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foresterI could download ISO with 4. But I don't know a better choice.00:00
golinuxforester: Not a good idea to skip a release. Best to go through all of them or just do a fresh install of chimaera.00:02
golinuxAnd remember to always read the Release Notes.  :D00:03
forestergolinux: Thank you. I just do have a limited internet connection, therefore I think how to economize traffic. And .... thinking.00:05
foresterI think to download ISO is a better choice.00:06
golinuxIf you want a desktop, the desktop-live might be a good way to go. It just copies the files in the image to your drive.00:09
foresterBy the way, I was trying telegram from devuan repository some month before now (downloaded, installed and did try to register without smartphone). It (telegram official) was launched about 30 mins. And I have found about 30 Mb information was stolen from my PC with previous installation of devuan.00:10
foresterI am trying to say "telegram official could have somehow exploit or backdoor, or man in the middle volnerability. I always monitoring the internet connection with system monitor (because have small internet plan).00:13
gnarfaceit might save bandwidth to uninstall stuff you're not using before you do the upgrade00:14
forestergnarface: Thank you.00:17
debdogforester: mayhap you're able to find someone with a better connection who is willing to ....00:17
fluffywolfMPLv2 should be suitable for packaging for debian, right?04:30
* fluffywolf is trying to figure out why meshroom isn't packaged04:31
fluffywolfgrr, apparently only works with nvidia gpus, so there's no point in trying to build it.04:34
gnarfacemplv2 is on the list of osi-approved licenses04:36
fluffywolfmaking software depend on a specific vendor's video cards seems really stupid.04:38
gnarfacerequires CUDA?04:38
texasmynstedare there things I can (not should, but can) do to improve boot performance?04:49
fluffywolfdo you have a ssd?04:50
texasmynstedI have heard of people loading the shell scripts that are run during boot into ram. I forget the name of the tool.04:51
texasmynstedBoot is not slow, I just want to see just how fast I can make it.04:51
fluffywolfhrmm, can't help there.  boot has been so fast since I got a ssd that I haven't thought about it.04:51
fluffywolfthe whole twice a year or so I boot...04:52
texasmynstedThis one is running in virtualbox.04:52
texasmynstedI am trying things out.04:52
texasmynstedThe destination machine has an HDD.04:52
texasmynstedby destination I mean the machine that I will later apply what I have learned.04:53
fluffywolfwhat I need is a way to make firefox faster.04:54
texasmynstedopen fewer tabs?04:56
ltsTry reducing things Firefox needs to do, e.g. ads, 3rd party javascript. Then try moving the Firefox cache to RAM. I have pretty much a blazing fast Firefox04:57
fluffywolfit seems to get progressively slower the longer you have it installed, until it becomes unusable and you have to wipe your profile and start over.04:57
golinuxuBlock Origin keeps cruft away.04:58
fluffywolfand, of course, it fucking STILL leaks ram.  at least my new box has 16GB, so it can go a full week without crashing.04:58
* fluffywolf has ublock origin04:59
plasma41You can get really fast boot if you replace all your ram with core memory. /s05:09
* fluffywolf has a 1KB core ram board; is not enough to boot linux. :P05:13
psioniclol we will cringe the old "mozilla" times back before firefucks09:07
psionicthese mofos need to fuck something with browsers at every release09:07
psionicremove menus move around icons, lock down futuers even just to disable the automatic update notification in that bitch takes a rocket scientist09:08
psionicthat would be more than enough to have 2-3 releases per year not a new version in ever 2-3 freaking weeks of this shitlet09:08
jonadabpsionic: Seamonkey exists for a reason.  If that's what you want, use that.15:01
jonadabModern Gecko rendering engine, and a UI that hasn't materially changed in fifteen  years.15:01
galibhaving problems with apt update on daedalus, please help15:13
galibapt says "The repository ' daedalus InRelease' is no longer signed15:14
james1138Hello from Indiana and question. I noticed that Debian 10 (Buster) has an available repository called "Buster-Proposed-Updates" - is there a similar repository for Devuan Beowulf such as "Beowulf-Proposed-Updates"??15:25
james1138The repository "Jessie-Proposed-Updates" says disabled -just wondering if there is anyway to enable it?15:27
Joriljames1138: yes, see
texasmynstedwhat about chromium?15:45
james1138Thanks Joril: How would I type that into Synaptic??15:55
james1138URL  / Distribution beowulf-proposed-updates / Sections non-free contrib main - maybe????15:56
JorilI'd say "deb beowulf-proposed-updates main contrib non-free"16:05
james1138Thanks Joril16:25
james1138Texasmynstead: I missed something... what was the question about Chromium??16:42
texasmynstedno. Somebody was complaining about Firefox.17:06
james1138Gotcha Texamynsted. I tried Firefox myself - gave up and use Chromium.17:07
texasmynstedHas anybody here used cloud-init in order to "post-install-setup" a physical installation? (physical as in not a cloud, VM, docker, etc install.)17:09
james1138Not me.17:10
yjftsjthsd3I haven't gotten around to doing it, but I think you can do that using the... there's a way for it to source its configuration data from a disk that has the right label17:42

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