libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2022-01-21

blizzowI'm looking to install devuan on a lenovo x1 carbon 7th gen. I'm hoping to install it with a ZFS root filesystem and use the abominable nvidia hybrid graphics garbage. Does anyone know if this is possible or can they point me to any howtos?01:35
blizzowI'm totally n00b to devuan. Many places offer their own repos or downloadable .deb packages for their software. Most .debs can be installed on either one nicely. Wondering how well that holds up in the devuan world?01:37
gnarfaceblizzow: i don't think zfs support is in the installer.  try expert mode with manual partitioning to check, just in case, (and check the "load additional installer components" menu before doing that) but i think due to licensing issues you still have to set it up afterwards and migrate the rootfs manually01:40
gnarfaceblizzow: afaik it's still only the fuse version too, so it will be limited compared to the bsd one or even a patched kernel01:41
blizzowgnarface, there is a zfs-dkms package and it looks like it built for me. zpool commands run. My thought was I'd do a full devuan install on a USB stick, make sure ZFS is built. Create the necessary partitions, mount, do a debootstrap on the new partitions, chroot, and install zfs.01:44
blizzowKind of an run-around the installer installation if you will.01:45
fsmithred^^^ zfs on devuan01:45
blizzowfsmithred: thanks!01:45
fsmithredgood luck01:45
fsmithredI know of one other who uses zfs on devuan, but he hasn't been around lately01:46
fsmithredblizzow, here's #3:
blizzowAnyone have recommendations on how to install the latest firefox? I'd prefer using a .deb or repo.04:17
fluffywolffirefox 96 is in unstable; sometimes unstable packages can be installed.04:22
fluffywolfI've done it before adding both repos and setting a default release, however some packages will try to drag in most of unstable.04:24
blizzowSounds like I'm downloading the bz2 and shoving it in /usr/local/04:25
blizzowback in a sec!04:26
hapsblizzow: I've taken to putting non-installed packages into /opt/<pkg name> and adding them to $path individually05:09
hapsit's a bit of a hassle but easier to upgrade/remove a single component.05:10
sabas3dghHello back :D06:01
kish`i run devuan 4 with lxqt and have no graphical way of getting a wifi setup completed07:51
gnarfaceyou might have to install something07:53
kish`no internet!07:53
kish`just got an idea i could use wpa_supplicant07:53
kish`which i have installed07:53
Walex2kish`: there is 'wpa_cli' and 'wpa_gui' too in the 'wpagui' package11:11
Walex2kish`: you could also use NetworkManager command line which is quite easy, as in 'nmcli co up wifi-home'11:12
Walex2kish`: but while I like skinny GUI frameworks I think that LxQt is still a bit too primitive, and I have settled on XFCE.11:13
aliosablackLXQt rocks..21:57
nemohuh... debian got rid of ufraw?21:59
nemowhat do I use for commandline raw conversion now?21:59
chomwittmy only issue is that Qt has surfaced recently to the news for ads monetization,,21:59
nemowell ufraw-batch21:59
nemoguess I can just install it on chimaera anyway22:00
nemooh. maybe dcraw22:01
nemoboooo dcraw has no png support ☹22:05
nemoonly tiff or ppm22:05
nemonow, ppm does informally have 16 bit support. one more thing to test22:06
nemooh good. seems to work22:09

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