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mh1994hn4114Hello guys, im trying to get some internal sdcardreader-device working by installing a driver... It comes by *.deb and when I try to run dkpg -i "*.deb" after satisfying the 'DMKS'-Dependency it tells me the "kernel header" is wrong or sth. like that I don't really get what it means..! ANY Suggestions? Please! Message: "Module build for kernel 4.19.0-18-amd64 was skipped since the00:34
mh1994hn4114kernel headers for this kernel does not seem to be installed." 😯️00:34
mh1994hn4114I will read into the DMKS-Stuff now... just trying to get a shortcut here! Hehe.00:36
fluffywolfare you running the 4.19.0-18-amd64 kernel?  if so, try apt-get install linux-headers-4.19.0-18-amd6400:37
mh1994hn4114should do the trick. I'am trying this now :)00:38
mh1994hn4114well the apt comes back to my dkms and gives me some Error: "Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.19.0-18-amd64 (x86_64)  Consult /var/lib/dkms/a***/0.3/build/make.log for more information. -> this brings me some Details about a (previous?) makefile-error... feeling like sokrates right now, at least from about his philosophic point of knowledge! :'DD00:44
mh1994hn4114"I know that I know nothing" - Sokrates00:45
gnarfacewhat's the build error in that make.log?  you probably have other missing dependencies00:45
mh1994hn4114trying to figure that out, hang on please00:46
mh1994hn4114'cc1: some warnings being treated as errors'00:46
mh1994hn4114make[4]: *** [/usr/src/linux-headers-4.19.0-18-common/scripts/ /var/lib/dkms/au6601/0.3/build/au6601.o] Fehler 100:47
mh1994hn4114make[3]: *** [/usr/src/linux-headers-4.19.0-18-common/Makefile:1561: _module_/var/lib/dkms/au6601/0.3/build] Fehler 200:47
mh1994hn4114make[2]: *** [Makefile:146: sub-make] Fehler 200:47
mh1994hn4114make[1]: *** [Makefile:8: all] Fehler 200:47
mh1994hn4114German here ;-)00:47
mh1994hn4114well there's some error before already... this seems messy to me!00:48
mh1994hn4114here's what's right before of what I posted already: "/var/lib/dkms/au6601/0.3/build/au6601.c: In function ‘au6601_pci_probe’:00:49
mh1994hn4114/var/lib/dkms/au6601/0.3/build/au6601.c:1187:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘setup_timer’; did you mean ‘setup_irq’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]00:49
gnarfaceneed to figure out if it's missing a library or a kernel feature00:51
gnarfacewhat's the first thing it complains about?00:51
gnarfaceif there's multiple errors it's usually a chain reaction starting from the first oen00:52
mh1994hn4114it the make.log I assume00:52
gnarfacethat's all we got00:52
gnarfaceif this module is for a very different kernel version it might not work00:52
gnarfacethere's a somewhat smaller chance that a debian-specific patch is blocking it but that's less common these days00:52
mh1994hn4114okay, so I'll head back to the log real quick00:53
gnarfacealso, uh... probably bears mentioning that it's really weird you'd need a out-of-kernel driver for a sdcard reader...00:53
gnarfacethe fact it didn't work automatically with the stock built-in usb drivers might be already a bad sign, unless you know for sure this is what you're even supposed to be doing (you might have gotten outdated information from when hardware support for this type of device was new?)00:54
gnarfaceanyway, worth double-checking that any of this is even necessary00:55
mh1994hn4114okay, so I dont really know why there is not an built-in solution! It's probably because thats an onboard device and I may be not too much educated to get anymore details straight..! However the information I've gotten mentions It's supposed to work on a Linuxkernel 4.16+..! So I will just try to get some essence from the log at first. Anyways thanks for mentioning these points.01:02
gnarfacemh1994hn4114: make sure you installed the build-essential meta-package01:03
gnarfaceif it were a packaged thing from the repos you could also rely on the build-dep option for apt-get01:03
gnarfacethere should be build dependencies listed where you got the package too, it's not always obvious from the errors01:04
golinuxCould this be an issue with non-free firmware?01:16
mh1994hn4114so I'ma rolling off from the very beginning: I get my internal cardreader on "lspci" listed with the message: "Unassigned class [ff00]..." then I find a *.deb package with some driver some guy made for the device..! here I'm stuck trying to find out how to get it installed01:28
joergyou probably should specify exact brand and buildof that device and its internal cardreader. Sounds weird01:32
mh1994hn4114and some new info from the make.log is the very first Error telling: "no jobserver available" -j1 will be set. add „+“ to the origin rule. <- pooly translated I know01:32
joerggolinux: hardly01:32
joergthough, this is genuinely strange01:33
mh1994hn4114yeah I'll come up with all the details I just stumbled across. So I've got a "lscpi: 02:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Alcor Micro AU6601 PCI-E Flash card reader controller"01:33
* joerg suddeenly hears somebody whispering "alias"01:34
mh1994hn4114ad this is what I found about the driver-guy:
mh1994hn4114following the word in here (related to Archlinux):
mh1994hn4114so my bad interpreting the support for 4.16+ kernel eh? :D since the last link on linux-hardware tells 5.0 comes with the driver support! My Bad got some thing confused probably01:40
joergseems it's only supported in kernl 5+01:40
mh1994hn4114it also points to another makefile. so i could try get this running aside my 4.19.xx kernel?01:41
joergbackporting rarely is a simple task, you will have to sort out some rough edges like the one you ran into01:42
joergmaybe upgrading the kernel version is the more easy way to go?01:43
mh1994hn4114yeah so is there a 5.0 kernel for the devuan?01:44
mh1994hn4114thanks to everyone I guess I'ma find out! hhahaha01:45
fluffywolfif you use beowulf, you can install 5.14 from backports, if you use chimaera, 5.10 is default, or you can install 5.14.01:47
mh1994hn4114fluffywolf: that helped alot! Thanks again!01:49
fluffywolfglad to help.  :)01:49
mh1994hn4114So I'm still a some type of newbie in the unix world and I really appreciated all these helping handy in here!01:51
mh1994hn4114*...hands (that) came handy in here..! haha01:51
expert975does devuan include non-free firmware?01:56
mh1994hn4114yeah as far as I know01:56
fluffywolfif you enable non-free repositories.  the main distribution does not.01:56
expert975fluffywolf: I just booted the live image, did not enable non-free repositories and yet my 3945ABG wifi card works. Both debian and linux-libre exclude this firmware01:57
fluffywolfhrmm, fucking with wifi firmware is always the first step whenever I try installing it.  but, I haven't tried the latest release.01:58
expert975I thought devuan was free. Aparently I was mistaken02:00
expert975no, https�:// does say it is free software. Why does it include non-free software in the live image? First it sets Google as its DNS now this...02:03
expert975someone tell me this was a mistake. Maybe it's time to rm devuan.iso and use something else02:03
golinuxlive includes non-free firmware.  You can delete it if you like02:06
golinuxIf you want to exclude non-free firmware you have to do an "expert install". Info  and make that choice.  Info non this page:
golinuxSorry for that mangled edit.02:09
golinuxIt's towards the bottom02:10
expert975I feel betrayed by devuan. I'm no longer going to use it02:14
fluffywolfcutting off one's nose to spite one's face is always an option, yes.02:28
golinuxHey fluffy . . . "experts" do whatever they want and think they know everything so don't read basic info it seems02:45
ShorTieexpert == has been drip under pressure02:57
joerg>><expert975> no, httpsÃ:// does say it is free software. Why does it include non-free software<< you're free to remove that02:18
joerg>><expert975> I feel betrayed by devuan. I'm no longer going to use it<<  yeah, byebye, we'll miss you02:19
joerg"Waiter! I ordered 300g steak, this is 350g, I won't accept it" ROTFL02:22
joergidiologists, gotta love them¡  may we paint it in cosmic latte for you too? To not neglect the red dwarf suns02:25
joergoften you hope they 'only' missed to tag it as sarkasm. Just a poor joke¡02:27
joergthe Stallman paradox: >>to make that system compatible with the Respects-Your-Freedom criteria, you need to add some more *restrictions* of what you can do with the system<<02:35
joergkiss my...02:36
golinuxenough already . . . ;)02:39
joergdid someone mute the channel?18:10
gnarfacemy guess is we're just out of broken things briefly18:20
gnarfaceit happens18:20
gnarfaceit's also a big commercial holiday in the US, people might be spending time with their families18:28

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