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fluffywolfwell this is annoying.  went to print for the first time since the beowulf upgrade, and it's now broken.06:20
fluffywolfPID 17567 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpcups) crashed on signal 11.06:21
fluffywolfmy printer is under about 50lbs of crap, but I don't think that's the problem.  :P06:23
fluffywolfinstalled hplip from backports, no change06:25
fluffywolfwell fuck.  I need to print an amazon return label...06:26
fluffywolffound two forum threads so far that say the solution is to add oldstable and force downgrade everything.06:29
fluffywolfremoving and re-installing the printer in cups made it work06:40
fluffywolf...  now I remember I'm out of toner.06:40
fluffywolfbleh, bbl, bedtime06:42
rwpfluffywolf, Never give your printer any hints that you are in a rush.  It can smell fear.06:47
rwpWith CUPS I have had to remove and re-install printers to make them work multiple times.06:48
rwpIn one case I think it was network switch problems (corporate network) where it got so bad that I wrote a script to track /etc/cups/printers.conf and the associated ppd file and just stop cups, smash a saved referenced copy of those back into place, and restart cups.06:50
rwpThat worked really well to "pin" a printer configuration that CUPS kept dynamically losing.06:50
adhocauto-discover, isn't07:04
adhocanything that relies on mdns is also likely to get messed up07:04
rwpI am not a fan of MDNS.07:16
ham5urgAnyone used SIP for audio-/video-calls and chats? Found this one and questioning if it is worth a try?12:06
ham5urgIt has a DEB generating makefile.12:06
ham5urgIf good, and with its AGPL3 I could pack it for Devuan.12:07
GyrosGeiergenerally, Makefiles that generate Debian packages are frowned upon12:45
GyrosGeierthat usually means that as a maintainer you need to provide an upgrade path from upstream's packages as well12:46
ham5urgI see, I will play around with it to see if it s worth using it.12:54
GyrosGeiergenerally no13:01
GyrosGeieryou need to provide consistent source and binary packages13:03
GyrosGeierthe way to get them consistent is to build them from the same control information13:03
GyrosGeierand conveniently, that is what the Debian packaging tools do13:04
ham5urgYes, I know. I missunderstood it, I believed your "no" was reagarding that SIP-server.13:07
shevekhello, i'm having trouble ( devuan chimaera) while installing ruby via rvm18:00
sheveksee log here ...
shevekwhat am i missing ?18:03
gnarfaceprobably that you need to use the ruby packages from the repo first then add gems afterwards, but just a guess.  if you put the log at instead i'll actually look at it.18:04
sheveksure gnarface , please
shevekdo i need both Package and Source repo's enabled for ^^ ?  I've just noticed 'sources' is not...18:15
* shevek umh... tried that, still no joy18:16
golinuxshevek: sources.list info here:
* shevek update sources accordingly ... 18:28
sheveki'm wondering ... why do they not come like this by default ?18:28
rwpshevek, I would install all of the build dependencies for the packaged ruby.  apt-get build-dep ruby18:28
rwpThe issue your pad shows is permission problems. "mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/local/rvm/log/1633708605_ruby-2.7.2’: Permission denied"18:29
shevekrwp .. i'm using rvm ... isn't 'apt install ... ruby ' redundant ?18:29
shevekfor the permission s issue... i'm runing 'rvm install ...' as a regular user18:30
rwpNo.  Your pad showed "No binary rubies available for: devuan/chimaera_ceres/x86_64/ruby-2.7.2." "Continuing with compilation. Please read 'rvm help mount' to get more information on binary rubies."18:30
rwpWhich means it is going to try to compile ruby from source.18:30
rwpIn order to compile ruby from source you need the compiler (which you probably do have) and also all of the build dependencies.18:31
rwpUsing apt-get build-dep packagenamehere will install all of the build dependencies that the package author included in the packaged version.18:31
rwpThat would be a good start for anyone who was building a self-compiled version themselves.18:31
rwpI always start by installing the build dependencies. :-)18:32
rwpAs to the permission problems...  That's due to /usr/local (as pristine installed) requiring root permission to do anything there.18:32
rwpWhich I think is a horrible tragedy that has changed a couple of OS releases ago.  (I must dig out the bug ticket about the discussion of it.)18:32
rwpIn the previous releases /usr/local was group owned by "staff" and so a user could add themselves to group staff and then have the ability to do exactly what you are trying to do.18:33
rwpBut now the powers-that-be are saying they want you to run as root for that operation.  I disagree.  STRONGLY!  But they did not consult with me.18:33
xrogaanrwp: you can't add yourself to staff, I believe only root or adm can do that.18:35
rwpshevek, How would you like to solve the /usr/local problem?18:35
rwpxrogaan, Right.  Root is needed to add a user to group staff.  Which is worthless now in a pristine installation these days.18:36
rwpOff the top of my head, needs review: adduser $USER staff; find /usr/local -type d -exec chmod -v g+ws {} +; then log out and back in again to have staff assigned at login time.18:38
rwpThen one can do things with /usr/local as themselves, not as root, and such things as building ruby with rvm can be done as them.  Much safer.18:39
rwpIf someone is riding along here and adding group staff then also useful to add group "adm" too.  Then can browse /var/log/*.log files as themselves too.18:41
shevekrwp thX , tweaking /usr/local  user permissions did the job18:45
* shevek loves devuan18:45
rwpI am curious what you mean by "user permissions"?  You set them to your own user?  (Which is okay on your own system.)18:46
shevekthat's it :18:47
shevekyes to to both questions18:47
rwpIt is your own system so this is okay for your to do.  :-)18:48
rwpFor everyone reading along here is the bug ticket I referred to where this useful feature was removed.18:51
rwpLinking to Ian Jackson's comment with the explanation of staff and /usr/local.

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