libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2021-11-02

* golinux runs 32 bit.00:06
chozorhoI mean, sure, 32-bit is actually a more beautiful architecture imo, but none of my current computers run it. And I have a lot of computers...01:22
* blockhead needs 32-bit for wine and stuff01:23
Tenkawablockhead: yeah I think steam still uses 32bit too01:23
blockheadnice to run pc games in wine in devuan :)01:24
adhocmorning all01:47
adhocwondering if folks using containers/docker01:48
adhochave used pbraun9/devuan-svr4 ?01:48
adhoclooking to migrate off debian/ubuntu containers to something ... slimmer01:48
adhocif not pbraun9/devuan-svr4, any recommendations01:49
hyrccontainers are the band-aid for 'my OS is broken now'01:49
hyrcyou probably also take gene-jabs01:51
adhochyrc: containers, sure.01:51
adhocbut right tool for this specific job.01:51
adhocby "gene-jabs" do you mean vaccinations?01:52
blockheadlol at "gene-jabs"01:52
* blockhead isn't sure01:52
gnarfacelinux-vservers is slim but a little rough on support for devuan (no official packages)01:52
adhocgnarface: so kernel 4.9.x...01:54
golinuxadhoc: There are "unofficial" docker images available from Dyne mentioned in the Chimaera release notes01:56
adhochmm .. the compressed size is pretty big02:01
adhocare the folks that work on those in this channel much ?02:01
gnarfacedunno about docker, for linux-vservers you can ask in #vserver on OFTC02:02
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDHow do I install the gtk2 version of gvim in Devuan 4?02:03
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDvim-gtk has been replaced with a transitional package pointing to vim-gtk302:04
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi don't want gtk302:04
blockheadgtk is icky02:04
blockheadgtk3 is icky02:04
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDapt install vim-gtk used to work fine in devuan 302:04
golinuxCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: You will be assimilated.
golinuxPlease take discussion of that to OT02:05
gnarfaceCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: there's always vim-nox02:05
* blockhead sorries02:05
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi'm using vim-nox as well, but there are times when i need to open up a text file via spacefm02:05
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDfor some quick editing02:06
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDbeing able to have a fully working mouse is useful02:06
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDand good X clipboard integration02:06
* CAPTCHA_REQUIRED reads golinux's link02:07
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDgolinux, what was the purpose of linking that to me?02:14
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhile it is certainly comfortable knowing others are expericing the same issues with gtk3, my goal isn't to use gtk3 so i don't need convincing not to. I'm just trying to get graphical vim working with gtk2 like it was in beowulf02:18
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDfind out what i need to do in order to do that02:18
golinuxRewrite the applications that use it for GTK202:21
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit's already written for gtk202:22
golinuxJust about everything will fall into the GTK3 tar pit eventually.02:22
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdid you read that i said it was working in beowulf?02:22
golinuxWell them use that version02:22
golinuxfrom beowulf in perpetuity.02:23
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDno i need things in devuan 4 and I ulready ran dist-upgrade02:23
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthat doesn't really solve my problem02:24
golinux> CAPTCHA_REQUIRED: You will be assimilated.02:24
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDHow do I install the gtk2 version of gvim in Devuan 4?02:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDvim-gtk has been replaced with a transitional package pointing to vim-gtk302:25
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi don't want gtk302:25
gnarfaceCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: you'd have to compile the old vim-gtk and all its dependencies02:26
gnarface(some might need patches to work with the current glibc now, i dunno)02:26
golinuxOr rewrite the interface for GTK202:26
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDgnarface, I am pretty sure it's just a build flag. Is there a way I can download the source to the vim-gtk3 package so that i can probably use that as a base to build a replacement vim-gtk2 package?02:27
gnarfacesure, "apt-get update && apt-get source vim-gtk3"02:27
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDis there documentation on how to build source packages?02:28
gnarfaceprobably all over the place, i recommend dpkg-buildpackage02:28
blockheadthe readme in each package02:28
gnarfaceyea that too02:29
gnarfacechapters 6-8 of the debian new maintainer's guide02:29
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDooh! there's a debian new maintainer's guide02:29
gnarfaceit's got a lot of fluff, skip the first 5 chapters02:29
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdoes it also cover how to get this into contrib so nobody else has to deal with this ounce i figure it out?02:29
gnarfaceit does actually02:30
gnarfacei think the earlier chapters deal with that actually02:30
gnarfacei think there was some work towards making package building docs specific to devuan too...02:31
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthat would be good02:32
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDok, this is really bizzare, vim-gtk3 is actually...well the source code to it rather, is a metapackage of just vim02:32
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED$ apt source vim-gtk302:32
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDReading package lists... Done02:32
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDPicking 'vim' as source package instead of 'vim-gtk3'02:32
fluffywolfthat's very typical with source packages.02:33
gnarfaceyea, there isn't a 1:1 ratio between source and binary packages, it's normal for several different binary packages to come from one source package02:33
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthere's a microsoft windows batch file in here02:33
gnarfacefor what?02:34
gnarfacehmm, there are win32 builds of vim, they didn't used to be official but maybe now there is one?02:35
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDit seems to check if vim is installed on windows and if so, launched vimtutor.txt with it02:35
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED> 63 ECHO Check your installation or re-run install.exe02:35
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDoh yeah that's it. sorry, it looks like it didn't unpack the actual package source code, just vim's source itself. It looks like i've got some reading to do on debian packaging so i'll have to start with that first02:37
gnarfacethe configuration is in the ./debian/ directory02:38
gnarfaceit might just have multiple commands to build the different packages, i'm not sure02:38
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthere is no hidden .debian folder in there. Just too compressed tarballs and a folder with vim's source and a dsc file02:39
gnarfaceno not .debian, there should be a actual ./debian directory in the source root directory02:40
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthere's a tarball with debian in the name, but it didn't auto-decompress with apt source02:41
gnarfaceyou sure02:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi figured i'd do some reading before decompressing it manually myself, in case there's a special procedure02:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDyeah hold on02:42
gnarfaceit might not have all extracted into the same top-level directory02:42
gnarfaceusually what happens is a few things download, extract, then auto-patch02:42
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDgnarface, see here
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDfor yourself02:43
gnarfacei'm definitely not going to click on that, i'll have to take your word for it02:43
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwha? that's fine, but are you scared of the link or something?02:44
gnarfaceeither way the actual vim source should still be the right place02:44
gnarfacei was pretty sure it auto-extracts though02:44
Xenguymmm, vim02:45
CAPTCHA_REQUIRED> i'm definitely not going to click on that02:45
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDgnarface, why the emphasis?02:45
TenkawaCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: use proper paste sites like paste.debian.net02:46
Xenguy$ pom02:46
XenguyThe Moon is Waning Crescent (11% of Full)02:46
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDTenkawa, what makes improper?02:46
gnarfaceCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: it's a really bad practice to click on random links you don't recognize, and yes, i'm afraid of them and you should be too02:46
Tenkawathat has potential script hazard written all over it02:46
* blockhead uses links (the program) for potentally dodgy links 02:47
Tenkawablockhead: or curl it to a file and vi lol02:48
XenguyNice text browser, and there is elinks too02:48
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDno that sounds like unjustified over-paranoia of a windows user suffering from PTSD from driveby activex downloads. You should disable javascript by default if your worried about that (i do that with the nmatrix plugin) instead of calling sites you don't recognize improper02:48
blockheadoh hell, get hardcore and xxd it02:48
TenkawaXenguy: yeah I use elinks a lot too02:48
* blockhead was serious about using links, though02:48
* Xenguy still sometimes uses a text browser ...02:49
TenkawaCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: no. thats called 25 years of working in I.T. security before I retired02:49
XenguyWhy not02:49
gnarfaceCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: lol, i seriously question your judgment if you think that is gonna get me to click on it02:49
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDgnarface, don't click on it it doesn't matter it was only to prove02:49
gnarfacelook if it isn't working i can't help anyway, i've never built that package02:50
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDTenkawa, you should make an effort to understand why things have security issues and make decisions based on that instead of cargo-culting02:50
Tenkawaanyhow.. you're going to have a bigger dependency problem building the pkg02:50
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwhy? have you attempted this very thing before?02:51
TenkawaCAPTCHA_REQUIRED: hundreds of times02:51
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDno i mean with vim specificlly02:51
Tenkawano but with much more complicated packages and simpler ones02:52
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDthanks for the heads up02:52
TenkawaI cant remember them all... the first thing you need to do is find the src dev revision you want in "devuan"02:53
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDis it worth it learning the debian packaging process for things like these or would it be worth it more to just install it overtop of the system like in classical unix 'make install'02:53
Tenkawaif you get a debian/unchanged deb-src you might run into systemd issues even with an editor.. unlikely but possible02:54
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDwtf your not serious? editor depending on systemd?02:54
Tenkawalet me look.. just a sec02:54
Tenkawawhich vim pkg.. full, tiny, basic?02:55
Tenkawavim has like 30 different possible configs02:56
Tenkawayeah thats got a lot of cascading dependencies.. let me see what the build-deps are02:58
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDdo i have to install all of he dependencies for each version just to build one varient?02:59
Tenkawano but you do have to install the build-deps03:00
Tenkawajust a sec03:00
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDyeah, i knew it. it's just a stupid build flag switch. gtk2 version is still supported upstream  73 GTK3FLAGS = --enable-gui=gtk303:01
Tenkawathe "easiest"  way to try to see if this will work03:01
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDlooks like there's an athena and motif version too03:01
Tenkawatheres a ton of stuff for vim03:02
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDyeah. It really bugs me that debian just removed the ability to build with those flags. doesn't seem like there's a technical reason for it's removal, just political03:02
Tenkawano no.. you can03:03
Tenkawayou can specify those right on the dpkg-buildpackage line03:03
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDTenkawa, howso?03:03
TenkawaI'd have to go dig up my build scripts03:04
Tenkawayou going to be here tomorrow?03:04
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDhmm. tenatively yes03:04
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDprobably in the afternoon PST03:04
TenkawaI'm here all day Eastern03:05
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDok then most likely yes03:05
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDvim-athena depends on ruby for some reason, but there's a binary package available03:05
hyrcsometimes things get removed because 'too much support headaches'03:06
Tenkawaok.. I'll stop by and we'll try to work on iyt03:06
Tenkawaer it03:06
TenkawaI'm just sitting around doing builds for my pi's tomorrow03:07
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDi'm working tomorrow but sometimes i have a lot of free time if there's no tickets to work on03:08
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDso just something worth noting. the vim-athena debian package has a bug where it doesn't have a font it depends on in the depencies03:11
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDstarts up with E665: Cannot start GUI, no valid font found03:11
CAPTCHA_REQUIREDno idea what font it's trying to load, but xfonts-base doesn't contain it apparently03:13
adhocgolinux: i see util-vserver was in beowulf but dropped from chimeara06:39
gnarfaceadhoc: i'm not golinux07:32
gnarfacei thought it had been dropped even longer ago than that, anyway07:32
adhocgnarface: oops, sorry golinux09:42
adhocok... kernel versions numbers were quite dated.09:43
adhocanyhow, i found something suitable09:43
adhocthanks for you help.09:43
ham5urg__Is it correct that the most recent versions of Gnome and KDE won't be X-compatible anymore, just Wayland? So these packages won't be in coming Devuan-repositories?10:31
ShorTiehow can i make this work ??11:12
ShorTietrying to overwrite '/etc/grub.d/40_custom', which is also in package grub-common 2.04-2011:12
GyrosGeieryou're trying to move a conffile between packages?11:21
ShorTietrying to make a custom grub entry11:22
GyrosGeierthe 40_custom file is for the admin to add custom entries11:23
GyrosGeierif you are building a package, you add an extra file11:24
GyrosGeieryou can use the same "tail" trick if it's static, or generate the entry if it's not11:25
DPAham5urg__: I don't know about that, but it's possible to use wayland things such as weston or sway on devuan.11:25
GyrosGeieralso, with modern hardware, you really want Wayland11:27
ham5urg__Wayland? No.11:27
DPAI don't like it either. It may be more efficient, but it fails to provide anything. With X11, you only need to implement what you need. WM or Compositor or even nothing is enough. With wayland, you have to implement dozends of protocols yourself to make things work acceptably at all.11:29
DPAI can write a WM for X. But it takes too much time to write a full compositor for wayland.11:31
ShorTiehow do i "generate the entry" ??11:32
GyrosGeierShorTie, the files in /etc/grub.d are shell scripts that output grub configuration fragments11:32
GyrosGeierthat's why 40_custom begins with "tail +3 $0"11:33
GyrosGeierbasically, it just dumps the contents of the file without the comment and the command to stdout11:33
GyrosGeierif you need some detection logic to find how the entry should look like, then you write it as a script there and write the entry to stdout11:34
ShorTiehmmm, ok11:36
DPA"#!/usr/bin/tail -n+2"11:36
DPASaves one line, and doesn't need sh11:37
GyrosGeierit's going to be called from a shell script anyway11:38
DPAAlthough since # is a comment anyway, "#!/usr/bin/cat" would also work.11:38
ham5urg__Does the repository provide an language-server-protocol server?12:18
Tenkawagreetings all15:43
hyrcare vte based terminal emulators or rxvt worthy of the name ?  surprise perhaps
hyrcvte based terminal emulators support under 1/2 the vt220 control codes17:49
gnarfacetake it to offtopic unless you have a related support issue.  nobody cares about your lame attempt to start a flame war over a deprecated terminal protocol17:55
gnarface -> #devuan-offtopic17:55
hyrci'd like to get unicode 13 in uxterm18:13
hyrccan you help gnarface ?18:13
gnarfacei don't think so, unless the suggestion to use urxvt instead works18:19
gnarfacebut i think this has come up recently and it was discovered that some key unicode 13 features are missing everywhere still18:19
gnarfacethat was a couple days ago so maybe check to see if they've patched support into something in backports or unstable yet18:20
gnarfaceeven if you can find a patch or updated source tarball from upstream you might be able to build it yourself, but it might still be easier to just wait18:23
Tenkawaat this point wouldn't you want to target Unicode 14 since its been ratified or is there something "specific" in Unicode 13 you want?18:34
* gnarface doesn't know18:35
TenkawaUnicode 14.0 is the version of the Unicode Standard released on September 14, 2021.18:35
Tenkawagnarface: yeah that was directed at hyac18:35
hyrcit seems xterm balks at utf8 > 4 bytes per char18:36
hyrclibvte can do them18:36
Tenkawahyrc: note above question18:36
hyrcthere are specific glyphs that were added in 13, which i want18:37
hyrcthey're in some range unavailable to xterm18:37
Tenkawa(01:34:26 PM) Tenkawa - Libera: at this point wouldn't you want to target Unicode 14 since its been ratified or is there something "specific" in Unicode 13 you want?18:37
TenkawaUnicode 13 isnt the standard anymore... 14 is18:37
hyrci have tried to answer your question.18:37
hyrcthen unicode 1418:38
Tenkawaok.. that makes it easier I think18:38
Tenkawalet me look at something18:38
Tenkawauxterm is obsolete18:43
TenkawaNowadays uxterm is pretty much obsolete, but 15 years ago UTF-8 locales were rather esoteric, and the uxterm wrapper allowed people to easily test them without changing their normal environment.  If you already use a UTF-8 locale like almost everyone does these days, uxterm is not needed or useful.18:43
Tenkawajust found a reference in mailing list for it18:43
Tenkawaif your locales are set up right you don't need it18:43
hyrcah ty18:45
Tenkawain your env output is LANG LANGUAGE and LC_ALL set?18:45
Tenkawathose you need set18:45
hyrcutf below 4-bytes works18:46
hyrcutf up to 4-bytes works18:46
hyrc ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█  < these do  🮆🮅🮄🮃🮂 < these dont18:48
Tenkawadid you check those env vars?18:49
hyrcLANG and LANGUAGE are en_US.UTF-8, LC_ALL unset18:49
Tenkawaand also regenerate the locales too and make sure they are updated... they get unselected randomly occasionally for odd reasons18:50
Tenkawadpkg-reconfigure locales18:50
hyrcthanks but that's not the problem18:50
hyrcdo you run xterm and can see these chars?18:50
TenkawaI use all of mine headless18:50
Tenkawathis machine is a debian custom build laptop so the locales on it are generated differently18:51
hyrcthanks for the suggestion.  i'll report if i find the solution18:51
bb|hcbhyrc: Maybe you are not aware but some time back (1y+) gnome dropped bitmapped font support...21:27
critrso usermod is in /usr/sbin now. hm.21:28
rrqbeen there since "jessie"21:36
Tenkawacritr: /sbin was deprecated at that  time21:52
Tenkawalrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 8 Aug  2 10:50 /sbin -> usr/sbin21:52
Tenkawabb|hcb: good info21:53
user____Is there anything Gnome did not drop in the past 10 years, and still "dropping"?21:58
LibrecatHi why should i use devuan over debian are there other advantages than supporting other init systems?22:16
Librecati use gentoo and really like openrc so dont need to convince me about init freedom22:16
Librecatalso i am migrating my laptop to devuan22:17
Librecatwhat can i expect after migration?22:17
critrLibrecat, you can expect pretty much just debian without systemd.22:20
Librecatwhat makes you hate systemd so much you created a different distro with branding and all22:21
Librecatyeah redhat is trying to take control of linux but at the end of the day its an open source project22:22
Librecatanyway maybe its a good thing that devuan isnt special22:24
Librecatits not like mx linux with a bunch of backports that make it a huge pain to upgrade from release to release22:24
gnarfaceLibrecat: it's not a support issue, it's flame bait.  take it to #devuan-offtopic22:28
gnarfaceif you run into issues upgrading, people can help you here22:29
gnarfaceyea, i'm totally sure that was just an "organic" question22:29
Librecatright now running the first apt upgrade22:31
gnarfaceoh i thought you rage quit22:31
Librecatnope the irc client i have on my android phone is garbage22:31
gnarfaceanyway, people can help you here if you run into upgrade issues, chimaera is still kinda new here22:31
Librecatok upgrade done22:32
Librecatuhmmm "Yes do as i say" came up22:32
Librecatoh its just systemd22:33
Librecatbye bye kde :(22:33
gnarfaceit is normal for it to want to uninstall a bunch of debian packages, after the upgrade you can reinstall kde from the devaun repos22:34
Librecathope it doesnt crash midway22:34
Librecatif it does i am planning to switch to a tty do dpkg-reconfigure -a and keep on with the eudev install22:34
gnarfacejust make sure you still have a kernel before you reboot22:35
Librecatit didnt uninstall the kernel i think but i will install one before the reboot step22:36
bb|hcbif you add sysvinit-core after eudev, you will skip the Yes do as I say prompt...22:36
bb|hcbI suppose you migrate from Debian?22:36
Librecatfrom bullseye22:36
Librecatalso i wanna use openrc22:37
Librecatoof i have a problem it refused to remove systemd22:39
gnarfacedid it say why?22:39
* blockhead hands Librecat a loaded shotgun :p22:39
Librecatactually the wiki says what to do i need to reboot22:40
Librecathopefully i dont get a brick22:40
gnarfaceif you do you can still fix it with a live image22:40
bb|hcbon the step 'apt install eudev', use 'apt install eudev sysvinit-core' instead; afterwards switch to openrc (I have no idea how)22:41
Librecathmm maybe chroot from initramfs?22:42
gnarfaceafter the finished upgrade is bootable you should have no problems installing openrc22:43
Librecatok i did it22:43
Librecatapt install sysvinit-core22:43
Librecatapt install openrc22:43
Librecati also installed an extra kernel just incase22:43
gnarfaceunlike the gentoo one, the debian openrc still relies on sysvinit scripts, don't get confused22:43
Librecatyes even runit does22:43
golinuxDid you look at this page before starting the process?
Librecatyes i was reading and copying from that22:45
bb|hcbI did that migration several times recently and with the above change it was smooth22:45
bb|hcbWith the change above22:45
Librecatwow i installed i3 just to try it out and it launched because i set up autologin on sddm!22:45
golinuxLibrecat gets a gold star for actually reading documentation!22:47
Librecatare there any plans to port initscripts from gentoo and void?22:50
bb|hcbgolinux: I was going to propose a change there but it is best to be conditional for sysvinit/openrc/runit, and I have no idea what is the proper way for the other two22:51
golinuxbb|hcb: Feel free to propose any improvements or alternate methods.22:53
gnarfaceLibrecat: i don't know about official plans but there's an unofficial build of the gentoo-style openrc setup floating around here somewhere, and i think it was discovered you can alter the existing package to do the same thing with a symlink22:54
gnarfaceor maybe just a simple file rename22:54
gnarfacethen in theory you could copy all the gentoo scripts over bulk, but you might have to fix some paths and stuff22:54
Librecatim especially intrested in void linux initscripts because they are so lightning fast22:55
Librecatbut openrc is really reliable and consistent22:55
bb|hcbgolinux: Sure, but half-baked proposals are only half-good, aren't they?22:55
golinuxIt can start a discussion.22:56
Librecati guess one less difference between my gentoo desktop and debian laptop ;)22:57
Librecatby installing devuan*22:57
Librecatthank you devuan for letting me do a long overdue package cleanup22:58
bb|hcbThe problem with bullseye-to-chimaera migration is that eudev does not pull sysvinit-core; without sysvinit-core installed, systemd refuses to uninstall, hence the "Do as I say" prompt. In case sysvinit is the desired init system, adding that makes the migration go smooth. I do not use openrc/runit and I have no idea what is the process with them23:00
Librecatsimple openrc replaces sysv-rc thats it23:03
Librecatidk about runit23:03
Librecatlol now i cant decide which desktop to install since its now gone23:11
Librecatsince the original one is gone23:11
TenkawaLibrecat: ever tried xfce?23:13
Librecatmanjaro and mx linux really made xfce into an artform23:14
gnarfaceyou should still be able to just install kde again23:14
gnarfaceas long as you make sure the debian repos aren't in your sources.list anymore it should get the right one23:14
Librecatyeah but kinda bored lol23:14
gnarfacewell i like enlightenment23:15
gnarfacemostly xfce is the popular choice23:15
Tenkawacinnamon is fun23:15
Tenkawaa bit heavy though23:15
Librecati find cinnamon buggy23:15
Tenkawahmm.. I've not had any trouble.. but I build my own os images so I tune a lot23:16
Tenkawagnarface: I think you mentioned you've been around a while right? how about the old motif window manager lol23:17
gnarfacei used to use it in school, i think it's pretty but i haven't tried it in a long time23:18
Tenkawayeah.. it was big in the 90's23:18
gnarfacestill in the repos as mwm23:18
gnarfacei think i3 has a strong following here too but i haven't tried it either23:19
Tenkawaits still an "active" project (as of 3 years ago anyway)23:19
Tenkawatwm is what I use to use on SVR423:20
Librecatgnarface: do you know any good themes for E because i dont like the default theme at all23:26
gnarfacei don't, unfortunately23:30
gnarfacetheme updating seems to have fallen by the wayside since e1623:30
Librecatanyway i installed it today23:31
gnarfacei was using Night-Bling on e17 but then it broke later23:33
chozorhodoes anyone know how to integrate a SearX instance with an existing apache 2 configuration?23:49
chozorhoor, does anyone know where I can ask for help with it...23:49
gnarfacenot specifically, but apache has really good documentation23:51
gnarfaceif searx is worth anything it'll have docs in /usr/share/doc/searx that should help you fill in the blanks23:51
gnarfacetypical setup for this type of thing usually just requires copying or editing the default virtualhost in place23:53
Tenkawagnarface: initial apt cache reading is its nginx based23:57
gnarfaceoh, hmm23:58
TenkawaDepends: python3-searx (= 0.18.0+dfsg1-1), python3:any23:59
TenkawaSuggests: nginx, uwsgi, uwsgi-plugin-python323:59
Tenkawadoesn't even list a normal webserver install23:59
gnarfacei would still look in /usr/share/doc/searx/ first but i don't have any experience with nginx23:59

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