libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2022-03-07

cytokine_stormwhat dark theme to use for xfce default14:54
sadoon_albader[mI prefer greybird16:50
sadoon_albader[mIt's an official xfce theme so it also doesn't look out of place16:50
golinuxcytokine_storm: There is Devuan's clearlooks-phenix-darkpurpy in the repos.  Or clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar.  Or clearlooks-phenix-deepsea16:55
sadoon_albader[mThey look really nice too17:05
golinuxsadoon_albader[m: Thanks. :)17:13
_ds_Today's lesson: if nut triggers a shutdown but the box running nut-server doesn't shut down (stays up), restart nut-server before powering up anything which accesses that server.20:55
_ds_(Debugging an apparent boot problem. I ended up starting each service in run level 2 manually, and starting nut-client triggered a shutdown.)20:56
_ds_I still have a problem with upsmon not being able to run /sbin/shutdown, but this time it didn't matter.21:02
_ds_Specifically, “/sbin/shutdown -h +0”. There's a log message about it.21:04
_ds_… looks like a permissions problem…21:09

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