific apps using certain argument. what tools are avaialble for such task?16:41
gnarfaceshell alias or wrapper script16:44
gnarfacestock bash features16:44
gourgnarface: well, i'd nee that it works via xdg-open mechanism16:45
gourlike clickable links16:45
gnarfacedunno enough about xdg stuff sorry16:46
gnarfacesounds like you're looking for a feature built into those tools though16:46
gourso, i0m thinking about some xdg-utils helper16:46
gouryeag, but they're, like many other things, not very user-friendly16:47
_ds_ may be helpful17:07
chomwitti've installed a kde utility in Chimaera Filelight and it messed my default filebrowser. No when in others programs i click a button filelights opens!17:09
chomwitti have LXQt as desktop17:09
gnarfacei think you can change it through the alternatives estup17:09
chomwitti can find the relevant link group17:10
gnarfaceapt-cache showpkg [package name]17:10
gnarfaceit should be the value of the what provides header17:10
chomwittthat header is blank17:12
chomwittx-window-manager  maybe is the related linkgroup17:14
gnarfacei don't think that'd be the file browser17:14
gnarfacethat's the actual thing drawing all the window controls17:14
gnarfacei would guess it would start with x- though17:14
chomwittThere is only one alternative in link group x-window-manager17:15
chomwittyep , you are rigth.. i want file manager..17:15
gnarfacels -l /etc/alternatives |grep filelight17:16
chomwitt$ update-alternatives --get-selections  | grep fileligth17:16
gnarfacehuh, maybe it's at the lxqt level then17:17
_ds_… fileligth?17:17
gnarfaceyea that's a typo...17:18
gnarfacedid you paste that?17:18
chomwittok i fixed the typu17:19
chomwitttypo but still blank17:19
chomwittLXQt has an alternatives gui utility but mirrors update-alternatives17:20
gnarfaceyou sure it didn't remove the other one?17:21
gnarfaceif it did, then installing it again should remove this one in turn17:21
fsmithredin xfce, I have ~/.config/mimeapps.list which lists file types associated with specific applications to open them.17:22
fsmithredThe applications are listed as .desktop files, so I assume you could edit the .desktop file for the Exec line to contain the command with options you want.17:23
chomwittgnarface, what other one?17:23
gnarfacechomwitt: the filebrowser that was the previous default17:23
gnarfacei don't know for sure that they're not mutually exclusive17:24
gnarfacejust a sanity check17:24
chomwittgnarface, do you mean remove the updates-alt entry or the whole package as a conflict?17:25
gnarfacei meant the whole package17:25
chomwittfsmithred, i am readiing mimeapps.list but small contentl 20 lines and nothing relative i think17:26
fsmithredif you right-click on a file, Open with, Other application, and set that other app as default, a line will be added to the list.17:27
fsmithredin xfce settings, I see Preferred Applications, and file-manager can be set. I don't know if lxqt has similar.17:27
fsmithredif it always defaults to the last file manager you installed, then reinstall the one you want.17:28
chomwittfsmithred, xmm,, fileligth has added it self to the 'open with' rigth click menu17:28
fsmithredthere should be a way to choose something else17:29
chomwittit was in LXQT 's File associatios utility. There filelight has become the default file manager17:31
chomwittok, fsmithred gnarface thanks.17:32
gnarfacewell fsmithred is the one that actually helped but you're welcome :)17:33
chomwitti guess it was more of a LXQT issue but if during installation that happened automatically it could be sth to be reported to a package manager?17:33
chomwitti dont think i was asked for such a change.17:34
chomwittyesterday i installed it17:34
fsmithredanother issue with lxqt install is if you select multiple desktop environments in the initial installation, and you start lxqt on reboot, it asks which window manager to use.17:34
fsmithredat least one person got confused by that17:34
gnarfacei think in theory the package manager can update anything17:34
chomwitti ll reinstall see what happens17:35
chomwittstrange. i purger and reinstalled , but now the LXQt default didnt change.17:43
fsmithredmaybe because you made a manual change17:43
chomwittyou mean now?17:43
fsmithredit may have dropped a config file in ~/.config and that sticks.17:43
fsmithredxfce works that way17:43
fsmithreddefaults are stored in xml files in /etc/xdg17:44
fsmithredbut if you make a change on the desktop, it puts a copy of the modified xml file in ~/.config17:44
fsmithredand that gets to rule17:44
chomwittfsmithred, insigthfull.. i'll look into it now17:44
fsmithredI have the distinct pleasure (not) of being the maintainer of desktop-base17:45
fsmithredanyone looking for something to do to help devuan is welcome to take over that job.17:46
fsmithredgrep for the name of your file-manager in ~/.config/* to find the file where it's set.17:47
fsmithredor in /etc/xdg/*17:47
fsmithredto see the default17:48
chomwitt:~/.config$ grep -r filelight  *   returned nothing17:51
chomwittbeing unemployed now i dont have much time, so i'll try to help by using devuan daily and reporting issues18:03
chomwitti'll also ask LXQt quys18:03
chomwittits strange what happened18:04
ham5urgIs there a bluetooth app for xfce?18:57
ham5urgI would like to receive a file.18:57
fsmithredham5urg, blueman works in xfce19:00
ham5urgfsmithred, thanks19:01
ham5urgIs blueman-manager accesible via xfce application menu? Could not find any.19:19
fsmithredham5urg, look in Settings, Appliation Autostart20:18
fsmithredor Settings, Bluetooth Manager20:18
ham5urgAh, yes.20:39

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