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gryon a scale from "don't get it entirely" to "know it well and can teach it to others", i'm currently "do not get it entirely" about the clock01:28
gry«delete the localhost cmos clock stratum(?) from NTP's config» — this line is not there01:28
gry«depending on which virtualization system you are using» — it is vmmd, and other openbsd guests work fine01:28
manuelHello, where can I find the recommended requirements for installation: D08:29
rgh[m]1manuel: In what sense?09:19
fsmithredPentium III or better.11:06
used____I have a problem on Beowulf, a user crontab entry which should run every 15 mins does not run. It never worked.12:43
used____Do I have to do something special for user crontabs to run? The executable is a script in the user's $HOME and it works fine, and is a+x12:44
used____I think I know what causes this, my run time spec was slighlty dodgy in the contrab -e installed table, let's see if it works now12:45
used____There is no /etc/cron.allow or .deny installed12:47
mroused____ what's the result of $ sudo service cron status12:47
used____cron is running12:47
used____I have other crontabs executing and logged in syslogd12:48
used____Not this user's though12:48
mrodoes that fire via crontab: $ touch /tmp/hello-dron12:48
used____Say again12:48
mroif you enter into crontab -e: * * * *  touch /tmp/hello-cron12:49
used____Let's wat 15 mins until the real installed script should fire.12:51
used____It ran. Okay so I fumbled the crontab entry time spec, and it probably had no terminating newline. Thanks for the patience.12:52
used____wait even13:00
* used____ reads incredulously: /etc/default/anacron -> ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER=no -- there's a howto fix it in the anacron readme in shared docs13:10
used____This means that none of the anacron jobs run on laptops which are not on mains power for a long enough time on any systems where anacron is shipped with these defaults.13:11
used____Which include systemd and non systemd systems.13:11
used____doc: /usr/share/doc/anacron/README.Debian (Beowulf)13:12
used____More f***ery: /etc/cron.daily/mlocate : if which on_ac_power ...; then ON_BATTERY=0; # sabotaging mlocage on battery yet again13:16
used____desktop pc here: /usr/bin/on_ac_power -> 255; # could not determine power status13:17
used____So the script above determines it is not on mains power (lies) and does not run mlocatedb update.13:18
used____Guys, upstream is a fountain of crap, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep track of crap like this somewhere? The list of crap to undo to make systems work as they did in 1998 is becoming endless.13:18
used____There are 17 installed scripts in /etc/cron.daily/ and I have to check each, in addition to anacron and others, to make sure they run, because some dweeb upstream did not bother to check that on_ac_power can return something other than 0 or 1 and assumed "other" is "not on ac power"13:27
used____I was wondering why the heck ntp is not updating and so on.13:28
used____Set in: /etc/default/anacron : ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER=yes13:29
used____Disable the stanza checking on_ac_power in /etc/cron.daily/mlocate13:29
used____The on_ac_power fiasco continues in for example: /etc/cron.daily/apt-compat and many other places13:30
used____Solution: retire on_ac_power (on mains powered host), replace with link to /bin true13:31
used____ /bin/true13:31
used____The people who write these rules are chock full of hoey and hubris. Nobody ever checked these things? Machines with broken ACPI and thus mains power reporting are like 50% of older PCs/13:32
used____If you think you are affected, on a PC on mains (what else?!), run: /usr/bin/on_ac_power; echo $?13:33
used____If the result is anything other than 0 you are affected. See mods above.13:34
djphbash: /usr/bin/on_ac_power: No such file or directory13:34
used____Even better13:34
used____djph: try to run /etc/cron.daily/mlocate manually see if it executes the mlocatedb update13:35
used____It runs with set -e so ...13:35
djphI also don't have an /etc/cron.daily/mlocate13:35
djphI do have a (non-broken) /etc/cron.daily/locate script though13:36
used____Try on your linux host, not on windows ;)13:36
used____What locate are you using?13:36
used____Also what Devuan? Beowulf? Other?13:36
djphlooks like the installed package is locate 4.8.0-113:37
used____Right, look in the script, see if it references battery or on_ac_power13:39
used____grep -Rl on_ac_power /etc/cron* -> /etc/cron.daily/mlocate /etc/cron.daily/apt-compat13:40
used____Restart cron service after editing /etc/default/anacron13:40
* used____ is pissed at these issues13:41
used____Discovered by accident too, no systematic search13:41
used____pet peeve #2 for today: no explicit way to tell crond that the MAILTO= is NEVER to be tried or used, since most systems do not run their own mail server now. Use syslog only. It is "implicit". Rephrased: you can't turn that off.13:43
used____Not to mention logrotate was also broken for the same reason, wrong assumption on on_ac_power13:49
used____My /var/log/daemon.log is full of entries like: 'Mar 23 12:26:24 beowulf acpid: received input layer event "jack/lineout LINEOUT unplug"' -- 'Mar 23 12:26:24 beowulf acpid: 0 total rules matched' -- 'Mar 23 12:26:24 beowulf acpid: completed input layer event "jack/lineout LINEOUT unplug"' -- how do I silence this? There are thousands of them, less than a second apart. The jack is not physically inserted13:53
used____or removed. Kernel updates did not help.13:54
used____Looks like something I could address with a dummy event handler in /etc/acpid* ?13:55
used____* /etc/acpi/*13:55
rrqif you use rsyslogd you might rather add a filter for ignoring those logs14:01
used____I have to set acpid to not log events since they are piped to debugging scripts in /etc/acpi/ already14:17
used____The fake runs on battery thing prevented log rotation for over a year, other than manual rotations.14:25
used____I do not really expect to manually set up everything in 2022, on non Slackware systems, you know. I did not bother to check until things got really ugly. Like 82 MB syslog14:25
used____Break time14:26
gnarfaceused____: do you have the same issue with the regular cron package?15:31
djphused____: no, there is no reference at all to "battery" or "ac" (exclusive of a closing 'esac' ) in /etc/cron.daily/locate15:50
djphand the case statements are looking for kernel versions / ionice implementations.15:53
fsmithredused____, did you install from a live-iso or from installer iso? If live, anacron might be diverted.16:20
fsmithredif you have /usr/sbin/anacron.orig.anacron, then run these...16:21
fsmithreddpkg-divert --no-rename --remove /usr/sbin/anacron16:21
fsmithredmv /usr/sbin/anacron.orig.anacron /usr/sbin/anacron16:21
fsmithredand restart anacron16:21
used____I have /usr/sbin/anacron.orig.anacron18:07
used____What does "reverted" mean, exactly?18:07
used____I restarted *cron* which runs anacron18:08
used____I hope nothing broke, after doing the above18:09
used____-divert --remove and then mv18:09
used____Yes I installed from a live iso image of Beowulf in cca. 202018:09
fsmithredused____, live-config moves anacron out of the way so it can't run in the live session where it would be useless. (on a read-only system)18:19
fsmithredand the installer carries that over. (oops.)18:19
fsmithredfwiw, live-tools will disable update-initramfs18:20
used____update-initramfs runs every time I update the kernel18:21
fsmithredI think that doesn't get carried over.18:21
fsmithredI usually avoid installing it.18:22
fat-avocadoHello Everyone :) I am troubleshooting my Luks/LVM install with /boot on a separate device. My fstab and crypttab21:31
fat-avocadoWhat else do I troubleshoot?21:32
fat-avocadoMy fstab and crypttab all check out. I replaced all the entries with UUIDs and changing boot options didn't help. I boot to a blinking cursor.21:37
gnarfacethere might be some package you're missing i think?21:41
gnarfacecryptsetup-initramfs maybe?21:42
gnarfacei forget, this keeps coming up though... stick around someone will have an answer21:42
fat-avocadoI don't have crypt* in my /bin, so I think you are right.21:51
used____Didn't someone say devuan servers use OVH... great environmentally friendly building, wooden ceilings? ...
used____Admittedly, it looked nice from the outside. Before the fire.22:37

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