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ahahaanyone here that could help me with an installation problem?00:31
ahahabasically when im setting up devuan networking its saying im missing this firmware ```rtl18125b-2.fw```00:33
gnarfaceinstall the firmware-realtek package from non-free00:34
golinuxAdd contrib and non-free to your sources.list00:34
ahahahow can i do that00:35
ahahaCant find it for devuan00:35
gnarfaceare you still in the installer or did you finish the install and boot it?00:35
ahahaim on my win laptop00:35
gnarfaceoh, i see00:35
gnarfacehang on00:35
ahahai do have an extra USB i could use but my main rig has no connection haha00:36
gnarfaceuse the one with the name ending in "_netinstall.iso" for your architecture (probably amd64 if you're in doubt)00:36
gnarfaceit will include the non-free firmware then up front00:37
ahahayeah i am using amd64 thanks :)00:37
ahahaill report back soon00:38
ahahasadly i am back :(00:54
gnarfaceok, what went wrong this time?00:54
ahahamissing more firmware00:54
ahaha1s ill send screenshot00:54
gnarfaceok if you put it up at imgur i'll read it00:55
ahahai put it on prntsc00:55
gnarfaceno, i don't trust that one enough to look at it00:55
ahahaok sure00:55
ahahaimagur it is igs00:55
gnarfacejust fyi though, this firmware is only needed for encryption00:55
gnarfaceyou should be able to get a working network connection up with a regular ethernet cable or just by using unencrypted wireless (though it is dangerous unless you are in an isolated area)00:56
ahahaAh well it wont let me continue with the network setup00:56
gnarfacealright, show the screenshot at imgur just so i know what you're talking about00:57
ahahaone watching ad hahahaha00:57
gnarfaceyou should though just fyi be able to complete the netinstall without a network connection.... it would still be bootable00:57
gnarfaceoh, that's interesting00:57
ahahayeah but my modem is too far from my pc to even get ethernet00:57
gnarfacethat's not realtek00:57
gnarfaceyea, that one needs this package:
gnarfacebut it also should have been on that disk, afaik... something is weird here00:58
gnarfacehow new is this hardware?00:58
ahahathe nic is pretty new00:58
ahahalet me check00:58
gnarfaceit's possible it is too new if it's less than a year00:58
gnarfacedo you have a regular ethernet cable to use instead? it's usually easier to install with ethernet then set wireless up afterwards00:59
ahahaits not less than a year00:59
ahahamore like 2-300:59
ahahaaorus b550 pro ac00:59
systemdleteJust got the bad news re polkit... I'm doing updates now, but does the update require a reboot?01:00
gnarfacesystemdlete: probably not, probably you just have to restart the login manager, but i'd reboot it to be safe01:00
systemdleteok, thanks for that adviso01:01
ahahaso should i try to just install without network01:01
gnarfaceahaha: if you only have this wireless device and no regular wired ethernet option, yes01:01
ahahakk i just have to install the firmware onto a usb then right xdd01:02
gnarfaceahaha: my guess is that it'll work then after upgrading to the backports kernel +firmware, but that's just a guess01:02
ahahaalso yeah this motherboard was released  June 202001:03
systemdletegetting a lot of update/upgrade error re servers not being accessible -- I am guessing this is due to high demand re this polkit update?01:03
gnarfaceahaha: the netinstall will not quite railroad you into creating the network configuartion.  you should still be able to get a bootable system out of it01:03
systemdleteor is something going on with devuan servers today?01:03
gnarfacesystemdlete: i had intermittent failures right after the patch was released but i had assumed it was just mirror propagation delay01:04
systemdletethat makes sense, sure.01:04
systemdletebut still... the internets are buzzing with these polkit bugs.01:04
systemdleteI'm thinking every clear-minded person out there is running to get the patches01:05
ahahagnarface how would i install this firmware once i boot up devuan on my disk01:07
ahahafirst time really ever having to do this tbh01:07
gnarfaceahaha: uh... need to know if you're overwriting the windows install you're using to talk with now01:08
ahahaon laptop01:08
ahahai installed the firmware from the git page01:09
gnarfaceahaha: from the git page?  no you should be doing this all from the devuan repos.  you should just have to use that spare usb key you mentioned to copy over the firmware-iwlwifi.deb which you can download from the repos with a regular web browser01:09
gnarfaceahaha: then when it's on the linux side just run "dpkg -i firmware-iwlwifi.deb" on it01:10
ahahaso not from ?01:10
gnarfaceahaha: (as root)01:10
gnarfaceahaha: no no, that's for the upstream kernel.  you'd only use that version if you're building the kernel.01:10
ahahayeah couldnt find any other links01:10
ahahaits saying this but01:11
gnarfacethere's links from the search results on pkginfo.devuan.org01:12
ahaha`Results for package pattern: firmware-iwlwifi.deb`01:12
ahahablank ?01:12
gnarfaceno, don't put the .deb part in the url01:14
gnarfacei already linked it for you above i thought...01:14
gnarfacethis one01:14
ahahayou did but im missing where to download01:15
gnarfacesorry it's one link in01:15
gnarfaceclick on the chimaera one then scroll down to the bottom01:15
rustytacoback in some time! :)01:15
gnarfaceahaha: here, more specifically, but you really owe it to yourself to learn how to use this:
ahahaoh ok think i found it01:16
ahahagnarface: yeah xD i get it i dont like to be spoonfed but thanks01:16
gnarfacethe link text says this: pool/DEBIAN/non-free/f/firmware-nonfree/firmware-iwlwifi_20210315-3_all.deb01:16
gnarfacebut it's a direct link to the repo mirror url (a dns round-robin of a dozen or so servers)01:17
ahahayep thanks lol01:17
ahahapretty unfamiliar with deb tbh only even using it because of devuan01:17
gnarfaceif it doesn't work and you need it today then you really do need to go after building the upstream kernel, but i'm assuming that if there's new hardware out unsupported by the chimaera version then there will be a fix in chimaera-backports soon01:18
systemdletereboot time I guess...01:18
ahahaok ill be back (again lol)01:18
ahahaim back01:37
gnarfaceany luck?01:37
ahahaNew issue01:38
ahahaGrub boot loader for some reason is loading into cli01:38
gnarfacethat's expected01:38
ahahaAh ok01:38
ahahano clue of the directory LOL01:38
gnarfaceyou didn't install anything graphical so there's nothing else but the text console left.  did you get the wifi up or did you just boot it?01:39
ahahano like im just in the bootloader01:39
gnarfacethere's no boot menu options or what?01:40
ahahajust grub on cli01:40
gnarfaceis it possible you never completed the netinstall?01:40
ahahaI did actually01:40
ahaharebooted and everything01:40
gnarfaceit usually doesn't bail to a grub console unless you forgot to install a kernel01:41
ahahawhich I didn’t im pretty sure01:41
ahahaidk if openrc changes anything01:41
ahahaprobably not lol01:41
gnarfacenot with grub01:41
gnarfaceit should at least get past grub01:41
ahahashould I try uh installing again01:42
gnarfacei have to assume you missed something important01:42
ahahaI mean I doubt it but I’ll try again01:42
gnarfacemake sure you complete every menu question01:42
gnarfacei'm not sure what we're missing here, something simple possibly01:42
ahahayeah no worries01:43
ahahacould it be that I chose to install all directories in one partition?01:43
ahahaIm guessing not01:43
gnarfaceno that shouldn't break anything except on very old hardware01:43
gnarfacewait, this isn't a Dell, is it?01:43
gnarfacenah it should be fine because you didn't have problems with the usb key01:44
ahaha0 dell components01:44
gnarfacejust make sure you go through every main menu step and finish it even if the answers are just no01:44
ahahaI think I was having this issue in the past01:44
gnarfacecopying grub to the disk is usually last so maybe you missed a step before that?01:44
ahahaThat’s why I never installed devuan01:44
gnarfacewell now i'm wondering if your hardware is even too new for the kernel01:45
ahahaLOL uh01:45
ahahanothing crazy even lol01:45
gnarface2-3 years old and the installer disk booting though suggests user error01:45
ahahajust 1660ti B550 mb r53600x01:45
ahahaI doubt ddr4 memory is causing this01:46
gnarfacethere should be a phase in the installer where it copies the base system to the disk01:46
gnarfaceit's possible you skipped it accidentally01:46
gnarfaceit will prompt you with something called taskman01:47
gnarfacejust uncheck all the boxes01:47
gnarfacethen proceed01:47
gnarfacewell, you can leave "standard system utilities" that's harmless01:47
gnarfaceahaha: it will prompt you with something called taskman01:49
gnarfaceahaha: just uncheck all the boxes then proceed01:49
ahahaSorry disconnected01:49
ahahaI only saw until you said “it will prompt you with something called taskman”01:49
gnarfaceit's important to say "ok" at that step instead of cancel, even if you are not installing any specific "tasks"01:50
gnarfaceyou should see a fairly conspicuous progress meter when it does the right thing, that says "copying base system to disk" or something like that01:50
gnarfaceif you had skipped that step and just went straight to installing grub then rebooting, i would expect the behavior you described01:51
ahahaoh okay im going through rn so01:51
gnarfacethe installer won't force you do to all the main menu steps, it won't even force you to do them in order01:51
gnarfacebut you should really do all of them, and in order, unless you really know what you're doing01:52
ahahaWow that’s not cool loool01:52
gnarfaceit's just always been this way.  you'll get used to it.01:53
ahahaok so01:56
ahahaI had to delete partitions that the previous installation made01:56
gnarfacemakes sense01:57
gnarfacei don't trust the auto-partitioner btw, i always manually partition anyway01:57
ahahaI am01:57
ahahaalways manually partition01:57
ahahaeven with calamares it sucks01:57
gnarfaceyou do only need 1 partition but if your storage is not flash based you should really also have a swap partition01:58
ahahaI have a swap of 1GB01:59
ahahaSo should be good01:59
gnarfaceshould be, but if you want hibernate to work it needs to be at least equivalent in size to your physical ram02:00
ahahaim getting error on “install base system”02:01
gnarfaceah ha, now we're down to some evidence02:01
gnarfacewhat's the error?02:01
ahahaLiterally all it says02:01
ahaha“Failed to determine the code name for release”02:02
ahaha“The failing step is: Install the base system”02:02
gnarfacedid you pick any tasks in taskman?02:02
gnarfacei'd uncheck them all, keep in mind it'd need a network connection to find them02:02
blizzowtaskman or tasksel?02:03
gnarfacesorry, i typed taskman but i meant tasksel probably02:03
gnarfaceahaha: this is starting to become tedious though, maybe i should have just instructed you to get the full desktop iso02:03
gnarfaceahaha: how big is that USB key?02:04
ahahaBig enough lol02:04
ahahaill get to it :c02:04
gnarfaceyea, consider downloading the big one, sorry02:04
gnarfacei really thought we could pull a fast one with the netinstaller and save time02:05
ahahaits fine no issue only gonna be here for a while haha02:05
gnarfacefeel free to stay connected forever if you can manage it02:06
blizzowI have this really weird thing happeing on a fresh daedalus installation. I type ssh user@newhost, the password dialog shows up nearly instantaneously. The it hangs at log on for about 10 seconds before dumping me to a working cursor.02:06
gnarfaceblizzow: usually a network issue related to DNS/hostname mis-configuration02:07
gnarfaceblizzow: verify that /etc/hosts agrees with your network configuration02:07
gnarfaceblizzow: (also potentially an entropy starvation issue but i haven't seen that happen on a recent kernel for years)02:08
blizzowJust threw a entry in /etc/hosts. It also happens when I run: sudo su -02:08
blizzowputting that hosts entry did not help.02:10
ahahabtw is it recommended to use a non mirror ?02:12
ahahaim seeing leaseweb is way faster than devuan02:12
gnarfaceahaha: if one of the official ones in the round-robin is closer to you and enough faster to matter, then feel free to use it directly, yes02:23
gnarfaceblizzow: only other thing that comes to mind right now is disk or bus issues; i see long delays like this occasionally with laptops that have aggressive power saving on slow-rpm spinning-platter harddrives, or on my rpi1 which has a coffee straw for a system bus02:24
gnarfaceblizzow: does it happen for every ssh login, or for example if you log in with one ssh terminal and then keep it open, then log in concurrently with a second ssh terminal, does the second terminal exhibit the same delays?02:25
gnarfaceahaha: (to be clear though, DO NOT use unofficial mirrors)02:25
gnarfaceahaha: (for your safety)02:26
ahahayeah ofc02:26
ahahait was listed on devuan02:26
blizzowthree SSD ZFS pool for disks. I wish I knew for sure what I installed besides firmware-iwlwifi from the live image.02:26
ahaha`HTTPS mirrors02:26
ahaha `02:26
gnarfaceblizzow: hmmm, i don't know enough about ZFS network transparency to know for sure there couldn't be an issue related there02:26
gnarfaceblizzow: for the /etc/hosts just make sure it has localhost and the main (default) ethernet device's ip02:27
gnarfaceblizzow: in some rare cases you might have issues if the hostname in /etc/hosts disagrees with DNS and/or DHCP, even on other machines, but before you mentioned ZFS NAS stuff i wouldn't have considered it a likely pitfall in this case02:29
blizzowPretty sure it's not the zfs pool. I think this is something I installed or the way I did the installation. I debootstrapped a zfs mount, chrooted into the mount and installed more packages. I'll throw a host entry in with the real IP address as well. I02:29
gnarfaceblizzow: your message got cut off at "...address as well. I"02:29
blizzowthe last "I" is a typo.02:30
gnarfaceoh, ok02:30
blizzowI think I may know what the problem is. I issued a DHCP reservation for the new host on my network but it's still using the old address. How do I restart networking with runit?02:33
gnarfacegood question02:36
gnarfacedoes "/etc/init.d/network restart" work?02:36
gnarfacesorry it'd be "/etc/init.d/networking restart"02:36
blizzowI'll have to dust off some old debian braincells.02:36
gnarfacethat's the sysvinit way but some of the alternate inits have been furnished with the same scripts02:36
gnarfaceotherwise if it's a simple network layout you can probably just ifdown then ifup it02:37
blizzowYeah, /etc/init.d/networking restart seems to have restarted my network stack, but still have the same log in issue.02:38
gnarfacehmm, that's weird.  and it's every time, even for concurrent logins?02:38
gnarfaceor did you say it was intermittent?02:38
blizzowEvery time. I think I'm just going to go give the thing the finger. Maybe even try reinstalling.02:40
gnarfaceare there other machines using the same zfs pool that aren't doing this?02:41
blizzowGotta walk twenty feet to the server closet.02:41
gnarfacei'm out of ideas too, i'd be left to deductive reasoning02:41
blizzowThanks for the ideas though!02:41
blizzowUgh. I think this is a reinstall. Very unhappy little box.02:48
monokrome|Does anyone know how to fix issues with Devuan not working with an RX 6900 XT after a fresh install? Cinnamon & MATE both had the same issue. It seems like the video driver for Radeon isn't being tried or even detected? O_o06:55
monokrome|Also, does anyone know which one I should be using?06:55
gnarfaceif that's a new one, it needs the firmware-amd-graphics package from non-free07:21
gnarfaceif it's a very new one, it might need a newer version than the one in stable currently07:22
gnarface(and it would be the amdgpu driver, not radeon, radeon is for the older stuff)07:22
monokrome|gnarface: ooooh thanks!07:23
monokrome|I don't know what new one entails07:23
gnarfacestill uses mesa, everything else should be the same07:24
gnarfacebesides that firmware package and mesa dependencies, no other packages needed besides what is already in the kernel and xorg packages you should have already installed07:25
gnarface(i assume the window manager issue was based on a default assumption of hardware compositing, which wouldn't have worked without mesa and that firmware)07:26
monokrome|It was released December 8th 202007:26
monokrome|I'm guessing that's a newer one?07:26
gnarfaceyea, for sure07:27
monokrome|haha ok07:27
monokrome|thanx so much :)07:27
monokrome|last time I did this, it was fixed by simply removing the radeon driver07:27
monokrome|but that's not working this time since it was using amdgpu anyway07:27
gnarfacethere might be some grey area with cards that might be detected by both, but your card definitely is newer than any of those07:28
onefangWhen telling people to use official package mirrors close to them, don't forget to point them to so they can look up which ones are where.10:30
onefangmonokrome|: Which Devuan version?  I have an RX 5600 XT, and for Beowulf I had to use a backport kernel and MESA from elsewhere, plus a small hack, to get 3D to work.  Later Devuan's might work better.10:32
micdudtried switching to apt-cacher-ng from regular  apt-cacher , and getting "Release' no longer has a Release file."  most of the time , depending on which server i get sends me to . anyone use apt-cacher-ng with devuan?15:40
rknopIs anybody else having trouble getting updates from ?16:51
rknopI think the issue is that at least one mirror is forwarding http to https, so then the cert doesn't match the domain of deb.devuan.org16:52
micdudmight be related to my problem,  with apt-cacher-ng, which balks at https , but i thought if sources.list has http://  that what you will get  but maybe not16:57
rknopIf the server forwards http to https (which lots do nowadays), then you'll connect over https even if you start with http://16:57
rknopThings work if I point directly at, but of course that obviates the whole benefit of using a mirror network16:58
micdudfor a long time i was cherry picking servers and pointing to them to trough hosts file for  speed reasons . might have to go back to that16:58
onefang might help.  There's a Protocol test for exactly that.18:15
onefangWe have recently added several mirrors to
onefangAnd I've asked the mirror admins to help sort out these problems.18:16
onefangPlus, sorting out bugs in apt-panopticon.  lol18:17
ham5urgCan I run with wicd my laptop in an hotspot-mode?18:17
onefang for a full list of mirrors, so you don't have to point at pkgmaster.18:18
rknopYeah, I randomly tried a few, and had problems with them, before giving up.  (It was just a small update of a few packages.)18:19
onefang  and  are also running apt-panopticon.18:22
golinuxham5urg: wicd isn't in chimaera due to the move from python2 to python318:27
golinuxHopefully it will eventually get ported to python318:28
onefangSo yeah, this week we have added more servers to, then saw a few where showing errors on apt-panopticon, so backed those out.  Working on automating that so the ones in deb.devuan at any given moment passed all the tests sometime in the last ten minutes.  And working on getting these new ones to work better.18:28
golinuxham5urg: There are other options like network-manager . . .18:32
rktaWhen an update arrives, apticron or iirc apt-listchanges, show a summary of the changes. Where can I find this information on the web? I deleted the email.19:11
rktaDoesn't need to be the web, though.19:12
onefangUm, don't delete the email?19:13
rktaonefang: that's really a clever trick...19:13
rktaok, apt-get changelog seems to have. Is this information on the web? I want to talk about this with our apprentice, would be handy to just send him a link.19:18
onefangThink that info is in the .deb files themselves.  /usr/share/doc/somepackage/changelog.Debian.gz or something.19:32
rktayes it is19:40
used____Hi. Is there anything in the vein of a phone dump/rsync script via usb or wifi in devuan? Or is anyone using such a script from online? Would like a link or a name please?21:00
used____I see (j)mtpfs is not available, used to exist on jessie21:05
used____Sorry, typo, it is available21:06
onefangI was just about to say that I use jmtpfs in Beowulf.21:07
used____Thunar seems to be able to do it even w/o explicit jpmtpfs21:07
used____Probably dep pulled in. I need cli scripting though.21:08
used____ see rsync one liner by jjthomas21:09
used____sudo apt install mtp-tools21:11
used____I now have 2 packages pinned to previous to current version. vivaldi and ff.21:15
used____I explained yesterday about ff snafu on upgrade. Breaks yt adblock.21:15
systemdletewell, now you've done it, Ollie.   I can no longer run desktop on beowulf -- I think this MIGHT be due to the polkit update yesterday, but I am not sure.23:08
systemdleteI get this error parse_vt_settings: cannot open /dev/tty0 (permission denied)23:08
systemdletels -l /dev/tty0 shows23:08
systemdletethe device /dev/tty0 is owned by root.tty with perms 64023:09
systemdletesome posts on the web claims this is due to wayland, but again, idk23:09
systemdleteat any rate... I'd like my  desktop back!23:09
systemdleteI tried running with xfce and lxde, the latter of which worked until I rebooted today23:10
systemdleteI tried an older kernel too23:10
systemdleteI disabled auto login (lightdm) by commenting out the auto login user23:11
systemdleteso now I get a login prompt.  I log in as the same user as with the autologin, and tried "startx" "startlxde" "startxfce4" -- no luck with any of those.23:12
systemdleteMaybe I forgot something simple.23:12
systemdleteOr maybe the linux->windows sex change operation ("systemd") over the past 12 years didn't go so well.23:13
systemdleteI should also mention this is a star linux VM.   I just tried rebooting with another star linux VM cloned from the same zygote and it worked.  So this might be peculiar to the particular VM.23:20
systemdleteI also restored an old (24 days ago) snapshot of the VM behaving badly.  The desktop comes up (not too surprising).   So this must be something that has changed recently.23:26
systemdlete(The other star VM has also been updated before the reboot, so apparently, the problem is just this one VM)23:27
systemdleteping gnarface -- any ideas for my desktop problem?23:46
systemdlete(sorry to bug you, but you usually have useful info about these things)23:46

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