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Deknosdoes devuan have polkit?08:25
gnarfaceit does, but you can easily avoid it because only a few things actually need it08:28
gnarfacebasically ditch your graphical login and use startx instead08:28
gnarfaceit's for doing stuff like making the shutdown button still work while you're logged out08:29
gnarfaceit was never a good idea or a sound security practice to use it in the first place08:30
gnarfaceyou might lose a couple features like that for non-root programs08:31
gnarfaceyou'll have to use sudo or su or something like that instead08:31
gnarfaceactually off the top of my head i'm not sure sudo doesn't require polkit08:32
Deknosi wonder if there's a distribution without polkit and systemd08:38
AEonFyrI have policykit-1 on ascii, but not on beowulf08:39
AEonFyr70 rdepends on policykit-1, some of the interesting ones: isc-dhcp-server, synaptic, elogind, firewalld08:43
AEonFyrIs ascii still receiving patches?08:43
lts-Deknos: I have gentoo boxes without them, yes08:45
gnarfacethere might be less of them if you don't use recommends?10:10
debdogis that the reason for the question: ?10:12
AEonFyrgnarface: Agreed, I really should.10:21
AEonFyrdebdog: presumably10:21
u-amarsh04Setting up policykit-1 (0.105-31.1+devuan1) ...11:01
onefangASCII is still getting updated.  The polkit vulnerability is being covered on tech news sites.12:02
onefangAEonFyr: ^ ^12:03
AEonFyrThanks :)12:04
onefang covers Debians fixs for policykit.  Devuan gets those to.12:10
onefangSo that looks like all Devuan versions except Jessie are fixed.  Unless I missed something, I just woke up.12:11
onefangAh bookworm, which daedulus is based on, is still vulnerable, but I think a fix got ported to daedulus, which is where I got that link from.12:15
fsmithredlooks like beowulf-security has the patched version, but the patched version is not devuanized.12:22
fsmithredoh, it's being devuanized now.12:22
fsmithredan hour ago12:23
onefangI got that link from the email about that.12:26
onefangOh right, we devuanize polkit.  Like I said, I just woke up.  Doesn't help that my main monitor died while I slept.12:29
rustytacoany replacement for the mess that is policykit?13:58
junicchi_how can i install dmks?14:39
gnarfaceit's called dkms14:40
junicchignarface: can't find it on devuan repositories14:42
junicchi>E: Unable to locate package dmks14:42
gnarfacei think you mean this one14:44
junicchimy bad, i searched for dmks instead of dkms14:44
junicchimy bad14:44
fsmithredsrc:policykit-1 updates to fix CVE-2021-3560 are now in ceres, daedalus, chimaera-security, beowulf-security (not armel) and ascii-security.15:02
AEonFyrConfirmed ascii & beowulf updated, thank you.15:04
sgageGot the new patched polkit stuff on Chimaera.15:38
sgageThere were some errors, but I tried again a minute later and all is well.15:39
onefangIt's possible the mirror you where using was in the middle of an update.15:46
sgageThat's kinda what it seemed like.15:46
sgage"E: The repository ' chimaera-security Release' no longer has a Release file.15:47
sgageIt was fine a minute later.15:48 is our DNS-RR, so it goes to which ever one of the package mirrors your apt decided to use.15:49
onefangWe have been spending some time this week improving that system.  Still more work to do.15:52
minnesotagsNice. I had to make sure all of my Debian servers were updated because stupid systemd pwnkit. Guess what was last on my list to check? My Devuan servers.17:09
onefangServers might not even need polkit, none of mine had it, only my desktop.17:23
onefangAll of them are up to date now,17:24
Tenkawaonefang: agreed.. I've never understood the lack of keeping policykit truly separate since it has no need in most non-desktop envs.17:26
debdogon chimaea even gparted depends on polkit :/17:29
Tenkawadebdog: gparted is a gui app.. I'd expect it to… now gpart or parted thats different17:31
Tenkawait needs policykit for user credentials17:32
Tenkawathat makes sense in x1117:32
debdogwell, but it worked well for many years with only su-to-root on X17:34
Tenkawayeah… a lot of things did.. heheh17:35
onefangWell the point is that it's now patched in Devuan, so if you use polkit, update and move on.17:36
Tenkawaonefang: does it get patched on all arches at once?17:36
onefangI dunno, I'm not the one that patched it.  Check it and see.17:37
Tenkawa(didn't know if you guys split up the architecture teams)17:37
minnesotagsNone of my servers had graphical interfaces, so no polkit.17:56
blizzowI just debootstrapped a daedalus installation. I only have the single main non-free contrib repo set up in /etc/apt/osurces.list. I've done and apt-get update but am unable to pull down or install some packages like firmware-iwlwifi. I'm being told the package doesn't exist. Strangely, on a similar installation from a few days ago, I did get that18:01
used____polkit patch for Beowulf out already?18:07
* used____ upgrades now18:14
sgageI do believe that iwlwifi is nonfree.18:15
psionic) you're banned from #debian, ( F4 - #debian modes ) LMFAO18:21
psionicRolling On The Floor Laughing18:21
psionicwhy dont they rename that distro to shittemdian18:22
psionicthey should elect harry pottering as new deb techlead18:22
Tenkawapsionic: is that here on libera?18:23
psionicyou know even this libra is funny, I skipped like a year irc then I realized freenode is rugpulled18:23
psionicI skipped now hmmm when was wheezy ... x years one day I might realize there is no debian18:23
Tenkawadid you not read the freenode saga?18:23
psionicyeah I read something about it18:24
Tenkawait was not a small story..18:24
TenkawaI was online the day they banned and cut us all off..18:24
Tenkawawas quite… ugly18:25
onefangAnd not a topic of conversation for this support Devuan channel.18:25
Tenkawaonefang:  sorry18:25
TenkawaAn on topic comment.. you'd get more helpers having a bit more tolerance… cheers18:26
used____Tolerance? Hah. systemd fanatics have their own channel on another irc server. I stumbled into it.18:36
used____Brethern in suffering, since 2015:
* used____ upgraded polkit on Beowulf successfully18:36
used____ /off topic done here18:44
WonkaI'm not interested in shitstemd fanatics conversations ;)18:45
used____Just saying, they have strong support ;)18:45
Wonkawell, "we" are #devuan.18:45
jaythe winking intensifies18:45
* used____ notes firefox AGAIN changed esr look and feel, as I upgraded it on Beowulf. SIGH.18:45
* used____ checks important websites still work - always a surprize18:46
used____Of course things are broken. Autoplay on yt was off, is on now.18:47
used____And the yt adblocker no longer works18:47
used____Indeed the yt ad blocker claims to work but no longer blocks ads which run always full length.18:52
used____1.5 minutes of ads (3 ads) for a 3 minute video. Downgrading firefox esr.18:53
used____Aand on downgrading lost all bookmarks etc since new profile was created18:59
used____ fixing it19:00
used____Fixed, old *78 version works as before. I hope.19:09
used____When the adblock extension will upgrade, I will upgrade ff.19:09
used____Tip: back up your firefox profile before any up/downgrade. tar -cjf ff-profile-somename.tbz2 ~/.mozilla/firefox/$profile_name -- find the current profile in ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini ; if unsure: `mozilla -P` starts with chooser, use highlighted name to locate real profile $dir in profiles.ini19:12
Guest49hi guys, I'm wondering if anybody can test radeontop for me19:25
Guest49i seem to be getting an age old error type when I try to run it19:26
Guest49errors out with no access to gpu registers, even though i run it as root19:26
blizzowIs there another repo I should add to get non-free packages? I thought I could tack non-free to sources.list like this:19:30
blizzowdeb daedalus main non-free contrib19:30
debdogGuest49: works fine here. beowulf19:31
Guest49hmm, thanks debdog.. are you running vega gpu?19:31
Guest49i had trouble on my 2500u19:31
debdogBonaire XTX [Radeon R7 260X/360]19:32
Guest49ok thanks. i have that gen on my desktop. might install devuan on it and try there19:32
debdogGuest49: is radeontop supposed to work with amdgpu?19:35
Guest49hmm, i have no idea...19:35
debdogmy adapter is too old for that and I am using the radeon driver19:35
Guest49ok. i thought amdgpu also works for various GCN generations19:36
HurgotronOh neat, didn't know that command so far19:36
Guest49thought for older kernels it isn't default19:36
Guest49err  --though--19:36
debdoghmm, maybe. have not tried the past few years. back then I had to compile the kernel with a special option which supported experimental support for the 260X. but it didn't work19:38
Guest49does amdgopu show up under lsmod?19:48
debdogyes, but I think the tailing "0" means it isn't in use
debdoglspci -k: Kernel driver in use: radeon19:54
Guest49oh, nice thanks again debdog20:01
Guest49I'm guessing for me something might ve not gone right on a dist-upgrade.20:03
Guest49i ll also try a clean fresh install of chimera or beowulf on my 2500u laptop20:03
Guest49on another topic, is anyone else sweating this pkexec vulnerability (which existed since 2009!)? is the temporary solution just to chmod a-x the pkexec binary?20:06
debdogGuest49: on beowulf and chimaera the patches are already in20:07
Guest49wow, that's fast!20:08
debdog*at least on beowulf and chimaera20:08
debdogthese I've updated the past few hours20:08
Guest49ok this gets me very pumped to (re)install devuan on various machines20:15
used____Is there a partial consensus at least, on which gpu is easyest to get going on devuan? Ryzen on-cpu 3+ Vega works out of the box?20:25
* used____ needs to upgrade his dinozaurs, at least one.20:26
used____It appears people claim Buster/10 ~= Beowulf runs fine on Ryzen 3xxx20:27
used____Anyone here running that combo? What gpu drivers does Vega use?20:35
onefangMy Ryzen Threadripper 3990X is running on Beowulf.  Is that what you mean?20:40
onefangAMD Radeon RX 5600 XT is the graphics card.20:40
used____What gpu accel drives the Vega in the Ryzen? Or do you have an external gpu20:40
used____Ah. I'm after the internal Vegas in Ryzen 3400G etc20:41
onefangThe 3990X doesn't have internal GPU.20:41
used____I realized that the moment I read the X...20:42
Guest49thx all and have a great day20:42
used____There are reasons for asking...
used____This is ot, let's move it to ot20:44

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