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hyrcanusif you want freedom, resolv the google/fb/twitter to
* rrq thinking Ostrich Freedom FTW01:59
hyrcanusonly when you free your mind from mental cages, are you free02:01
rrqyes. agree. and steadfast towards offtopic I'd add, that if my cat is on fire I want to know it.02:21
onefangI suspect your cat might let you know.02:22
onefanginsert clever cat command here02:23
Hydragyrumnextdns FTW04:49
hyrcanuswhere's the short readme as to why04:50
Hydragyrumwell, it lets me block things at dns-level and use encrypted dns, with a nice UI and plenty of control04:52
HydragyrumI might be able to do better with a fully self-hosted solution, but it's quite convenient to set up too04:53
rrqperhaps advertising should go in the advertising channel04:53
blockheadthere is an advertising channel?  :o04:53
Hydragyrumlol maybe a bit ot but I mean, someone was referencing resolving google/fb/twitter to null, which isn't quite as easy to do as that but nextdns does have blocklists for all their stuff04:54
* adhoc adds their hosts names to /etc/hosts and sets the IP to
adhoceasier to match in the log05:01
hyrcanusoh interesting05:03
hyrcanuswc -l /etc/hosts05:03
hyrcanus46936 /etc/hosts05:03
adhocyou can also grab names from the ad blocking plug ins and add them too05:04
hyrcanusi find new things to add with wireshark05:04
adhocublock origin has a fairly large list, I pulled a lot of dns names from that05:04
adhochyrcanus: yes, a good option05:05
golinuxAnd this still isn't a devuan support question05:05
adhocthe web dev tools traffic/asset loader is a good way to see what is being loaded in the back ground05:05
adhocis the channel particularly high traffic at the moment ?05:06
golinuxThat is not the point.  Devs having to read backlog nonsense is05:06
golinuxIt's annoying05:07
golinuxThanks for understanding . . .05:07
adhocyou would rather push your potential users away ?05:07
hyrcanusthe question is how strictly to moderate, in order to maintain usefulness as a support channel adhoc05:46
hyrcanusloose moderation would allow non-support chat centered around how to get a devuan system running well05:48
hyrcanusstrict moderation would ban any question or discussion not related directly to issues caused by devuan maintainers themselves05:48
adhocso long as the OT hammer applies to everyone.05:50
hyrcanusthere is no hivemind unity about what level of topicality is most useful to the devuan project05:51
hyrcanusjust try to respect each other, and if golinux finds a discussion is veering too far OT, let's respect that05:52
jlaweird, on fresh Chimaera... and in tmux, .bash_aliases are not sourced , what am i missing ?14:25
* jla they are, as expected, when not in tmux session but regular terminal14:25
e3d3I have Beowulf and want to install mysql-workbench but see that it is only available in the ceres, ascii & jessie repository. Can I install one of those ?15:45
gnarfacee3d3: maybe but probably instead you'll try and find out why it isn't in beowulf.  it would be safer to try building a copy for beowulf (aka backporting) but it might just lead you to the same conclusion.16:37
DPAIf you try one of those, install the packege with apt, not with dpkg. Apt will check & install the dependencies, dpkg will not care.17:07
DPAYou may have to put a ./ in front of the file name to make apt notice that it's a file name and not a package name.17:08
Tenkawayes you need ./17:13
Tenkawaapt install lsof_4.93.2+dfsg-1.1_arm64.deb ; apt install ./lsof_4.93.2+dfsg-1.1_arm64.deb17:13
TenkawaReading package lists... Done17:13
TenkawaBuilding dependency tree... Done17:13
TenkawaReading state information... Done17:13
TenkawaE: Unable to locate package lsof_4.93.2+dfsg-1.1_arm64.deb17:13
Tenkawaworks with ./17:13
Tenkawa(skipped pasting the extra lines)17:14
Tenkawaapt-get same as well17:15
e3d3gnarface: DPA: Tenkawa: Sorry for my late response. I forgot that I didn't close this channel. Thanks all for the help & advice. I'll try given solution later.17:38
Digithi, quick question, can haz experimental on my ceres?   (or is experimental strictly a debian sid thing?)19:06
Tenkawano there os only contrib main and non-free pools in ceres19:08
Tenkawaer is19:08
gnarfaceyou can still install the debian experimental packages19:17
gnarfacenothing is stopping you;  they're basically guaranteed to break you install regardless19:18
gnarfaceso while there isn't actually a "devuan experimental" this is one case where the threat level can't increase19:18
gnarface(i recommend making a full backup first)19:19
hyrcanusif there's a program I am interested in bleeding-edge features for, I tend to grab the latest source and build it myself19:20
hyrcanusthe apt system is my base for OS and libraries, my fun new things get compiled19:20
hyrcanusand if they screw up, they don't damage the important stuff19:21
gnarfacethat's the better approach because usually then massive incompatibilities are caught during the build process rather than after install19:21
hyrcanusdo you make 'working backups' of your live system gnarface19:23
hyrcanuswith like rsync to an external drive partition or something19:23
gnarfacehyrcanus: yea rsync is fine but you can just use tar and ssh19:28
hyrcanusi just have the right flags for rsync in my notes19:28
hyrcanus(i hope)19:29
hyrcanusbut this should work tar -cvpjf rootfs.tar.bz2 --exclude=/whatever /19:30
hyrcanusor leave out the v to reduce terminal spam19:30
gnarfacetar --one-file-system -c -p -f - ${DIRS}19:30
hyrcanusneat flag --one-file-system, ty19:32
gnarfacessh backup@{HOST} "sleep 3; tar --one-file-system -c -p -f - ${DIRS}" > backup.tar19:32
gnarfacetar can output to stdout and ssh will return stdout from remote commands back to you down the pipe19:33
gnarfaceso in this way you can even back up remote servers19:33
gnarfaceworks for everything but windows basically (the "sleep 3" part is just because disk access on the macs was slow)19:34
hyrcanusand my rsync line: rsync -axHAXWS --numeric-ids --info=progress2 $1 $219:35
hyrcanusgotta love -axHAX19:35
gnarface--one-file-system keeps it from backing up /proc and /dev and crap like that19:40
pablocastellanosSorry I was very busy the last two weeks. When did you launch chimaera?19:41
gnarfacei dunno just a couple days ago19:42
gnarfaceyou're not too late19:42
user____;) not too late19:46
pablocastellanosgnarface: OK, I think I downloaded the mini.iso corresponding to the deb installer of chimaera (from the unstable repo) last week. So I was calculating less than 10 days since launch19:47
peterrooneyI ended up putting all my rsyncs in a makefile19:53
pablocastellanosgnarface: user____: 2021-10-14 was the date of launch19:55
mroChimera in the news (de) – congrats and thank you!21:19
hyrcanustime for a jubilee21:31
trminChimaera: Nach vielen (12?) Stunden friert der Bildschirm ein und Tastatur- und Mauseingaben werden abgeschaltet. Anwendungen laufen offenbar weiter (Ton der TV-Karte). Shift-Lock / Num-Lock funktionieren nicht, aber die Magic SysRQ-Tasten. Neu angesteckte Maus arbeitet nicht. Mit ASCII tritt das Problem nicht auf. Kein Anstieg der Speicher- und Prozessorauslastung vor dem Ereignis. Geschieht im Betrieb wie im Leerlauf. (Eventuell:21:48
trmingeschieht zu vollen Stunden, ich beobachte das noch.)21:48
debdoghmm, I think I've had that, too.21:50
trminYou solved that?21:51
debdogbut I wasn't certain whether it was me at some point accidently closing the lid or whether it did it by itself21:51
trminIt's a desktop.21:52
debdogno. cannot solve anything power management related. havent found out yet what actually controls that21:52
debdogwell, the freeting could happen on a laptop as well as on a desktop21:53
trminI checked cronjobs. Non running.21:53
debdogalso, you've posted in the wrong language. ;)21:54
trminMaybe some Germans speak english, too, but vice versa?21:55
debdogwe try. but the chances of someone knowledgable replying increase rapidly21:57
trminYou might try google translator. The translation of devuan would be interesting. Maybe Teufel (=devil in German).22:00
trminWhat about the freeze? I already tried "sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-all"22:03
debdogno clue atm.22:03
debdogdo you have logs which might indicate something?22:04
Tenkawawhat kind(brand/bus) of video card?22:08
trminWhich log should I look at? Its a NVIDIA GTX 1650. But, as I said, there's no problem with ASCII on the same machine.22:10
Tenkawaif this is a desktop I'd also be curios how the acpi is setup in the bios22:10
Tenkawatrmin: ascii has much older software and kernel22:10
Tenkawasome of the driver behaviour has changed22:11
Tenkawathats why as debdog I would be interested if anything in /var/log shows any errors/messages of interest22:12
debdogsyslog, Xorg.0.log and xsession (or similar) log come to mind22:13
debdog* .xsession-errors22:13
Tenkawadebdog: even messages syslog and kern.log might have something of interest22:13
Tenkawadebug "possibly" would at the point of icident22:14
trminI know. Usually I skip a version, because there are always problems with each. What I meant is, that a hardware problem is unlikely.22:14
Tenkawa/var/log/debug will log messages "if" the machine is staying up... key there being if its staying up and coalescing the filesystem22:15
Tenkawatrmin: I'm not specificly looking for hardware errors... likely its software22:16
trminUnfortunately I'm in a new session since the last freeze. The messages between freeze and restart in /var/log/debug were Oct 18 17:11:14 chimaera015 rtkit-daemon[2265]: Supervising 5 threads of 2 processes of 1 users.22:28
trminOct 18 17:11:14 chimaera015 rtkit-daemon[2265]: Supervising 5 threads of 2 processes of 1 users.22:28
trminOct 19 08:43:01 chimaera015 kernel: [59322.130370] sd 11:0:0:0: [sdb] Mode Sense: 43 00 00 00   No useful information to me.22:28
Tenkawaoh . mode sense?22:29
Tenkawathats drive errors22:29
Tenkawaif its on sd*22:30
Tenkawaor potential ones22:30
Tenkawaits having trouble communicating with the second drive22:30
Tenkawahow many hard drives do you have in there?22:31
trminOf course, because I killed running media.22:31
Tenkawaif it goes into power savings and tries to come out and has problems with accessing the drive that could definitely cause lockups22:31
Tenkawatrmin: no.. linux has kernel code to handle putting the drives in an io sleep state if it is in a "proper" sleep22:32
Tenkawabut if something is failing on the hardware that would cause that to potentially not be completed22:33
Tenkawayou might want to run diagnostics minimally on your hardware22:34
Tenkawajust because one version is not showing this could mean you aren't triggering it. Its just a personal recommendation... safety check22:35
Tenkawabrb all22:46
trminThere are at least 6 physical drives, but only one with partitions relevant for system. However - thanks so far by now, got some new ideas. Another question. It's my very first time here. How can I continue the discussion after logout?22:50
debdogto read what's going on while offline you'll need a bouncer or have a look at the logs (see topic)22:53
trminThanks an bye for now.22:54

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