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xrogaanI am seeing sysvinit 3.0 in devuan backports channel. Any idea of the improvement it introduce?07:20
rwpxrogaan, For the recent sysvinit release see:
xrogaanThanks. That list if full of spam.08:40
rwpYes.  They don't anti-spam the list. :-(08:54
rwpBut that message itself hopefully shed some light on your question.08:55
rwpI don't think it has any benefit for users but perhaps for a developer who wants to poke at the pidof function then maybe.08:55
rrqcompared to 2.96-7+devuan2, it's possibly note worthy that "shutdown +0" was fixed, and the introduction of the inittab.d/ directory with *.tab files ...08:59
rwpDoes anyone say anything other than "shutdown -r now" when interactive?  Or "shutdown -r +20"?09:05
rwpI thought the +0 was due to some program which calculated the time and so it was +$time or something and tripped on the problem.  (I don't really know.  I just assume.)09:06
rwpAnd so if you haven't hit this problem yet then you probably won't.09:07
rrqthere was the DNG thread about "shutdown +0" being the encoding used in "virsh" for (failing) shutting down a VM09:12
rrq(due to buggy implementation in "shutdown")09:12
rwpI guess if you have experienced that problem then try the backport and it should fix it.09:13
rrqyes.. then I think there's something new wrt scanning unit files and proposing corresponding init scripting ...09:14
dm16hi, I get a certificate error when browsing to I seem to have landed on mirror. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, because Subject: is not My browser forces https, since HSTS is enabled.11:08
dm16Somehow, because everyone can mirror, and it is unfeasable to manage certificate keys this way, https schould be only optional and HSTS should be disabled no?11:10
onefangCorrect.  Don't use https on
onefangYou can use https on though.11:15
onefangHSTS should be disabled, I have a TODO item to check that on all the package mirrors.11:16
bb|hcbdm16: Try browsing - that will remove the HSTS11:17
dm16Thank you, that was my point, that HSTS is a slight inconvenience that can be removed. That's all:)  Happy Holidays soon11:17
bb|hcbmore precisely it will update the HSTS header which formerly included includeSubdomains11:17
* onefang goes back to cooking dinner.11:18
pingpongballIs there any devuan emoji?11:48
pingpongballI want to put on my github .11:48
pingpongballto show eltist attitude11:48
pingpongballit is fine if debian too11:48
AfdalHay guise what's the dealio with the Chimaera repo missing Qalculate! even though it has the command line version of it, qalc?11:55
AfdalApparently it's missing from Debian Bullseye as well11:55
Afdaleven though Debian used to have it11:55
raindodgerWait a second12:05
raindodgerI just a thought of something12:05
raindodgerChimaera is based on Bullesye and Daedalus is based on Bookworm12:05
raindodgerNeither Chimaera nor Bullseye have Qalculate in their repos12:06
raindodgerBut Bookworm DOES have Qalcualte in its repos12:06
raindodgerSo maybe temporarily edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and point it to daedalus instead of chimera12:07
raindodgerThen apt update, apt install qalculate-gtk12:07
AfdalI'll give it a go...12:07
raindodgerDon't forget to point your sources.list back to chimera afterwards!12:08
raindodgerOr you could leave it, I suppose12:08
Afdalshouldn't qalculate be in backports, anyway?12:08
AfdalOr do I still not understand how backports works12:08
AfdalWell it's not :c12:09
raindodgerDo you have backports included in your sources.list?12:09
pingpongballcheck if it is banned packages12:09
used____backports is simply a set of packages which were back ported from newer releases to work on older releases, fixing deps, etc.12:14
raindodgerQalculate-GTK is on Github so I mean, you could compile it for now and maybe later it'll be included in Devuan's repos12:16
raindodgerHere's a direct download link for the sauce12:17
Afdalyeah, I suppose12:18
Afdaloh actually I could probably compile this without the gnuplot dependency that I don't need12:18
used____Mmm sauce.12:18
Afdalso that'd be an improvement over the grab-from-daedalus method12:19
furrymcgeeqalculate was removed temporarily during the python transition
Kittyoh bollocks,there's no way to back out if you hit the wrong thing in tasksel16:56
Kittyis there some incantation to dpkg-deb that is needed to make it pick up files that start with . ?17:27
Kittyoh, actually it may be that it's not picking it up as the directory is 70017:29
critrjust a note to verify that the tor hidden service repo links seem to be working fine. thanks!17:34
KittyPEBKAC. Helps if I look at the right version of the package17:38

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