libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2022-05-20

NeverAloneHm when I'm trying to upgrade i get libwacom9 depends libwacom-common 2.2.0 but 1.8-2 is to be installed00:01
buZzmixed your repos?00:06
buZzoh, you're on testing/unstable? yeah , wacom stuff might not be fixed yet00:07
buZzbetter wait a year :P00:07
NeverAlonebuZz: I only have the unstable repo enabled00:08
NeverAlonebuZz: Right now I'm on stable00:09
NeverAloneTrying to upgrade00:09
buZzwell, that would be a unstable experience :)00:09
buZzits not really a upgrade to unstable :P00:09
NeverAlonei did apt-mark libwacom9 and the upgrade now works?00:12
NeverAloneShould i continue?00:12
buZzdo you know what apt-mark does? :)00:12
buZzthen why ask me :P00:13
NeverAloneHolds the packages00:13
NeverAloneSo they won't be installed00:13
fsmithredI was about to suggest that you upgrade to daedalus first, then ceres00:13
buZzif you want to do it, have at it00:13
NeverAlonefsmithred: I was thinking about it00:13
buZzfsmithred: ah i guess ceres isnt getting much love which daedalus does?00:13
fsmithreddaedalus has libwacom-common 1.8-200:13
NeverAloneI could do that00:13
NeverAloneThe upgrade isn't running yet00:13
NeverAloneIt's sitting at Do you want to continue00:14
fsmithredceres and daedalus are mostly the same, with daedalus about a week behind on new versions.00:14
NeverAloneSo first Daedalus?00:14
fsmithredthat might be easier00:14
fsmithredone way to do it is to keep ceres repo enabled, but pinned to a lower priority. Then you can take upgrades to ceres versions of packages when you choose.00:15
NeverAloneI don't think mixing repos is a good idea00:16
fsmithredmixing testing and unstable is fine. They get mixed every day.00:16
fsmithredespecially before freeze. After freeze they might diverge some, but most work will be on the testing branch at that time.00:17
NeverAloneI see00:17
NeverAloneI see that testing and unstable have the same version of packages00:17
NeverAloneEspecially the ones I'm looking at00:18
buZzi just hope you're ready to be writing a lot of bugreports :d00:18
fsmithredlike I said - mostly the same00:18
fsmithredif you are used to running debian sid, then ceres will be almost identical00:18
NeverAloneI could stay on stable but i would have to compile a bit of stuff00:18
NeverAloneI can always reinstall can't i?00:19
NeverAloneI will take the risk00:19
buZzreinstall? you mean, wipe and redo? sure00:19
fsmithredyeah, as long as you have backups of your work, reinstall is easy.00:19
NeverAloneI have everything stored in a cloud00:19
NeverAloneAnd off it goes!00:20
NeverAloneOk woah devuan mirrors are really fast00:21
buZzmost are at ISPs yeah00:22
NeverAloneHm the upgrade is going pretty smoothly00:29
NeverAloneYeah the upgrade went fine14:07
NeverAloneBut i think i have to wait for some packages like libwacom9 to be fixed16:58
NeverAloneNevermind 😅17:01
NeverAloneFixed it!17:02

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