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Guest1554hi, I just came from Voidlinux and I want ask you if devuan can accept nonfree debian repo. because my laptop have intel wireless AC 9620 and I need packages firmware-iwlwifi, intel-microcode (non-free) and firmware-misc-nonfree. All of them found in buster nonfree.10:45
Guest1554is there any one in this room ?10:47
gnarfacei wish they'd stay longer10:57
global_elitesnow he might never know11:46
devuan-cnCPU:AMD 5700X13:47
devuan-cnM.2 SSD:HS-SSD-C2000Pro 512G13:47
devuan-cnOS:Devuan 4.013:47
devuan-cnWhen the hard disk is installed in the first m.2, everything is normal.13:47
devuan-cnWhen the hard disk is installed in the second m.2,13:47
devuan-cnDuring GRUB 2 boot, press C, a lot of C will be printed on the screen, and then wait a few seconds, and the computer will crash.13:47
devuan-cnDisklabel type: dos13:49
gnarfaceseems like a bios bug but i don't know for sure13:55
gnarfacego tthe latest bios for that?13:55
gnarfacegot the*13:57
xrogaangnarface: you didn't acknowledge within the standardized 30 seconds of possible attention, so they left.14:44
devuan-cngnarface,I try again14:47
devuan-cnMaybe so. I'll try upgrading the BIOS again。14:49
devuan-cnBIOS:latest stable,hard disk is installed in the first m.2,15:46
devuan-cngrub 2,Wait 0 second, press C, OK15:46
devuan-cnWait 1 second, press C, OK15:46
devuan-cnWait 2 second, press C, OK15:46
devuan-cnWait 3-5 seconds, press C, Sometimes OK,Sometimes a lot of C will be printed on the screen, and then wait a few seconds, the computer will crash.15:46
devuan-cngrub2 bug?or bios bug?or b550 bug?15:47
fsmithreddevuan-cn, is it uefi? Maybe some hints here:
gnarfacedevuan-cn: that's not a samsung drive is it?16:00
devuan-cnSSD:HS-SSD-C2000Pro 512G17:04
devuan-cnNon-Volatile memory controller: Silicon Motion, Inc. SM2262/SM2262EN SSD Controller (rev 03)17:06
devuan-cnGPU:nvidia A400017:08
gnarfaceeh, nevermind then17:08
gnarfacesamsung drives have some issue with certain amd motherboards and you have to disable command queueing via kernel command-line17:09
gnarfacei don't recall seeing that it affected any other drives17:09
gnarfacei don't recall seeing that it affected any other brands17:10
gnarfacein that case it'd be affecting any slot though17:11
gnarfacejust not 100% of the time17:11
devuan-cnI have no idea17:11
devuan-cnWhen booting, do not press the keyboard. Everything starts normally according to the default item17:13
devuan-cnDevice         Boot     Start        End   Sectors   Size Id Type17:14
devuan-cnnvme0n1p1           2048   64002047  64000000  30.5G 83 Linux17:15
devuan-cnnvme0n1p2       64002048  128002047  64000000  30.5G 83 Linux17:15
devuan-cnnvme0n1p3      128002048  192002047  64000000  30.5G 83 Linux17:15
devuan-cnnvme0n1p4      192002048 1000214527 808212480 385.4G 83 Linux17:15
devuan-cnContinue the research tomorrow. Sleep sleep17:17
Guest2731How to fix an error installing nnn?21:23
gnarfacepaste it at imgur and i'll look at it21:23
Guest2731Registration requires a phone number.21:26
Guest2731What's wrong with looking at the picture in the link?21:26
* golinux thinks imgur is yucky 21:34
fsmithredGuest2731, I think you need to install devuan-keyring21:37
fsmithredGuest2731, are you trying to upgrade from ascii (or jessie) to chimaera? Where did you get 1.24 of init-system-helpers? beowulf has 1.56.21:40
fsmithredyour sysv-rc is very old, too21:41
fsmithred1.24 is from jessie.21:43
fsmithredif you're really trying to go from jessie to chimaera, it's probably faster to back up your data and do a fresh install.21:44
Guest2731I am using jessie.21:45
Guest2731problem installing devuan-keyring21:45
Guest2731"Where did you get 1.24 of init-system-helpers?"21:47
Guest2731How can I find out which version is being used?21:47
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep init21:48
gnarfacebtw you don't have to register to imgur to post21:48
gnarfacethey don't make it hard at all, you can just post right there from the front page21:48
fsmithredfrom the output of your command21:49
fsmithredPreparing to unpack... over...21:49
fsmithredsecond image is same as the first21:50
Guest2731I just made a mistake, I have chimaera!21:51
fsmithredhow long do you think you've been running chimaera?21:52
fsmithredwhat's the output of the command that gnarface suggested?21:53
fsmithreddpkg -l |grep init21:53
fsmithreddon't paste that output here21:54
mohammedSysV commands not runs with me. do anybody know what happens?21:55
fsmithredCommand not found?21:55
Guest2731fsmithred, If the installation had ended, the terminal would not have said:21:56
Guest2731nnn: command not found21:56
fsmithredmohammed, use 'su -' to become root, instead of just 'su'21:56
mohammedfsmithred, it is worked21:58
fsmithredthe behavior of su changed, so a lot of people run into this.21:59
fsmithredGuest2731, what version of sysvinit-core is installed?21:59
fsmithredthat'll be in the output of that dpkg command22:00
fsmithredcan't you just paste the version here?22:01
fsmithredyeah, that's jessie22:04
fsmithredhow do you think you arrived at chimaera?22:04
fsmithredwhat did you do to get there?22:04
fsmithredthere are really only three possible answers to that question: upgraded from an older system, did a fresh install, or migrated a debian system to devuan.22:06
Guest2731i see: nano /etc/apt/sources.list and understood - original repos system - jessie, but now I'm even more confused22:08
gnarfacedid you use the word stable or the word jessie?22:11
fsmithredwhen did you change it to chimaera?22:11
Guest2731I looked in the sources.list and realized that the old links to the repositories are turned off through the hash symbol (devuan-jessie), and the new ones are devuan-chimaera. Also I recently added debian-stretch.22:15
Guest2731gnarface, jessie22:15
fsmithredadding debian repos is dangerous (like having unprotected sex)22:16
fsmithredand upgrading directly from jessie to chimaera is an unknown.22:17
fsmithredone of your problems is that the same file is in two different packages.22:17
fsmithredthere was probably a version between your old one and the newest one that addressed this issue.22:17
fsmithredbut you skipped over it.22:18
Guest2731I assume that some of the problems arose from the fact that I configured the repositories incorrectly. How can I test this guess?22:19
fsmithredmaybe looking though /var/log/apt/history*22:19
fsmithredthe correct way to upgrade would have been from jessie to ascii, then to beowulf, then to chimaera.22:20
fsmithredand probably wouldn't be fun even if you did it right22:21
fsmithredand check the date on sources.list to see when it was last edited22:25
fsmithredlook at versions of packages and compare to what shows you.22:27
fsmithredyou should be able to figure out when you started getting chimaera packages. I'm guessing it was recent. If it's not in that file, check the archived versions with zless.22:28
Guest2731I shortened sources.list to jessie repositories.22:35
Guest2731Can I now roll back the system to a point where I have no problem installing nnn and devuan-keyring?22:35
fsmithredmaybe, but it's probably a mess and would require some creative pinning. If this is the first upgrade you attempted with chimaera sources, there's a better chance it'll work.22:42
Guest2731What does it look like chimaera sources?22:45
fsmithreddeb chimaera main22:45
fsmithredsame for chimaera-security and chimaera-updates22:46
fsmithredadd contrib and non-free if you use those22:46
fsmithredexamples ^^^22:47
Guest2731Tried to install nnn but got errors:23:01
Guest2731How to fix?23:01
Guest2731fsmithred, question above23:22
Guest2731I have other things to do and I'm leaving the chat.23:42

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