libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2021-09-13

nemoso. I found this in search for:00:03
nemo#  ls -l /run/user/1000/doc00:03
nemols: cannot access '/run/user/1000/doc': Permission denied00:03
nemod????????? ? ?    ?      ?            ? doc00:04
nemowhich seemed... pretty buggy00:04
nemowhat the heck is xdg-document-portal anyway?00:04
nemodoesn't sound like anything I'd care about at all00:06
* nemo removes it00:06
nemoI think I have 0 flatpak apps.00:06
ham5urgIf I pair a headset with xfce and chimaera, I get no audiodevice in the xfce's pulseaudio-module. Is this expected? Do I have install some package?01:00
fsmithredham5urg, you have pavucontrol installed?01:02
fsmithredI assume you mean a usb headset, and not just a mini-jack01:02
ham5urgfsmithred, yes pavucontrol is installed. I have a bluetooth headset paired (via shell) but I can't get see it in alsamixer or xfce's mixer01:03
ham5urgget to see*01:03
fsmithredI can get bluetooth to work about three out of every 10 attempts01:04
fsmithredthat's with an android tablet mostly, and tried with a phone a couple of times.01:04
ham5urgNow it works...01:04
ham5urgYes, you are right01:05
ham5urgIt's a bit of gambling01:05
ham5urglike gambling01:05
fsmithrednow I use a wire when I want to transfer files from the tablet to the laptop01:05
ham5urgToday it worked well to transfer via bluetooth, but this headset was unknown to the computer till now01:06
fsmithredwires are good. We should not get rid of all the wires. Phones were reliable for about 100 years until we got rid of the wires.01:06
fsmithredsorry for the rant01:06
ham5urgYes, I have a big box of cables01:06
ham5urgThe most wicked is USB-C, mb/s and ampere are a bit of a gamble there01:07
Hydragyrummy bluetooth usually Just Works™, but sometimes the adapter bricks itself and doesn't have a reset switch I can trigger in software -- so I have no choice but to reboot01:09
ham5urgare there other bluetooth stacks?01:13
ham5urgbluez is used now01:13
ham5urgUnder Gnome bluetooth-audio works flawlessly, maybe another bluetooth-stack is used.01:15
ksx4systemham5urg, never had any luck with GNOME's bluetooth audio support01:15
ksx4systemit was shitty on few different adapters and few different pair of decent (Bose, Oppo, Sony) headphones01:16
Hydragyrummy bluez has worked fine for me (using it with cmd-line bluetoothctl and pulseaudio-bluetooth)01:16
ham5urgMaybe it's blueman, it does not switch to a2dp01:19
HydragyrumI've found often a nice little pulseaudio -k or a disconnect/reconnect cycle is needed01:21
ham5urgI've found the problem in my case. The power the antenna (laptop) is sending the bluetooth is not strong enough. If I put the headset right next to the monitor, it is ok. Only 30 cm away and it is to weak.01:32
ham5urgSignal strength I guess.01:33
djphBT is "only" 2.4 GHz -- what else is running in that bad? Maybe something's interfering01:36
ham5urgCan I increase the signal of the laptop?01:36
ham5urgvia bluetoothctl?01:36
HydragyrumI don't think so -- but moving your wifi to 5ghz may help01:37
ham5urgIt is, at least with a Ubuntu-Iso it worked quite well. It does now too, but I have to be right next to the monitor/antenna.01:38
_ds_5 gram-hecto-zepto?01:45
blastwavehow does one setup the init to not boot to a graphical desktop? I just want a console only with full networking and am trying to remove Intel Connection manager from my life which borks up the network config02:03
fsmithredblastwave, easiest way is to install sysv-rc-conf, run it in a terminal, un-check your display manager in runlevel 2.02:04
fsmithredarrows, space bar, q to quit02:05
Hydragyrumupdate-rc.d <display manager> remove02:05
Hydragyrumand then optionally add it to runlevel 3 or 4 or whatever02:05
blastwavehold on a sec ... --> update-rc.d <display manager> remove <-- do that ??02:05
Hydragyrumreplacing the <display manager> with the name of whichever you use (gdm, sddm, etc.)02:06
blastwavewell to be honest I am okay with the LXDE( or QT or whatever ) but the connman is a real bugger that screws over my network config and it goes full DHCP and then the ip address of the machine is wrong02:06
fsmithredmight need -f with that02:06
fsmithredyeah, if you configure /etc/network/interfaces, you should not use any network manager.02:07
blastwavecan I simply remove ( dpkg --purge ?? ) the connman trash ?  I thought that was a systemD disaster component and I would not see these things on devuan02:07
* blastwave screams at systemD again02:08
fsmithrednot their stuff02:08
fsmithrednetwork-manager is the gnome thing, and that's closer to systemd02:08
blastwavewell I have a machine that runs chimera just great with a desktop but the netowrk, well I have to get into a terminal and redo the net config manually everytime02:08
blastwavemaybe I can scrap the desktop entirely to fix this02:09
fsmithrednot necessary02:09
fsmithredjust get rid of connman, or turn it off as described above02:09
blastwavereally, I need the graphical dev stuff but I don't need the desktop at all. This box will run in a datacenter and I will rarely, if ever, need a desktop.02:10
blastwave"just get rid of connman" <-- I like this idea02:10
fsmithredshould be easy02:10
Hydragyrumsudo apt purge connman and then it'll be gone...02:11
gnarfacedebian enforces a convention where all the build-time headers are in packages with the suffix "-dev" in their name02:11
gnarfaceyou can usually install those packages separately from the rest of them02:11
blastwaveyes, I like that. However during install ( yesterday ) I did select the LXQt( LXDE ? ) desktop and then once the machine rebooted after install the network config was screwed02:12
Hydragyrumby graphical dev stuff you you mean as in the graphical programs i.e. qtcreator or the headers and libs as in libqt5-dev02:12
gnarfaceyou might still want some of the xorg stuff suffixed "-libs" so you can still launch graphical programs over ssh without running xorg02:12
Hydragyrumfor a machine like that you generally would want to uncheck desktop in the install process and then install whatever graphical things you need02:13
blastwaveHydragyrum: less than that. I want libxcb and a few other things and not much. Maybe SDL2 at some point but I have some old old code to port and X11 stuff is all I really need. Along with ( gasp ) CDE stuff02:13
gnarfaceyea, you should do a bare install and only install the packages you want and their immediate dependencies02:14
gnarfacedisable automatically including "recommends" by config file or command-line option02:14
blastwavewell that sidesteps the real issue entirely : connman is a disaster and it is in there and it arrived and it messes up the net config02:14
gnarfaceoh, yea you're right about that but i can't help you fix that part, i'd also advocate just throwing it overboard like fsmithred suggested02:15
HydragyrumI think there's an option in apt config to blacklist packages? do that maybe ;)02:15
blastwavek .. let me see if I can dpkg --purge that nasty thing out of my life02:15
gnarfaceit's not a value add and most stuff that includes it doesn't actually require it to run02:15
fsmithredwhy did you install connman?02:17
blastwave# /etc/init.d/connman stop02:17
blastwaveha ha .. I lost my ssh access02:17
Hydragyrumapt-mark hold with it uninstalled will forcibly prevent it from being installed unless you give a yes or the like02:17
blastwave " why did you install connman? " <-- I did not. The installer did it02:18
fsmithredit gets installed if you choose a desktop environment from the installer02:18
fsmithredyou would do better to start with a minimal system and add what you need02:18
blastwaveyeh ... it gets hammered into my life and then messes up my life02:18
blastwavespeaking of which I need to walk down a hallway and get a console now .. setup ip manually and then maybe I can ssh back in02:19
fsmithredyeah, that will work02:19
fsmithredI think you can do it remotely if you set everything up and string some commands so they all run after you get cut off02:19
gnarfacei wouldn't bother installing the gui login manager on any machine i didn't have to share with someone else either02:20
blastwaveokay so I lost network access and had to do the manual "ip foo" and "ip route" and lost my /etc/resolv.conf also by stopping connman02:28
blastwavecan connman be considered a virus or malware ?02:28
blastwaveyep .. I ssh back in and  /etc/resolv.conf has been destroyed02:29
fsmithredconnman is just another network manager. They all have their idiosyncracies and on a bad they they suck balls.02:30
ksx4systemblastwave, not malware but probably abandonware by now02:31
blastwaveafter doing the dance down the hallway to get a console and setup ip again then I did dpkg --purge connman which says "cmst depends on connman"02:32
gnarfacethe other network managers all do the same crap afaik, clobber /etc/resolv.conf and choke on /etc/network/interfaces02:32
blastwaveso I nuked "  dpkg --purge cmst " and then killed connman "  dpkg --purge connman"02:32
ksx4systemblastwave, generally network managers will mess with your resolv.conf02:32
blastwaveOH gawd will I have a network after a reboot ??02:32
fsmithreddid you set up e/n/i?02:33
blastwavesorry .. I need more than single letter variables :)02:33
ksx4systemblastwave, read logs of what commands you executed before - answer most likely lies there02:33
fsmithred /etc/network/interfaces02:33
gnarfacehe means /etc/network/interfaces02:33
gnarfacei'd also uninstall the dhcp client though first02:33
fsmithredwhere you would set up a static ip address that gets assigned when you boot the computer02:33
blastwaveoh yes of course I have  /etc/network/interfaces which was setup by the installer02:34
gnarfaceheh, you'd better make sure it's still there02:34
blastwavenice installer by the way ! woo hoo remote ssh install is a joy02:34
fsmithredand that there's a stanza for eth002:34
fsmithreddefault is lo only02:34
blastwaveyes  /etc/network/interfaces   looks beautiful02:34
blastwaveiface eth0 inet static  <-- looks good02:34
fsmithredand some lines below that to define address... ?02:35
blastwaveyep all tyhe goodness from the installer is still there02:35
blastwaveoops .. wrong xterm02:35
fsmithredauto or allow hotplug?02:35
blastwaveallow-hotplug eth002:35
fsmithredeither one should work02:35
blastwaveThe system is going down for reboot NOW!02:36
blastwaveyee haw02:36
blastwaveokay good news ... it rebooted fine and the network is now sane02:37
gnarfacewell, either one should work but they don't both always work at boot02:37
blastwaveoops  /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory02:38
gnarfaceshould be simple enough to recreate02:38
gnarfaceit only really needs one line02:38
gnarfacenameserver [ip address]02:38
blastwaveI have a set of nameservers that are mine02:39
gnarfaceone ip per line02:39
blastwavemaybe I need to stick in an init script somewhere to ensure that file gets created at boot init 2 or something02:39
gnarfaceit can go into the /etc/network/interfaces file too if you install the resolvconf package02:39
gnarfaceif you don't have wpasupplicant or a dhcp client or any network managers there shouldn't be anything left that will overwrite it though02:40
blastwaveI generally have  /etc/network/interfaces with the nameservers from the config setup by the installer and that usually "just works"(tm)02:40
blastwave wpasupplicant ?  oh that needs to be nuked out of existence02:41
gnarfaceyea the dns-nameservers, dns-search stuff?  those are used by resolvconf02:41
gnarfaceignored otherwise02:41
blastwave# dpkg --purge wpasupplicant02:41
gnarfaceyou don't need that unless you have wireless anyway02:41
blastwavethere is no wireless in the building anymore02:42
blastwavenot secure .. can not be trusted02:42
blastwaveokay so why is my resolv.conf getting nuked at reboot .. let me ponder that02:42
fsmithredcould probably get rid of wireless-tools if that doesn't automatically go02:42
gnarfacehmm, maybe resolvconf actually nukes it too?02:43
gnarfaceare the dns-* lines in your config file being obeyed?02:43
blastwave dpkg --purge wireless-tools and then  wireless-regdb and  iw02:43
blastwaveyep .. dig works fine02:43
blastwavedig www.blastwave.org02:44
blastwavelooks great02:44
blastwavequeries the correct name servers02:44
blastwavedo I need that resolvconf thingy ??02:44
gnarfaceno, like i said you only need it if you want the system to recognize the dns-* lines in your /etc/network/interfaces file02:45
blastwaveresolvconf package ??02:45
gnarfacebut you will need it *or* a /etc/resolf.conf file note this file is not to be confused with the resolvconf package02:45
blastwavewell I need /etc/resolv.conf to not be destroyed02:45
gnarfacei'm not sure if resolvconf is doing that or not it was a hypothesis02:46
blastwaveI don't know either ... I say reboot and lets see if I get a netowrk and resolv.conf again02:46
blastwaveThe system is going down for reboot NOW!02:46
blastwaveit is a fast booter so .. in a moment I will know02:46
gnarfacewell i doubt it will come back automatically if everything is set up how you want it, just to be clear02:46
gnarfaceyou'd still have to put it back manually once02:47
blastwaveI have the opinion that any decent sane UNIX or Linux machine will never ever mess with my netowrk config ever02:47
blastwavecrazy idea right ?02:47
gnarfacehah try slackware02:47
blastwavesetup network and then expect it to stay in place02:47
blastwaveoh boy .. oh wow .. reboot and it is sane !02:48
ksx4systemblastwave, Devuan is not going to mess with your network settings if you READ WHAT IS ON YOUR SCREEN and don't install unnecessary software blindly02:48
blastwaveexcellent .. just needed to destroy/nuke a few packages02:48
gnarfaceyea, for future installs i really recommend you select expert mode and when you get to the tasksel page, uncheck all boxes02:50
blastwaveksx4system: dude ... I did the network config during install with the installer and selected a desktop frontend LXDE or similar. The result was a borked network config. That is plain jane wrong. You have no argument that says the network config from the installer should/would/can be wrecked afterwards02:50
gnarface(and then disable recommends)02:50
gnarface(in the apt config)02:50
blastwaveI always use expert mode with remote ssh02:50
bb|hcbgnarface: and don't forget to check ssh ;)02:50
blastwavelets not get confused here. it is Intel Connman that wrecked my life02:50
blastwavealways check ssh // yep .. need that when the machine is in a computer datacenter02:51
gnarfacewell, yea you probably actually want ssh and standard system utilities ... but if the "Desktop" one hadn't been checked, none of this crap would have been installed02:51
blastwaveanyways .. thank you for the help .. this sorted out the messz02:51
blastwaveto be fair ... the desktop will rarely ever be used02:52
gnarfacethat's no problem02:52
blastwaveI should nuke those packages02:52
ksx4systemblastwave, bad idea to install GUI on a server02:52
ksx4systemwell, maybe not bad, just pointless02:52
blastwavegee ... I never worked with a server before ... really??02:53
bb|hcbblastwave: maybe that's OT, but always get a machine with IPMI, iDRAC, whatever else they name it, before putting it in the DC - you will spare some travel02:53
blastwavegenerally I work with production class systems and not pc trash02:53
ksx4systembb|hcb, +1 for lights out management02:54
blastwaveso yeah .. there is always full systems and hardwar3e control separate from the machine itself .. or part of the machine. Think Oracle/Fujitsu big old sparc servers and IBM Power servers etc etc02:54
blastwavepc trash is just trash. maybe flashing RGB lights on the memory will make it faster and better ?  :)02:55
blastwaveokay ... moving onwards .. I will now deal with how to port old CDE/X11 code02:55
blastwavealso I will toss money at the Devuan project from here on in02:56
blastwavegreat distro !02:56
blastwavetook me a little longer to get away from Debian and RHEL but I got here02:56
ksx4systemblastwave, from 2021 perspective consumer grade PC hardware is not trash if you know how to use it and understand its purpose (which you clearly *don't* get)02:56
blastwaveplease bear in mind that I still have dark SuperDome HP servers and Sun SPARC and IBM z/OS mainframes in my life02:56
blastwaveksx4system: sorry .. I am not a gamer02:57
* blastwave moves along to other things02:57
Xenguy.oO( I'm a cold Italian pizza ...)02:58
ksx4systemblastwave, there's entirely different class of devices made for gaming ;)03:00
onefangAlas for my super desktop Ryzen Threadripper, I couldn't get away from RGBling RAM, nor turn it off since it requires Windows to do that every boot time.  Pffft03:10
ksx4systemonefang, this is sad af :( worst case scenario RGB features should be available to set manually in BIOS03:11
ksx4systembest case scenario open source code should be published lol03:12
onefangBIOS let me turn off all the other RGBling.03:12
onefangOT though, so I'll shut up now.03:13
XenguyI'm sorry03:18
XenguyI can't do that03:19
onefangThat's even funnier than you suspect.  lol03:19
Xenguynyuck nyuck03:19
* blastwave begins to sing ... Daisey Daisey .. I'm half crazy over my love for you ... 03:20
XenguySuch a classic03:20
golinuxSooo OT03:33
XenguyTis true03:34
* onefang installs Devuan on HAL 9000, thus bringing it back on topic.03:35
golinuxSunday night crazies out on force.  Good for OT03:36
* blastwave looks at watch .. wow .. it is sunday .. I thought it was Friday 03:39
onefangIt's Monday here.03:39
Xenguy.oO( Such a blur )03:39
* golinux growls03:39
blastwaveif anyone cares ( way way OT ) I have a chan #blastwave and am live streaming some code work on httpd RC for OpenSSL 3.0.003:39
golinuxPlease go advertise elsewhere03:42
* blastwave quietly wanders away03:48
XenguyHave fun03:50
masonFWIW, in the interests of absolute correctness:
XenguyAnd as we all know by now...  completeness matters03:59
XenguyGot that from my brother, but sorry OT again04:00
gnarfacehi maxz, if you have questions just ask them and wait06:15
gnarfaceit's a slow channel but greetings are not required06:15
peterrooneyI'm having a spot of trouble getting Xorg going on "AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with Radeon Graphics"08:38
gnarfacebeowulf is probably too old08:56
gnarfaceyou'd need the kernel from backports08:56
gnarfaceand don't forget firmware-amd-graphics is in non-free08:56
peterrooneygnarface: a disturbing possibility. what did AMD do to necessitate a new kernel?09:06
onefangFor my  AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT using the beowulf-backports kernel and and drivers works.09:11
peterrooneya 5.10 kernel hung halfway through boot09:16
peterrooneyi've been headdesk on this for four hours. not sure I'm even asking the right questions.09:18
Le_CoyoteAs for the "whad did they do wrong", it happens. For some reason, after I upgraded my nvidia proprietary drivers last time, my laptop wouldn't wake from suspend (to ram). Switched to nouveau, and no further issues.09:20
peterrooneyThe last informational message I get before Fatal is, "drm report modesetting isn't supported." but searching on that has led me nowhere, except 'upgrading to a 4.5 kernel fixed it' - beowulf is 4.19, so that's not it.09:37
Le_CoyoteWell, regressions happen, but bisecting is a pita09:39
gnarfacepeterrooney: i dunno really to be honest but it could as easily been something to do with either the ryzen or the radeon part10:19
gnarfacedrm modesetting error suggests the radeon part10:20
gnarfacebut could be something as simple as xorg auto-detection failing to load the amdgpu driver10:20
gnarfacenvidia cards of similar and even earlier generations won't work with that 4.19 kernel either10:21
gnarfacethat error could easily be consistent with missing firmware or loading the wrong driver (which in turn is frequently a red herring for missing firmware)10:23
peterrooneygnarface: I've loaded /every/ firmware to no effect. i suppose my next step is locating the beowulf -> chimera upgrade instructions.10:28
gnarfacei would really try the beowulf backports kernel & firmwares first10:30
gnarfaceremember you need them to be a matched pair10:30
peterrooneygnarface:  5.10-bpo don't even boot.10:38
onefangYou could try a live chimeara ISO on that machine first.10:40
peterrooneyonefang: that seems more sensible.10:46
peterrooneylive iso boots to desktop, hope remains.11:13
peterrooneymore like yay! , but yes.11:16
jemaduxi wanna install devuan in my mom's laptop .. which one is the testing release and which one is the stable one ?12:54
gnarfacebeowulf is the stable one for now, but the testing one (chimera) might be stable pretty soon12:56
jemaduxwhere can i find chimera ?12:57
gnarfacethere might be test images around somewhere, but normally to install testing you'd upgrade from stable13:00
gnarfaceactually though... it looks as though there's some beta images up already:
onefangThe usual sources of Devuan ISOs have chimaera ISO to.13:00
fsmithrednew version of eudev is now in chimaera. I think that's the last one, so the only thing left is documentation.13:15
ham5urgMy laptop freezes way to often with Chimaera, what is a good approach to check why? Kern.log?13:51
debdogmemcheck first13:51
debdogerm, memtest13:55
ham5urgdebdog, yes, I installed memtest, when I try to boot into memtest, from Grub, th e laptop hangs. Meh14:05
jemaduxdoes devuan support uefi ?14:06
ham5urgAt least I cant see anything.14:06
ham5urgjemadux, I installed it onto Efi-Server and Laptops14:06
fsmithredham5urg, what cpu is it?14:07
ham5urgSome i5 83xx14:07
ham5urg8365 probably14:08
ham5urgIntel GPU14:08
ham5urgIs there a devuan ISO with memtest I could use?14:10
fsmithredyeah, the live-isos have memtest14:10
fsmithredsome intel processors need extra boot options.14:11
fsmithredI've got one *lake (can't remember the right name) that needs something like intel.pstate=1 or else it randomly freezes14:12
ham5urgOK, i will search it14:12
fsmithredno, I have baytrail, you have whiskey lake14:13
ham5urgDevuan Minimal ISO Memory test tells: Version too old for 32-bit boot14:28
hemimaniacfsmithred, you thinking of the intel Westlake?14:30
fsmithredhemimaniac, nope. I don't know that one.14:31
fsmithredham5urg, I've seen that problem. The solution is to download the memtest live-iso from the official memtest website14:31
fsmithredthere's no stand-alone app that works on newer machines14:32 has some choices - iso, binary or source14:34
fsmithrednm, has stuff that's 8 years old. Same as repo.14:35
ham5urgfsmithred, thanks for the hint14:41
fsmithredthere's memtester in the repo. That runs inside your running linux system14:41
fsmithredI'm running it now on my uefi laptop14:41
fsmithredbut that would be best on a very minimal system, since it can't test the mem that I'm currently using for the desktop.14:42
ham5urgThe memory seems not to be corrupted.15:34
n4dirdid you test with a different user and a different GUI if the system freezes too?15:35
ham5urgShould I boot via Usb-Stick after next freeze and check the logs?15:35
n4diralso: might it be related to a certain application?15:35
ham5urgn4dir, no. I tested it not with different user.15:36
n4dirto me, on usually bad hardware, freezes usually happen due to firefox. testuser and a differnt GUI won't hurt for troubleshooting purposes15:37
n4dirreally just vague ideas.15:37
ham5urgn4dir, I tried to find a pattern but could not say. What is always bad, when it stays with screensaver-blank overnight. 100% it won't get back.15:38
ham5urgBut it freezes sometimes with browser, with editor and at login15:38
n4diryeah, i also couldn't figure it out. firefox seems to have been the culprit, but it was not really proven15:38
ham5urgMaybe to switch to Beowulf is a solution but I would like to try to find the problem. Maybe it helps15:40
ham5urgMaybe some ACPI thing15:40
ham5urgCould I log the actions of the ACPI module?15:40
gnarfaceham5urg: try adding -l to the acpid command-line options in /etc/default/acpid16:02
gnarfaceit should log to /var/log/syslog16:02
gnarfaceham5urg: though i've had similar issues on various hardware and i suspect if you disable dpms and system sleep it will be fine16:04
gnarfaceham5urg: and don't run an opengl screensaver16:04
ham5urgI see16:04
gnarfacejust a guess though16:05
gnarfacecould be a lot of stuff based on only this evidence16:05
nepsisI know I am preaching to the choir here, but am I the only one who's astounded that in the discussions about the problems systemd-homed would bring some people seem to believe that creating a "guest" account that you need to log into to actually unlock you home space and then log in as yourself is a good idea?16:12
nepsisI just can't believe of all the problems we could be solving, home spaces was one of them16:13
fsmithrednever heard of that one16:14
nepsisCareful when googling then, because it may raise your blood pressure16:14
fsmithredand any talk about it is better off in #devuan-offtopic. We like to reserve this channel for support questions.16:14
nepsisOf course! Sorry about that16:15
nepsisIn a separate issue: Has anyone here set up a udev/mdev/*dev free system before? I am researching possible avenues, just for fun16:18
fsmithredI know it's been done with vdev16:29
fsmithredand someone was asking about setting up all static devs as needed. That was a week or two ago.16:29
fsmithredI don't know if it actually happened, but it probably did.16:30
nepsisI will look into vdev :)16:32
fsmithredI think there's a gnuinos iso with vdev16:34
fsmithrednepsis, I believe the openbox isos have vdev:
fsmithredhere's aitor's post on mailing list about it:
nepsisCool, I will boot it up and see how it works, thank you!16:39
fsmithredthose look like newer isos than the ones he mentioned in January.16:42
nepsisWell, it was just a for-fun project kind of thing, so a few pointers in the right direction were all I was after :)16:53
fsmithredthe 06.28 iso has vdev17:13
HydragyrumI remember when udev/mdev/etc. weren't a thing and everything worked fine back then lol19:39
ltsGentoo is killing eudev btw19:48
user____Hydragyrum: /etc/hotplug.d19:57
golinuxlts: #devuan-eudev20:16
user____I assume this one will light up like an xmas tree on code which shimmers vars from list to string and such? No?
systemdletefsmithred:  Any updates to chimaera I can try?20:25
user____Sorry, wrong channel20:25
systemdletefsmithred:  Any word when chimaera might be released?  I'm trying to plan ahead and it would be helpful to know.20:26
fsmithredsystemdlete, if you can figure out why lightdm won't respect locale settings in my refracta chimaera beta isos, I'd be grateful.20:26
fsmithredsoon as we finish writing the release notes, I think.20:27
systemdletehmmm... never dealt with that before, but I can try I suppose.  Learning opp for me20:27
systemdleteooh, nice.  ty.20:27
fsmithredif you need chimaera now, go for it. It's ready.20:27
systemdletesounds like we are close then.  Maybe a couple months it sounds like?20:27
systemdletefsmithred:  Last I tried your ISO, I had problems.  That's why I asked if you have updated those recently.20:28
fsmithredfuck no. Better not be months. Should be days or maybe a week or two at most. Assuming we didn't screw something up.20:28
fsmithredwhich iso? xfce or no-X?20:28
systemdleteno-X, iirc20:28
systemdletemaybe a month back or so20:28
systemdleteI had posted my findings here back then20:29
fsmithredxfce isos are a couple days old:
systemdleteOH!  Well, ok then20:29
systemdleteSo refracta will be out before devuan and star?20:30
systemdletethanks, will read now...20:30
fsmithredstar doesn't already have chimaera isos?20:30
fsmithredI think devuan will be official before refracta.20:30
systemdletenot sure.  I haven't seen any messages by email, but maybe they don't do that20:30
systemdletelooking at their download site, it looks like they are still on Spock (Beowulf?)20:36
systemdleteIt's ok, fsmithred, I'm not really in any rush.  I want to upgrade an ascii VM, but why waste my time if chimaera is soon?20:37
fsmithredif you're going to upgade a VM to chimaera, there's no reason to wait for the installer isos or the release notes.20:42
* n4dir has to wait for librazik anyway ...20:46
* Hydragyrum is waiting for daedalus so he can upgrade from chimaera20:47
fsmithredI forgot tilda. Do you care?20:48
n4dirthere are tilda users out there?20:48
fsmithredlol, you were the one who wanted it.20:48
fsmithredI can wait and see if anyone complains.20:49
n4dirha. didn't get that. I gave up on tilda for a few years, mainly to use a more ressource-friendly terminal20:49
fsmithredok, good. The damned iso keeps growing. It will no longer fit on a 1GB usb stick.20:49
n4diryeah, i guess so.20:50
fsmithredand I keep trimming packages from the list20:50
n4diri don't recall that well what was/is included on refracta. Sure lots i wouldn't need. Mainly the gui stuff20:50
Hydragyrumtbh as long as there's a minimal or the like installer iso that will fit on a 700mb cd, the other ones are fine to be big, no?20:50
n4dirprobably. I don't think it is easily possible to get a 1 Gig stick anymore.20:51
Hydragyrumthe smallest I have is a 2gb and I don't know why I still have it20:51
Hydragyrumhaven't seen smaller than 8gb for sale in a long time20:51
n4dirsame here. They start to get really shitty, old sticks, and new ones probably have way more20:51
fsmithredI have a PNY that's 256mb. It holds rEFInd bootloader.20:53
peterrooneyCurrent situation: updated to chimera to get X to start (beowulf fails for Ryzen 7 5700G), but... Only starts using fbdev driver, and /only/ resolution available according to randr is 1024x768, on either HDMI and Displayport outputs.20:56
peterrooneyI am concerned that I may have to find a dedicated graphics card as opposed to using the integrated graphics.20:57
fsmithredis firmware-amd-graphics installed?20:57
peterrooneyfsmithred: no. not yet. i did that yesterday on beowulf, didn't cross my mind today. Trying now.21:02
peterrooneyf*%# yeah that works. I been trying xorg.conf generation like it's 2002.21:04
fsmithredI have a script called 'display-savior' which would remind you for the old xf86config script. (I think that's not the right name)21:05
peterrooneyfsmithred: this is why i try to be nice to people who are asking "basic" questions. they may be, like me now, in sleep dep mode.21:06
peterrooneythere's no way the "Xorg -configure" 's that I ran and edited could have possibly worked without the correct firmware.21:06
fsmithredyeah, and I know it's installed in the desktop-live, and I know you said that iso booted.21:08
fsmithredand you're about the 50th person I've seen run into that issue.21:08
peterrooneyfsmithred: wow, seems like a strong candidate for adding a document somewhere, but where?21:10
fsmithredmaybe in the release notes21:11
fsmithredI just added a note about it to the pad we are using to make the release notes.21:14
peterrooneyfsmithred: thank you.21:20
fsmithrednow, if we could only get people to read the relase notes...21:30
Hydragyrumhey now, I read the release notes ;)21:31
* fsmithred sticks a gold start to Hydragyrum's monitor.21:37
Hydragyrumstarting is the one thing my computer has trouble with21:37
Hydragyrumthe EFI firmware's wonky and keeps deciding my boot entry doesn't exist21:38
fsmithredthat's annoying21:38
fsmithredmine lets me change the boot order, but that setting does not survive a reboot.21:39
Hydragyrumso then I need to boot a usb and load my grub configfile21:39
fsmithredis it an old thinkpad? Mine is pretty weird.21:40
Hydragyrumnewer ideapad21:41
fsmithredI failed to boot a live-usb on a new ideapad21:41
fsmithredbut I forget what exactly it did21:42
Hydragyrumall my USBs work fine with EFI boot at least, so I just boot one with grub and use it to load my normal configfile, boot and remove the usb21:42

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