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metalaoh man, that midori guy... very uptight, a lot more than me. Also that profanity is on a whole new level.03:48
golinuxmetala: And that has what exactly to do with Devuan support?  Better on #devuan-offtopic03:58
metalagolinux: sorry, I ring you up. Thanks for the tip.04:40
golinuxmetala: Feel free to join us there.  :)04:41
joerg>><fsmithred> gconf saves in plain text, dconf in binary<< which was the exact point in time where I started to think >>smells like poettering<<. Well, this and the heavy dependency on dbus16:14
joergdid I mention I think dbus still doesn't work, despite supposed to be adult meanwhile?16:16
Guest-12345678does devuan utilise reddit as a source of information. I only ask as at first glance the majority of posts are very old on reddit20:26
djphwdym "source of information" ?20:28
Guest-12345678some distro's use reddit to highlight and answer questions...apart from one post which is 1 month old the rest are over a year old20:29
Guest-12345678no biggie just curious20:30
Guest-12345678i was trying to find further info on a netinstall with runnit. unfortunately once again the majority of resources are beowulf related20:35
golinuxGuest-12345678: We have no active presence on Reddit.20:54
golinux_alv_: Jitsi is mnpot working at the meet.21:37
golinuxIt is an epic fail!21:39
golinuxWe can only see ourselves and no audio.21:39
gnarfaceGuest-12345678: this is the one you want, i think:
gnarfaceGuest-12345678: i haven't tested it but if runit doesn't show up immediately then check in expert mode and the "load additional installer components" section21:43
gnarfaceGuest-12345678: (fyi you can probably just "apt-get install runit" on your existing system though)21:43
Guest-12345678gnarface thxs..i subscribed to the mailing list21:44
gnarfaceGuest-12345678: (even in beowulf i believe that should have worked)21:44
Guest-12345678It would be my first time installing devuan (installed debian many times with UEFI / LUKS / LVM from a net install)21:45
Guest-12345678was just really looking for info to help me make the plunge :]  to devuan21:46
gnarfaceGuest-12345678: every effort has been made to preserve the familiar functionality of the installer and other tools22:17
gnarfacethere should be very little learning curve.  if you'd been using debian since wheezy, there should be no learning curve22:18
micdudtrying to get root access to an NFS-krb5 share,  with static mapping in idmap.conf on nfs-server , only works when -n flag for rpc.gssd is enabled on nfs-client. but then automounting of nfs shares stops untill root kinits and mounts them. so users cannot use NFS untill then23:05
micdudman for rpc.gssd say -n should still use machine credentials  , as i understand it23:06
micdudbut it does not seem to happends23:06
gnarfacei got nothing really, can't say i've used it23:07
gnarfacebut one thing comes to mind if you're trying this for the first time on devuan instead of debian; permissions23:07
gnarfacethey often cause a problem because systemd bypasses security for the local console user23:08
micdudnot it , regular nfs shares with no_root_squash  with sec=sys work just fine23:08
gnarfaceso projects have been not bothering to grant proper permissions anymore, i've noticed23:08
micdudits a kerberos gssd issue23:08
gnarfacei can't say i've used it.  is kerberos that one that requires you to allow passwordless sudo?23:09
micdudone of those things it can do , yes23:10
micdudbut then again , i always ssh-copy id for that23:10
gnarfacewell, it's a slow channel but people read their scrollbacks here, someone might show up eventually who knows23:13
micdudill ask in debian also23:14
gnarfaceif it's not happening in debian that really narrows the possibilities down to a short list23:14
gnarfaceif you're on amd64 or i386 the kernel is even the same package23:14
gnarfacelike, not rebuilt.  it's the identical kernel package from debian, as are most the other packages23:15
gnarfaceit's not even copied, it's served by http redirect through the magic of amprolla23:15
gnarfaceso, that's why usually it ends up being a permissions thing23:16
gnarfacebut, it might be a startup script thing too; some of the startup scripts have disappeared or fallen into disrepair i've noticed23:17
gnarfacehmm, what else...23:18
gnarfacelogging is different but that doesn't seem like it'd be related23:18
gnarfaceoh, network names are different by default, aren't they?  debian uses the new style network names now by default, don't they?23:19
gnarfacenot sure how that'd be related either23:19
micdudone of these days i will install debian again and try to figure out the systemd thing ,23:21
micdudi tried enabling them on devuan the other day , but could not  by just deliting udev rulles23:22
gnarfacei think it's just a kernel command-line option23:26
gnarfaceyou'd edit /etc/default/grub23:26
gnarfaceyou might need to also blow out the cached network names in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules too though, not sure23:27
micdudon older dists , on newer you just had to delete persisten udev rulles  file ,
gnarfacethat is one other change that debian made that devuan did not track23:32
gnarfaceit is mentioned in the README23:33
gnarfaceor the release notes23:33
micdudso net.ifnames=1 to enable then ?23:33
gnarfacemabye that's the same hting, not sure23:33
gnarfaceyea, net.ifnames looks right23:33
gnarfacei think that's right23:33
micdudill try , cause up untill now , just using persistent file , to rename  based on mac worked just fine , till one system was not able to swap eth0 with eth1 dues to some conflict , so figured idd try the new scheme23:35

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