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xrogaananybody knows a slim image editor for linux?00:21
n4dirmtpaint is said to "run on old hardware" too.00:25
n4dirthere was a screenshot program for easy simple editing. shutter or such? FotoXX ?00:26
rwpImagemagick is old and shows the older widget library but it still gets the job done.  It's what I use for cropping images.00:29
xrogaanmypaint is impressive. Don't know about mtpaint00:29
rwpdisplay image.jpg; Menu: Transform->crop then click and click and then crop and save00:29
xrogaanI need something usable, I'll probably stick with inkscape for my use.00:29
rwpThere is more than one way to do it. :-)  Lots of tools.  Lots of different ways.00:30
xrogaanmypaint can simulate water colors! Crazy.00:34
UsLdidn't know about mtpaint. Looks pretty good. I haven't figured out how to make effects for only selected areas yet though.00:44
ham5urgIs there a way to see which displayport version is used to drive the monitor?10:43
n4direnv | grep DISPLAY ?10:59
n4diroh, ham5urg ^^11:00
ltsI spent some time on this and it seems it's often not possible directly. If you have the monitor information under /sys, the edid file can be decoded to tell the displayport versions available11:01
ltsWith xrandr you can of course tell the resolution and refresh rate, which you can use for educated guesses11:01
ham5urglts, can you tell me which file under /sys you used?11:02
ltsAh, scratch that - even that was mistaking the EDID version with DP version. :-( Soryy11:04
ltsnvidia-settings can tell me my connection link is "4 lanes @ 5.40 Gbps". That tells me the connection is HBR2, meaning I have at least 1.211:07
ltsI'm guessing the connection handshake does not specify the DP version directly, just the transmission mode used (like HBR2)11:12
ham5urglts, sometimes my monitor freezes, Idk at the moment why, myabe DPMS, maybe DP.11:13
ham5urgI shut off DPMS and the screensaver and will see the next days11:14
_ds_Problems when rebuilding libratbagd (from unstable, but same applies to chimaera). Basically, remove systemd from its build-depends, add “-Dsystemd=false” to the configuration command in debian/rules and remove lib/systemd from debian/ratbagd.install.12:33
_ds_May also be able to remove libsystemd-dev from its build-depends too.12:34
cws6969Help me see this problem
fsmithredcws6969, stick around for more than two minutes18:07
fsmithredanswers may come late18:07
cws6969I hope so18:08
fsmithredcws6969, see line 126 to compare:
cws6969sudo ???  It won't start like that18:16
fsmithredcws6969, are you using live-boot and live-config?18:16
DPAcws6969: In case you still look for a way to run anbox on devuan:
fsmithredand when do you get the error message about the missing kernel name?18:18
cws6969i not use live-boot and live-config , i use Linux Live Kit (<>)18:18
fsmithredyour boot menu points to the right place?18:18
fsmithredyeah, it does18:19
cws6969When I use qemu to start the iso, an error message appears  , The isolinux.cfg configuration is also correct18:21
fsmithredyou're just booting the iso without a virtual hard disk? Try removing '-boot d'18:23
cws6969who can help me
zeronHello! Does anyone know how to start the CLi installer from a live session? Just typing "refratainstaller" in the terminal start the GUI version.18:58
zeron(On Chimaera)18:59
n4dirapt-cache search has refractainstaller-base, you could also type refractainstaller and hit tab, so you get proposals to which commands it might complete (if any)19:01
zeronHitting tab gives me 3 entries: refractainstaller, refractainstaller-yad and The first two start the same GUI installer. Haven't tried the 3rd one yet, but it's a script.19:04
DPAMaybe you could unset the DISPLAY variable for that program?   env -u DISPLAY -- refratainstaller19:04
zeronI'll try that...19:06
fsmithredzeron, 'refractainstaller' in a root terminal should start the cli installer. How did you get it to start the gui installer?19:07
zeronYes! It worked!19:07
zeron@fsmithred On Chimaera live session both 'refractainstaller' and 'refractainstaller-yad' start the GUI version.19:09
zeronAlso, Chimaera netinstall has no EFI! At all!19:10
fsmithredI've done efi installs with netinstall iso.19:10
fsmithredI can't check the live-isos right now, and I'll be offline for a couple days.19:11
fsmithredlook at /usr/bin/refractainstaller and see if it's the gui script. (same as refractainstaller-yad). If you, and you have network connection, reinstall refractainstaller-base19:11
sadoon_albader[mDoes anyone have any all-in-one guides for hardening a linux system19:12
sadoon_albader[mI could use some pointers19:12
zeronfsmithred, Beowulf has EFI and I can start it in VirtualBox with EFI without problem. But the Chimaera doesn't. And even when I examine the ISO file I can't find the EFI folder there19:12
sadoon_albader[mNo pun intended19:12
fsmithredi think the NSA has something they published19:12
fsmithredzeron, which date iso? There will be new ones in a few hours.19:13
sadoon_albader[mfsmithred: lmao is actually good?19:13
fsmithredI'm in no position to judge the quality of their security publications.19:13
fsmithredIt probably is good. And they can probably get around any security measures they recommend.19:14
zeronfsmithred, 20210913.19:14
fsmithredpretty sure I booted that one on uefi. What hardware do you have? There are some reports of people who can't boot it on uefi.19:15
zeronfsmithred, right now I'm testing it on VirtualBox. I've read about UEFI problems on some HP computers, but that's not the case here.19:16
zeronWhen I try to run that netinstall I get the UEFI shell. In the past, when this happened with Debian installer I was able to go FS0: and find the correct file and start it. But not so with this iso. It simply doesn't have any EFI folder. That is why I'm using the live session to install on the VBox19:19
fsmithredoh yeah19:19
fsmithredit's been a long time since I've used virtualbox19:19
fsmithredthere's a way to escape from that shell and get a menu of things to do. Boot from file, drill down until you fing grubx64.efi19:20
fsmithredESC or exit (or maybe both)19:20
zeronfsmithred, That's what I did when it happened in the past. But not this time.19:22
fsmithredzeron, Sep 20 isos are up. I just got the netinstall and 'fdisk -l' shows two partitions.19:22
fsmithredno vbox here to try, and Ihave to shut down now.19:23
fsmithredgood luck.19:24
zeronfsmithred, Thanks! I'll try those isos tomorrow.19:25
zeronfsmithred, as to the script file you mentioned. It's a strange thing: the regular 'refractainstaller' has this line at the top:19:26
zeronwhile the 'refractainstaller-yad' has this line:19:27
zeronSo they should, theoretically, start a CLI and a GUI version respectively. Yet in practice both run the GUI... :/19:28

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