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al1r4d1Hello all11:05
al1r4dHello all :))11:09
HurgotronHmm. I just reported a bug with reportbug, and it was sent to It's about a Debian package though. Are the Debian maintainers going to get the info somehow?19:40
rwpHurgotron, Did you get an email reply back with a bug number?  It should have sent one.19:46
Hurgotronno, not yet at least.19:51
Hurgotronrwp: ok, local mail problem, is hosted at OVH which is on my spammer list :P  The bug report is there (web interface)19:55
rwpHurgotron, You didn't say which package or bug number but mostly the bugs I have filed the Devuan maintainers requested that I file the bug upstream in Debian if it was strictly a Debian bug.20:28
rwpWhat's the bug number?  I am curious enough to look.20:28
Hurgotronbug number of the beast20:29
rwpYour are so lucky!  That would be such a fun bug number to have assigned. :-)20:29
Hurgotronrwp: I'm not very often reporting bugs so I used reportbug. And i was not sure where it would be sent... after appl, most of the packages are identical to  Debian ones20:30
rwpHurgotron, You did the right thing using reportbug.  That's what it is there for.20:31
rwpI know that Debian has a technical committee ruling but in practice it is not implemented.20:33
rwpI would feel uncomfortable reporting directly to Debian for a bug I had found in Devuan but not reproduced in Debian.20:33
rwpHurgotron, Anyway...  Useful background. List of packages forked from Debian that are now custom in Devuan or blocked in Devuan.
rwpI notice that x2go thin client package is listed in the forked list.  But that is a different package.  Just noting it is in the area.20:34
Hurgotrongot it, thanks20:35
Hurgotronrwp: Upstream said it seems to be a packaging issue with Debian, so I'm believing that. See the link I gave20:36
rwpYes.  I saw that.  And I commend you for the excellent debugging and background work on that bug.  It was very good.20:36
rwpI think upstream is correct and that it will need to be reported to Debian as it is there packaging.20:37
Hurgotronrwp: should I wait for reaction on Devuan side, or just do it?20:37
rwps/there/their/  I hate it when I do that. :-(20:38
rwpHurgotron, First, I don't know the best answer.  I just muddle through as best as I can too.  But if you are good to report it to Debian then I would report it directly there.  Then update the Devuan ticket with a reference to the Debian bug number.20:39
Hurgotronok, thanks :)20:39

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