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e3d3How can I enable serial connection with the ch430 driver (for my micro-controllers) ?18:00
gnarfacenot sure about that one specifically but i think it's just a question of loading the kernel module then connecting to the tty18:06
gnarfaceyou might not even need to manually load the module18:06
gnarfaceminicom worked for me18:08
gnarfacethere's probably several other options too though18:08
e3d3minicom, isn't that a serial program ?18:08
gnarfaceyea, isn't that what you're trying to do?18:09
e3d3Yes, but I prefer to have also ch430 support in Arduino IDE18:09
gnarfacei guess you'd want something lower level18:10
gnarfacebut the point is that it should just show up in /dev/18:10
gnarfaceand then you can connect to it with anything that can handle a serial device18:11
gnarfaceif it doesn't, try loading the module18:11
gnarfaceif it doesn't show up in /dev/ that is18:11
comment_system[mi use picocom and python serial module18:12
e3d3I never checked if the "ch430" boards showed up in /dev18:12
e3d3Yes, I see a ch430 board recognized. Don't know how to find out its port18:20
e3d3sorry dmesg did show it but I missed it18:22
Xenguyminicom, that sure takes me back18:24
e3d3I'm not sure if I have a ch430 problem. Arduino find the serial port but don't give me serial connection so I program my microcontrollers with ISP instead of via USB18:28
djphnormally, /dev/ttyUSB#18:30
djphdon't forget to be in the dialout group18:31
e3d3djph: that part already works okay. Only 'Chinese' mcu-boards with ch430 serial driver don't work yet.18:33
djphe3d3: hm, my ch340s work fine18:34
djphoh, 430 is new18:34
e3d3what do you mean with new ?18:34
djphnew as in I've not seen that before18:34
djphsure it's not a 340?18:34
e3d3my ch430 boards are old, ca. 10 years18:35
djphhuh, haven't seen "ch430" ever :(18:35
e3d3I'm not sure. I'm blond & old, so have to start almost completely new after a long electronics break. I'm also impatient and hate to read/learn everything again. I have a lot of old notes, but not about this.18:39
djphplug it in, see what dmesg says about it18:40
e3d3something like; ch341-uart converter now attached to ttyUSB018:41
djphwell, there you go18:42
djphit's a 340 and it's /dev/ttyUSB018:42
e3d3indeed, but I can't upload code to some boards via USB and Arduino IDE, and use ISP programming. 'Good' board are also recognized as with ch431-uart converter but I don't know where else to look for a remedy18:46
djphwell, did you trash the arduino bootloader on those boards?18:48
e3d3that wouldn't surprise me. I'm good in trashing18:49
e3d3I even can't burn new bootloaders via ISP on those boards18:49
e3d3guess I have to read again about the fuses18:50
gnarfacewhat speed did you use?  try a slower speed?18:53
e3d3I tried using a lower speed for burning a new bootloader but that didn't work18:54
gnarfacedid you use dd to actually burn it?18:55
e3d3I tried only 1 or 2 different baudrates. No I didn't use dd. I tried it only with avrdude and Arduino IDE18:56
e3d3I also tried many other online found solutions, like a condensator on resetpin, fuse-resetting via 5V ISP and more18:57
e3d3luckily I have enough MUC's around that are still programmable18:59
e3d3I tried minicom, since long ago, and finally have my usb serial connection19:09
e3d3gnarface: djph I thank you both again very much for your friendly & patience help19:12
rwpI am seeing this fetch error.22:55
rwpE: Failed to fetch  Hash Sum mismatch22:55
rwpIs this something upstream?  Or is it just me?22:56
rwpFull details:
rwpI am thinking that I have latched a failure from one of the several round-robin mirrors.22:58
bb|hcbDo you see an ip address in your logs?23:00
rwpNo.  It's a little hard to tell which one it latched onto.  If no one else has noticed then I will manually select a particular mirror and update again.23:01
bb|hcbI just checked, landed on, 2a04:4e42:70::644 and it was ok23:02
rwpI selected a specific mirror and did not have the problem.  So it must just be one of the mirrors out there.23:05
bb|hcb^^^ onefang23:13
bb|hcbrwp: but my test misaligns with your result, because you got the proper file length23:14
bb|hcbBTW. the above is a non-forked package, so it comes from a Debian mirror; each Devuan mirror has a different policy for the Debian packages redirect; there it would land on another rr23:17
rwpbb|hcb, At least you confirmed that there is at least one mirror out there (Debian in this case) that has a bad copy of that file.23:18
rwpSo it isn't just me.  I was just the lucky one this time.  I have now used up my luck for the day.23:19
rwpbb|hcb, I find your checksum check clever btw. :-)23:20
bb|hcbSo the broken one is for the above file it gives 404 instead of redirecting to a Debian mirror23:26
nemobb|hcb: huh. report to debian?23:27
bb|hcbnemo: No, just the above mirror is misconfigured, that is not a Debian problem23:28
nemobb|hcb: right. I mean, maybe debian should drop them from mirror list if they are misconfigured23:29
nemountil it is resolved23:29
bb| is a Devuan mirror. And its redirects are not proper, onefang will remove it from rr until fixed23:31
nemook. report to devuan then ☺23:31
nemoI'm never clear as to how exactly that works. but I guess all requests go through devuan mirrors and then it bounces on up to debian if it is an unmodified debian package, presumably true 95% of the time?23:32
bb|hcbJFTR such problems are best solved by retrying - the second request will most probably land on a working mirror23:35
Guest59it's incredible that an entire OS needs to be forked just to mitigate systemd23:48
Guest59I like the all-in-one magnet download, that's actually great23:50
Guest59p.s. last night when I was trying to download the .torrent wouldn't work for me but the magnet link did23:50
Guest59maybe the .torrent has some stale info23:51
Guest59that was from section "Torrent and Magnet Link" at
bb|hcbGuest59: Can you share the infohash of the torrent?23:52
Guest59 (I've since removed things from my torrent client, metered bandwidth)23:53
bb|hcbOokay, the magnet is an older one that does not include the newly added -pool ISOs, while the .torrent is newer and may not have enough seed23:56
libhDoes devuan use the debian key if coming directly from upstream or do you resign packages?23:57
Guest59sounds like the torrent links need updating23:58
bb|hcbUnforked packages are used unmodified, hence they are signed by Debian...23:58

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