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ham5urgI tried 'apt install qutebrowser -o Dpkg::Options::=--root=/pkgs/qutebrowser' with the directory already created. Got a bunch of configure-errors from apt.00:12
gnarfacei'd guess you probably have to also specify other things besides the root, since the defaults for those things would probably be relative to root so it might be expecting a whole functional install at /pkgs/qutebrowser00:14
gnarfacei don't actually know though00:15
gnarfaceif you're building the packages you would00:15
gnarfacemaybe it doesn't need the whole thing though, maybe it just needs /var/lib/dpkg, inferring from the dpkg man page00:16
gnarfaceor rather in your case, /pkgs/qutebrowser/var/lib/dpkg..00:16
gnarfacei mean /pkgs/qutebrowser/var/lib/dpkg00:16
ham5urgI could add a symlink from /var/lib/dpkg to /pkgs/qutebrowser/var/lib/dpkg00:17
ham5urgor linking just var00:17
gnarfacei'm not even sure that is safe but you could certainly try it00:17
ham5urgBut the installed dependencies wont be inside PATH so the package should break anyway00:19
gnarfaceyou might need to symlink other stuff too00:19
ham5urgAnd even if in PATH, there is no guarantee that a pkg will not use the absolute path of a dependency00:20
ham5urgBetter to stay away from such things.00:20
gnarfaceit would be safer to build the package over00:20
gnarfaceseems rebuilding the whole package is lot of work just to change the install location but the change itself is relatively simple00:22
ham5urgyes. I was glimpsing into guix and was impressed by their package management.00:23
debdogFTR, there's also "dpkg -i [ -root=$DIR | --instdir=$DIR ]"07:21
gnarfacehmm, i wonder if the instdir part would have fixed this issue07:30
libredev2do i can get any non free blob even after expert install.16:38
libredev2or the system will be fully free16:39
gnarfaceif non-free is not in your /etc/apt/sources.list then the system should remain fully free unless you download and install something manually16:40
fifiopenbsdhello gnarface, do you remember me, filipdevuan_?16:45
fifiopenbsdyou gave me lots of valuable hints in the past16:45
fifiopenbsdglad you're still alive16:45
golinuxlibredev2: "Non-free firmware packages are available on all install media. These packages will only be installed if required by your wifi adapter. To avoid the automatic installation and loading of needed non-free firmware, choose the Expert install option during the installation process."16:53
libredev2i was just confirming.17:00
Kittyis there a way to specify which device driver is used for a certain pci device?17:19
KittyI have an ethernet device I want to use the vfio-pci driver, rather than i40e17:19
debdogKitty: I have no clue, but have you tried just blacklisting i40e?20:50
debdog(assuming both drivers are compatible with your device)20:52
used____to avoid tinkering with bl, rename i40e.ko to i40e.ko.moved, rmmod, then see if it works when inserting the other module.21:33
used____if you reboot the moved module will be loaded, from ramdisk. To make it work across reboots, restore old .ko name and use blacklist21:35
Kittydebdog: no, cos I have two physical devices, and I want to use i40e on one, and vfio-pci on the other21:49
used____That will require some deeper eudev rule poking. I hope your devices have serial numbers, distinct. Look in dmesg for them Kitty21:52
Kitty0000:44:0.1 and 0000:44:0.021:53
used____That does not sound like a s/n. MAC addresses perhaps.21:53
Kittypci id21:54
used____lspci -vvv or such should show serial numbers. Not PCI id.21:54
Kittywill have to look on Tuesday. I have a 4 day weekend now21:54
Kittybut thank you for the suggestion21:55
used____ these people have nice docs.21:55
used____ a hint on how to write a serial number based rule from ^21:56
used____see differences udev and eudev. devuan uses eudev21:57
used____fwiw this NVIDIA Ethernet controller does not expose MAC address or Serial no. to lspci -vvv22:01
bb|hcbused____: this has nothing to do with udev22:02
bb|hcbkernel modules for nics, e.g. i40e do not have any option to specify which set of devices to handle and which not22:02
used____lshw does list serial and mac Kitty22:03
bb|hcbbut here is a way to achieve it - load both modules, then i40e would claim all devices and then use bind/unbind22:03
used____bb|hcb: bind/unbind?22:03
KittyI did it manually with unbind/bind22:03
Kittybut I need to make it persist on reboots22:04
Kittyworst case a shell script that is run on boot...22:04
bb|hcblike: echo -n 0000:02:00.0 > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/i40e/unbind22:04
bb|hcband: echo -n 0000:02:00.0 > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/other_driver/bind22:04
used____yes /etc/rc.local22:04
used____bb|hcb: nice, did not know that trick, only via script which probably does that22:05
bb|hcbrc.local is also not a good idea, because it runs after e/n/i; maybe some pre-up in e/n/i calling the shell script?22:05
used____yes, better.22:06
bb|hcbi'd do pre-up on lo ;) :P22:06
used____on grounds that runs 1st?22:06
bb|hcbyes, and also, depending on other settings devices may change names under the different driver22:08
Kittyooh funky idea22:08
bb|hcbKitty: in case you are lucky, the mobo will assign the same pci id on every boot, but i have seen ones that shuffle the pci ids randomly; if you hit that, you need to script detecting the current id based on e.g. the mac address22:10
bb|hcbHTH :)22:14
Kittyoh fun22:14
Kittythanks for the heads up22:14
used____so lshw does show mac addresses.22:15

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