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nosystemdguys when i left computer , it itself goes to sleep, but when i come back i cant open05:13
nosystemdit just show blank screen05:13
nosystemdlockscreen those dont shows05:13
nosystemdafter blank screen i have to forecly shutdown05:14
nosystemdis it bug05:14
Hydragyrumfirst thing that comes to mind is GPU05:51
gnarfacethey're gone already05:51
gnarfacebut yea my guess was driver issue leading to slim bug05:52
HydragyrumI've seen that happen to a few people where the gpu doesn't come back up properly05:52
gnarfaceyea it's not always avoidable05:53
Hydragyrumit's always avoidable by disabling suspend05:54
systemdletetrying to build aqemu (9.2 from github source) and I get an error.  I've tried following the build instructions on their page, but it complains that libvncclient is not found (looking for VNCCLIENT_LIBRARIES I think).  But libvncclient1 *IS* installed.08:25
systemdleteThere IS a warning in the build output saying that rcc will not work dependably until a newer version is available.  I looked and it seems the issue is fixed in a newer (2018?) rcc version.08:27
systemdleteI know I need to learn how to use cmake better, and probably learn how to use meson and ninja and all that.  But I am trying to focus on stuff here, not debug the entire universe.  So if someone knows how to slide around this, easily, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.08:27
Jjp137systemdlete, do you need to build 0.9.2 from source? you can just install it with apt08:37
systemdleteJjp137, The version in repo is old, buggy.  I was hoping the newer version might resolve at least some of the problems.08:48
systemdletemy bad. I think the github source is 9.6 or something.08:49
Jjp137and you're compiling whatever is currently in the master branch?08:49
Jjp137oh okay08:49
systemdleteat any rate, the version we have (9.2) is about 5 years old.  Mods have been made in the past year or two.08:50
Jjp137from looking around, I think libvncserver and libvncclient derive from the same source08:50
Jjp137so this is a guess, but try installing libvncserver-dev08:50
Jjp137then try running the build process again08:50
systemdletethat's what I was looking for, thanks.  I'll try that09:02
systemdleteturns out, that was exactly it.09:03
systemdleteI was looking for -dev packages for libnvc, but didn't see that one.  Thanks again.09:04
systemdleteapt search did show it, but apparently my eyeglass prescription needs an update...09:04
systemdleteit's building now09:04
FatPhilis it possible to configure an ssh server such that after an scp, some extra processing is done to the file?17:32
FatPhilI'm thinking of creating an utterly trivial image hosting site for a couple of friends so that they can just upload an image to me, and I'll host it on my server, but without any of the cruft of a "proper" image hosting site.17:34
djphFatPhil: "yes ... but"18:11
djphFatPhil: it kind of depends on what you mean by "extra processing"18:11
Hydragyrumprobably would be better to set up something to use HTTP(s) POST like or just netcat the files to a port (which is quite flexible)19:47
aplainzetakindI connected a second monitor. They behave like parts of a single big monitor. How do I change that behaviour? Is that the responsibility of X or the wm?21:03
used____Debian but directly relevant to Devuan users:
used____Devuan mention in last comment by @oiseau21:16
gnarfaceaplainzetakind: it's X, although window managers can add extra virtual desktops on top of that, so it's easy to confuse where the boundaries are, i understand that.   if you want two entirely separate desktops you'd just run two instances of X21:21
gnarface(you'd probably have to provide them each some manual configs to assign them their respective monitors, but it should work - look up "multi-seat" configurations)21:22
gnarfaceaplainzetakind: note that in X terminology this is the "Screen" not the "Desktop" or the "Monitor"21:22
gnarfacethat's confusing though because what X calls the Screen, most window managers call the Desktop21:23
Hydragyrumhas anyone installed openZFS on devuan? I can't find anything about it on ddg and the packages referred to in all the debian docs about it aren't present in repos on ceres22:45

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