libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2021-10-18

golinuxjudabuda: Trinity desktop is not available via devuan.00:00
golinuxBut it is available in at least one derivative and from trinity directly00:00
fanderalIs there a netinstall, minimal or mini ISO for Daedalus or Ceres?04:10
UsLnot sure. Choosing 4.0 chimaera and then change sourcelist to daedalus or ceres works though04:14
fanderalhad trouble in chimaera with 3 different ISOs... wouldn't boot after install04:15
fanderalkernel panic04:16
UsLkernel panic when trying to boot them?04:17
fanderalI've looked through 8 repo  and haven't seen  ISOs for Daedalus or Cere04:18
UsLhow do you make the boot image?04:18
fanderalburn it to a CD with ncurses CDW04:19
fanderalis that what you're asking04:20
UsLdid you try usb?04:21
fanderalyes, that too04:21
UsLsame error?04:21
fanderalevery time, it installs without errror but won't boot04:22
golinuxfanderal: There is never an iso for sid (unstable)04:23
UsLhuh. I wonder what happens right before the kernel panic..04:23
fanderalthanks golinux04:23
fanderalUsL: should have copied the log04:24
golinuxDaedalus testing installer isos on the way soonish04:24
fanderalgolinux: good to know04:24
fanderala mini.iso?04:25
golinuxAt some point.04:25
golinuxGive us a break.  We just busted our collective asses getting Chimaera released!04:26
UsLyou can try downgrading the kernel and try again I guess.04:26
fanderalYou get all the breaks you need. I'm in no hurry, just glad to know it's coming.04:26
fanderalUsL: gonna try once more with Chimaera... if no go, then I'll go with Beowulf and upgrade.04:28
UsLfourth time's the charm04:28
fanderalYou promise? ;)04:29
UsLI do not : )04:29
fanderallol, see ya04:29
GoatAvengerX2Go XFCE sessions are broken for me with Chimaera update, dunno if filing a bug report will make a difference..06:59
sadoon_albader[mAre there torrents for other architectures?08:07
sadoon_albader[mI could only find a torrent for x86 and amd6408:07
adhocsadoon_albader[m: which platform/arch ?08:11
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdoes anybody know how to get libgtk2-perl in chimaera?08:12
sadoon_albader[mI'd just like to seed to support the distro and take off some bandwidth strain :)08:12
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdebian removed it and it broke a whole bunch of dependent programs08:12
adhocCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: install it from CPAN ?08:12
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDis it on cpan?08:12
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi tried searching libgtk2 on cpan but nothing installed08:12
adhocCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: do you care for it to be a debian package?08:12
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's not super important it's a debian package08:13
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbut eventually i'd like to put it back so gmusicbrowser will work08:13
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDoh, just gtk208:13
adhocyou're welcome =)08:13
adhocnow ...08:13
adhocsadoon_albader[m: there are versions for arm/arm6408:14
adhocnot sure about torrents though08:14
adhocsee #devuan-arm08:14
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDfinnaly switched over my old gentoo system to Devuan 4 =308:19
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's much faster08:19
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthis one weird thing08:19
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDAudacious is laggy as hell dragging it around across the Xsession08:19
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDno other program lags like that08:19
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDAudacious also sometimes stutters playback but that's probably due to not running an MuQSS kernel08:20
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI'd like to eventually patch my kernel back with MuQSS cpu schedular08:20
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDif nobody has done that already08:20
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDoh, yeah also persist is broken in doas08:21
adhocI wonder if that uses software rendering SDL ?08:25
adhocI have had a few issues like that where the apps are not taking advantage of hardware support08:26
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDhow would i check?08:26
adhocgood question08:28
adhocperhaps there is a way by looking at which libraries it is linked to ?08:28
adhocstart with; ldd08:29
adhocfor example;08:30
adhoc$ ldd /usr/bin/firefox-esr08:30
adhoccan you compare to your other system ?08:31
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbut my other system used audacious3.x with gtk208:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi specificlly opted out of the audacious 4.x branch because it was full of regressions08:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDis there anything I need to do on devuan to make qt5 use amdgpu acceleration?08:34
* adhoc does not know ...08:35
* adhoc avoids gtk3 and qt like plague08:36
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi avoid gtk3 like the plauge08:37
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDqt5, I can deal with08:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDespecially qith qt5-styleplugins-gtk208:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDBBL? what's the mean08:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDnevermind on that08:50
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi logged out and logged back in and now the lag is gone08:50
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDmust have done something without knowing what08:50
hyrcanusCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: xfce ?09:07
hyrcanustry tenacious09:07
hyrcanusit fixes audacious bad09:07
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDa customized patched version of dwm-6.809:07
hyrcanusdangit i got audacious confused with audacity09:08
hyrcanusaudacious is the media player, right?09:08
hyrcanusforget my confusion please09:08
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's fine, it's not happening anymore09:08
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDoddly enough i can't find in devuan 4 so i just copied the .so and .la file from my old gentoo install into /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/ and audacious seems to work fine again09:09
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's a concerning hack09:15
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbut it works09:15
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDmore worried about why the bluecurve engine is missing09:15
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi hate redhat09:18
hyrcanusbetween 1999 and 2003 i had to do some redhat and preferred debian09:20
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDyour lucky you had to deal with them in 2004, instead of in 2014-202109:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDtank/ROOT/chimaera                         3.01G  4.90T     3.05G  /09:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDtank/ROOT/gentoo                           37.1G  4.90T     32.7G  /mnt/zroot/gentoo09:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthat must be why things are a lot snappier loading things09:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDI've got the same software installed, yet it only consumes 3G instead of 37G09:25
hyrcanusthat's because you don't need the sources to all that code and libraries right09:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbut even then, gentoo binaries seem to be on average a bit bigger09:43
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand dev headers too09:43
adilixhi all11:10
adilixif i would install devuan with the network installer would i get the (download) firmwares for my wifi card? so i can configure it at installation. the normal cd doesnt have the firmwares11:14
buZzreally? it should have them11:15
buZzwhich wifi firmware does your card need?11:15
adilixi need ralink drivers11:16
buZzthats pretty old stuff11:16
adilixits a pretty old netbook :)11:16
buZzare they in non-free?11:17
adilixi think so11:18
buZz> All Devuan 2.1 ASCII install media make non-free firmware packages available at install time.11:18
buZzfrom >
buZzi kinda -assume- thats still the case today11:18
buZzadilix: are you sure the firmware is even in devuan at all?11:19
adilixwhen i select to look in media he doesnt find them11:19
buZzthats correct11:19
buZzcheck if firmware-misc-nonfree is installed11:20
buZzor firmware-ralink11:20
adilixi mean at the time of installation11:20
adilixhe cant get the firmware on cd11:20
buZz'look in media' is not whats needed for isos that already include the firmware11:20
buZzthats for manually loading stuff from usb stick or something11:20
buZzthe firmware file isnt called 'firmware-ralink'11:25
adilixand now it is in the package firmware-misc afaik11:25
buZzthe package isnt important, its as a raw firmware file on the iso11:25
adilixi mean before the 4 version11:25
buZzwith the filename matching what the -kerneldriver- expects11:25
adilixyes but i need it to enable the ralink , i use it only with wifi11:26
buZzthere's no need to enable it manually , the installer should find it automagically and load the needed firmware11:26
adilixshould i try to install it as expert installation?11:26
adilixbut he doesnt11:26
buZzjust continue beyond that step11:26
adilixtried 3 times yesterday, no luck11:26
adilixwithout enabling any network device?11:27
buZzprobably something else is wrong, maybe rfkill ?11:27
Guest83anybody hear)13:44
ShorTiei am, sup ??13:47
adilixso... people its installed now, but how do i install now the missing firmware, i tried apt-get install firmware-misc but no luck18:18
sadoon_albader[mDid you add the nonfree repo?18:21
sadoon_albader[mIf you need a proprietary firmware you need the nonfree repo18:21
sadoon_albader[mCheck out this page18:21
adilixyes the non-free is enabled18:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthere's a nonfree firmware package too18:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDlinux-firmware-nonfree or something18:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit contains the faustian blobs18:22
sadoon_albader[mYes and I also beleive there's specific packages for networking, graphics, etc18:24
adilixi need the firmware for ralink wifi card18:26
adilixi think its in firmware misc18:26
sadoon_albader[mYou can always check by looking at /lib/firmware18:29
adilixfound it its firmware-misc-nonfree18:29
sadoon_albader[mIt should have a sensible name like "/lib/firmware/ralink"18:29
Tenkawabtw a nice way when in doubt if you have inet access up front is to install apt-file18:33
Tenkawathen you can use apt-file search lib/firmware/missingfile to find the missing pkg for example18:33
Tenkawa(after running sudo apt-file update)18:33
Tenkawaapt-file is very handy for that exact scenario you had18:34
Guest45found an answer why my X setup takes 70MB of memory more18:42
Guest45i don't get it but it looks like new i3is much heavier18:43
Guest45old i3 96MB, icewm 96MB, new i3 150MB :|18:44
TenkawaGuest45: different motherboard is probably doing a different shared amount of video memory18:51
Guest45eberything is the same18:52
Guest45same config (with autostarted apps) 120MB vs 170MB18:52
TenkawaGuest45: if its not a discrete video card thats highly doubtful unless its the "exact" same motherboard including revision and all bios settings18:53
Guest45it is just devuan update18:53
Tenkawayou just said old i3 and new i3.. not new and old devuan18:53
Guest45new i3 with new devuan18:54
Guest45but other managers use the same amount of memory18:54
Guest45even icewm takes +-10018:54
Tenkawawhat is different then? you are being very vague18:55
Tenkawado you have 2 boards or 1?18:55
Guest45di you mean motherboards?18:56
Guest45why do you ask about it? it is the same machine18:56
Guest45i know there is a few MB differences between machines I use - I understand that18:57
Tenkawabecause you said "(12:44:11 PM) Guest45: old i3 96MB, icewm 96MB, new i3 150MB :|" that implies 2 seperate pieces of hardware18:57
Guest45but on this exactly machine it is 50MB+18:57
Guest45i3 is window manager18:58
Tenkawai3  wm not i3 cpu18:58
Tenkawai3 is also an intel cpu btw18:58
Guest45i have never heard about i3 cpu ;)18:58
igraltist_1support devuan arm64?18:59
Tenkawaigraltist_1: #devuan-arm18:59
Tenkawajoin us18:59
Guest45Tenkawa i was wondering why you are interested to my hardware :D18:59
TenkawaGuest45: apologies for the confusion19:00
igraltist_1Tenkawa: thx19:00
Tenkawaigraltist_1: np19:00
adilixso... people, let me try my wifi , brb19:00
Guest45btw,I have read that xinit command runs .xinitrc, so by typing only xinit wm starts. But not here.19:01
Guest45must do startx19:02
Tenkawaunder most circumstances you shouldn't even need an explicit .xinitrc or startx if you have xdm/lightdm installed19:02
Guest45i do not want any ldm19:02
Guest45i just start it from bash19:03
Guest45and autologin tty19:03
Tenkawayour choice but it does complicate the setup19:03
Guest45but currently i use startx manualy because of testing19:03
Guest45less mamory usage :D19:03
Guest45why to waste memory if I can do the same without ldm:P19:04
TenkawaGuest45: because if you are "that" memory contstrained you have bigger concerns19:06
Guest45and this is why i use devuan - i like debs, i learnt debs, debian forces systemd, ubu is heavy and hard to maintain as i want19:06
Guest45i know, Tenkawa, but I like it ;)19:06
Tenkawaconsidering lightdm for example has a nominal footprint19:06
Guest45i use lightdm onquest machines if i need to login to xserver remotely19:07
Guest45on host it is waste of memory :D19:08
adilixso people... the sh... is up and running, but how do i enable wpa_supplicant at boot? i tried service wpa_supplicant with no luck , i have to manually start wpa_supplicant always19:48
gnarfacenever had that issue, it should start automatically... are you trying to use it without a dhcp client?19:49
gnarfacepretty sure something else starts it19:49
adilixisnt dhcp enabled be default19:50
gnarfacenot if you didn't install it19:50
adilixhow to i get connected at my router?19:50
gnarfaceusually with a dhcp client and wpa_supplicant but really that's not the only way people do it19:51
gnarfaceanyway, wpa_supplicant should be started by something else in your network configuration19:52
gnarfaceso obviously you're missing something but it's pointless for me to guess19:52
gnarfaceis this chimaera or beowulf?19:53
adilixlet me reboot again19:53
gnarfacethe machine in question isn't the one you're here in IRC with?19:54
gnarfacei guess that should also be assumed but you'd be surprised...19:54
gnarfacethere's a possibility you could be merely missing packages or part of your network configuration, depending on how you installed.  there's too many variables for me to guess without you telling me more details.19:55
adilixno luck19:55
gnarfacelet's do some sanity checks19:55
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep dhc -i19:56
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep avah -i19:56
adilixi followed this guide
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep wpa -i19:56
gnarfaceuh... even the part about using systemd-resolved for DNS??19:57
adilixi use sysv19:57
gnarfacewell this tutorial seems to be systemd specific19:58
gnarfaceso parts of it won't work19:58
adilixthis fu.... systemd fu;;;ed up the linux world19:59
gnarfacei know :(19:59
adilixi normally use only bsd"  since systemd20:00
gnarfaceif you can find a document on how it was set up in debian wheezy, that should still apply here20:00
adilixi didnt had this problem with the devuan 3 version20:01
gnarfacebut it sorta should have worked out of the box... you shouldn't have had to do any of this20:01
gnarfaceyea.  so something else is wrong but i can't help without more info20:01
adilixjust configured the wpa_ conf and all was working20:01
gnarfacewell did you try enabling it with sysv-rc-conf or something?20:01
Tenkawaadilix: in your /etc/network/interfaces do you have a line in there like this?20:02
Tenkawaauto wlan0?20:02
Tenkawaor allow-hotplug wlan020:03
adilixallow-hotplug, currenlty i was looking for it :)20:04
adilixlet me try auto20:04
Tenkawaadd wlan0 to the auto lo line20:04
gnarfacebut if networkmanager is installed, won't that conflict with it?20:04
Tenkawagnarface: I was about to note that20:05
Tenkawathat was going to be my next check before they reboot20:05
Tenkawaadilix: look in /etc/NetworkManager and make sure there's no configuration still setup there for the device.. if there is hold on a sec before continuing20:08
adilixhmm now  i have this problem, No DHCPOFFERS received20:08
adilixNo working leases in persistent database20:08
adilixwhats wrong20:08
gnarfacedhcp server is off?20:09
adilixwhat i am doing wrong20:09
Tenkawamake sure you have your country in /etc/default/crda20:09
adilixno all my laptops all connected to the router20:09
gnarfacedhcp ip pool exhausted?20:10
adilixi dont have that file in etc/default crda20:11
adilixno, ip pool is not exhausted20:11
adilixwith console command i can connect to my router20:12
adilixwhats wrong20:12
Tenkawagnarface: well thats concerning.. he has no crda library...20:14
Tenkawadevuan usually installs that right?20:15
adilixjust installed crda20:15
adilixlet me reboot again20:15
adilixno it doesnt installs it20:15
adilixsame problem again20:17
adilixwhat should i write inside the crda file?20:18
adilixthere is REGDOMAIN= and nothing else20:18
gnarfaceTenkawa: i dunno really20:19
Tenkawagnarface: I'm about to install a new chimaera install to check20:19
gnarfacechimaera is brand new and vandalism from upstream is expected20:20
gnarfacebut i don't really use wireless networking a lot lately20:20
gnarfaceso if something changed before that i can't guarantee i'd even have noticed20:21
Tenkawacrda is a standard part of wireless package20:21
Tenkawacrda, wpa_supplicant go together20:22
adilixi had to install it separatelly20:22
Tenkawacrda does all the regulatory stuff20:22
Tenkawaadilix: yes.. and that concerns me a bit.. how did you install your system?20:23
adilixhow do you mean ?20:27
adilixi added in crda file REGDOMAIN=GR and the same problem20:28
Tenkawahow did you install devuan? from what source and what method?20:28
gnarfaceif it's a system upgraded from debian, you don't have to hide that in shame.  we support that we just need to make sure you finished the job.20:29
gnarfacebut really, without a 2-way flow of information here, our ability to help is very limited20:29
adilixno just a fresh install, before i had netbsd on it20:30
gnarfacefresh install with which iso?  we need to know which exact iso you used.  please show download link20:30
Tenkawaagain: how did you install devuan? from what source and what method?20:30
golinuxThat is the server cd iirc20:31
Tenkawaok thanks20:31
gnarfaceah, cd1.  did you complete the install without a network configuration then go to set up networking after first boot?  it might be relevant to the issue here20:31
Tenkawagnarface: yep20:31
Tenkawaif no network was setup that's going to be missing a lot of stuff20:32
gnarfacethe version of the cd might be relevant too... i think there's been 2 beta releases at least, right?20:32
adilixno beta20:32
adilixand hashes are ok20:32
adilixi never use any beta20:32
gnarfaceok, so just missing network config at install may be enough of an explanation for what is missing20:32
Tenkawaif you used a netinstall disc though without a network you have a lot of manual setup to do20:33
gnarfaceit would be the same situation basically as this, yes.20:33
Tenkawathats the whole point20:33
Tenkawaof using it at install time20:33
Tenkawagnarface: indeed20:33
Tenkawait asks/knows what to do20:33
Tenkawaat that time20:34
gnarfaceis there a task for networking?20:34
Tenkawagnarface: let me check20:34
gnarfacei'm not seeing anything obvious that isn't a whole desktop environment, but maybe one of those would be the best choice here20:34
gnarfacethe original tutorial in question mentioned plasma-nm, so maybe... task-kde-desktop will mostly overlap with the part of the work already done?20:36
TenkawaI think the desktop env base task has whats needed...  checking its contenrs20:36
Tenkawaer contents20:36
Tenkawagoing to grep them all for some of the base net pkgs20:36
Tenkawanah its just mostly desktop/x11 stuff20:39
Tenkawaas thought20:39
VindrueHi, i was reffered to here as a place to get help by the devuan website. I've been trying to set up Devuan Chimaera with a tiling window manager on a laptop, but run into a problem where my wifi does not work. If i try pinging a website i get the error: Name or service not known, and pinging a nameserver returns: Network is unreachable. I have20:41
Vindruetried setting up wifi by following the steps in dev1fanboy's wiki, but to no avail. I know wifi works, because i set it up during install, and when i install Devuan with Xfce it works perfectly, but i have yet to get it to work with a minimal install.20:41
gnarfaceVindrue: hey, stick around looks like that's the same issue adilix is having right now20:43
gnarfaceVindrue: most likely missing packages20:43
Vindruei see20:43
gnarfaceVindrue: if you could get a packgae list from the xfce install and diff it against your minimal install that will give you some clues though the signal to noise ratio will be high20:44
gnarfacesome config might be missing too, hard to say20:44
gnarfacebut you configured networking during install you say?20:44
gnarfacehmm, adilix reportedly did not so there's a difference20:45
Vindruei did the offline desktop install (wifi wirmware not included with netinstall)20:45
gnarfacethe wifi firmware is included in our netinstall20:45
gnarfacedebian doesn't do that but devuan does20:45
gnarfacei'm wondering if task-xfce-desktop will work for you, since you said xfce gets it right20:46
Vindrueoh yeah correction: i was unable to install the firmware, in the installer it was displayed in the list, but selecting it did not work20:46
Vindrueoffline installer automatically detected and installed it20:46
Vindruewhat do you mean by task-xfce-desktop?20:46
gnarfacesounds like a kernel version issue20:47
gnarfaceoh, task-xfce-desktop is a meta-package that should give you xfce and everything that was bundled with it last time you installed it20:47
Vindrueinstalling it from the cdrom repo rn20:48
gnarfacehopefully that will give you the missing networking packages, if it doesn't you're gonna have to do that diff of the dpkg -l lists20:49
gnarfaceor if you would rather keep a minimal install i can guess at some packages you might be missing, and you can just install them but it will feel like shooting in the dark porobably20:49
Vindruei'd rather do the diff shabang than have an extra desktop environment sitting somewhere taking up space tbh20:50
gnarfacethat is the most thorough approach20:50
Vindruei've spent the entire day today trying to get this to work, don't want to give up now xD20:50
gnarfaceso right now my theory is missing dhcp client but waiting for verification20:56
gnarfacemaybe wpa_supplicant or resolvconf20:56
Vindruexfce finished installing, started it20:57
Vindrueno network had been set up20:57
Vindruemaybe if you set up wifi through the installer, it will only translate to a desktop environment if you choose to install that as well20:57
Vindrueor at least that's my guess20:58
gnarfacepossible.  what do you have in /etc/network/interfaces?20:58
gnarface(also possible you just need to go through init again)20:58
Vindruei have the same stuff in interfaces that i put in there previously... ...except 1 line is changed21:00
Vindrueallow-hotplug wlan021:00
Vindrueiface wlan1 inet dhcp21:00
Vindruewlan0 was changed to wlan1 in the second line21:01
gnarfacehmm, suspicious21:01
Vindruefor some odd reason21:01
gnarfacecould be the problem21:01
gnarfaceare you using a graphical network configuration tool too?21:01
gnarface(they can also conflict)21:01
Vindrueconnected through xfce's default just now21:01
Vindruebefore that i tried connecting manually21:02
Vindruei checked my network devices previously, i only had wlan0, lemme check again21:02
Vindruestill only wlan0, despite the odd config file21:03
gnarfacewell if the MAC address changed it could still be caching the old one in /etc/udev/rules.d/ i think21:04
gnarfacedid you possibly switch network devices?21:04
gnarfacecheck for /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules21:04
Vindruei only have 1 device in this laptop21:04
gnarfaceor *-persistent-net.rules21:04
Vindrueat least iw dev states that21:05
gnarfaceit wouldn't matter if there's only one at the moment, what matters is if there were ever others21:05
gnarfacewas there a previous wlan0 device?21:05
gnarfaceit at least used to put them in /etc/udev/rules.d/ but check /lib/udev/rules.d too just in case21:06
Vindrue*-persistent-net.rules doesn't exist in neither directory21:07
Vindrueactually there are no files in the /etc/ one whatsoever21:08
Vindruebut there is a file named 75-persistent-net-generator.rules in the /lib/ one21:09
Vindruegonna try to remove as many packages as possible until network breaks right now21:12
Vindruemight possibly work21:12
Vindrueis there a way to apt autoremove with the exception of specific packages?21:16
Vindruewondering if i can do that, but with an exception for all network-related stuff21:16
gnarfaceVindrue: missing contents of /etc seems like a pretty big deal... i'd reinstall everything22:08
Vindruei think i might have fixed the issue22:08
Vindruewithout reinstall22:08
Vindruenot an elegant solution, as i now have some random xfce themes and ~100 MB of other unwanted stuff, but connected to the internet with network-manager22:10
Vindruethat's perhaps an acceptable level of bloat i guess22:10
gnarfacei think it's more than you should have to deal with but whatever works22:11
Vindruebasically just installed network-manager along with all of its "dependencies"? (why do you need a desktop theme to connect to wifi?)22:13
Vindrueand then ran nmcli, which was included by default22:13
Vindruepinging a website still doesn't work, but downloading from repo's, and pinging nameservers work, so i'm happy22:14
Vindrueliterally jumped off my chair as soon as i saw ping return packet info!22:14
TenkawaVindrue: still there?22:15
TenkawaI might have some insight for you on the nameserver problem22:15
Tenkawalook in your /etc/resolv.conf file22:16
Tenkawacheck whats in it currently22:16
Vindrue# Generated by NetworkManager22:17
Vindruesearch webspeed.dk22:17
Tenkawabut no nameserver lines right?22:17
Vindrueand then 2 nameserver entries22:17
Vindruei added, but pinging websites still doesn't work22:18
Tenkawaping "might" not work22:18
Tenkawatry this22:18
Tenkawado a ls -lad /etc/resolv.conf22:18
Tenkawamake sure its not a link22:18
Vindruehow do i make sure it's not a link?22:19
Tenkawayou'll see it pointing to something and not just list it out as itself22:19
Vindrueit's listing itself, so not a link22:19
Tenkawalrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      13 Feb 17  2021 rmt -> /usr/sbin/rmt22:20
Tenkawathats an example btw22:20
Tenkawaok. next22:20
Vindrue-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 122 Oct 18 22:17 /etc/resolv.conf22:20
Vindruefor the record22:20
Tenkawaif you netstat -rn22:20
Tenkawais the default line your router's ip?22:20
VindrueDefault line?22:21
Vindruemy router's ip is listed in the destination column as the third entry22:21
Tenkawa3rd? interesting22:21
Vindruelocal ip that is22:21
Vindruefirst is (i think that's a nameserver if i'm not wrong)22:22
Tenkawathats all22:22
Tenkawabut the destination should be22:22
Tenkawalike on mine22:22
TenkawaDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface22:23
Tenkawa0.0.0.0         UG        0 0          0 wlan022:23
Tenkawathe gateway is the entry destination22:23
Vindrueoh wait no sorry i'm wrong22:23
Vindruethe destination entry is off by 1 number22:23
Vindruemy router ip is like your's, the first gateway entry22:23
Tenkawaso overall connectivity is good. here's how we can test where dns is failing22:24
Tenkawatry to run dig22:25
Tenkawasee if you have that utility installed22:25
Vindruethe output is too big to fit on the tty screen22:27
Vindrueperhaps i should try fixing it when i have installed my window manager22:27
* _ds_ suggests pinging loopsofzen.uk22:27
TenkawaVindrue: run dig google.com22:27
adilixi cant get behind wahts wrong22:27
Vindrueoutput is nicer now22:27
Tenkawado you get an answer section back22:28
Tenkawawith records like22:28
Vindrueif you can't figure it out that's alright22:28
Tenkawa;; ANSWER SECTION:22:28             250     IN      A
Tenkawamay be a diff ip22:28
Tenkawathey have a round robin22:28
Tenkawaok your dns is ok22:28
Tenkawayour dns is fie22:28
Tenkawaer fine22:28
Vindruei rarely use the ping command, if i can't connect to websites when a web browser is installed i'll try to find the fix myself22:29
Vindrueor ask here again22:29
Tenkawaso try to test an actual website/etc22:29
Tenkawapings are frequently blocked so trust those rarely22:29
Vindruethanks a lot for the help!22:30
Tenkawathis is an actual connectivity test and looks good22:30
_ds_The other question is can you ping 2001:4860:4860::8888…22:32
_ds_(since was mentioned)22:32
Tenkawa_ds_: with ping6 and an actual ipv6 connection heheheh22:32
Tenkawa--- 2001:4860:4860::8888 ping statistics ---22:32
Tenkawa1 packets transmitted, 1 received, 0% packet loss, time 0ms22:32
Tenkawartt min/avg/max/mdev = 31.060/31.060/31.060/0.000 ms22:32
TenkawaI can :)22:32
_ds_FWIW, requires IPv622:32
TenkawaI have nice ipv622:33
adilixi give up, maybe cya tomorrow bb23:54

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