libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2022-06-30

rrqspine-o-saurus: yes, you may configure taps with ifupdown. The actual details depend on which networking set up you want to have.01:05
gnarfacethey're gone already01:10
rrqyes I should have checked the users list first :)01:23
joergsome users may have realized there's a chanlog ;-)02:01
onefangI updated my chimaera kernel to the latest backports, but theer's two issues.04:22
onefangI get "nvme0: Admin Cmd(0x6), I/O Error (sct 0x0 / sc 0x2) MORE" kernel messages in syslog.  Everything I have found searching the web says "It's harmless", except it's every ten seconds and filling my syslog.  I'd REALLY like some way to stop that.04:23
onefangThe less important one is chromium, which I only use for testing web stuff I write to make sure it works there.  Now it says - "] No usable sandbox! Update your kernel"  except updating my kernel is what broke it.  LOL04:25
onefangChromium goes on to say "If you want to live dangerously and need an immediate workaround, you can try using --no-sandbox."  So I do that on the command line and it fires up fine.04:26
onefangBTW that's 5.18.2-1~bpo11+1 kernel.  The "It's harmless" is from kernel devs that say the fix might be in 5.19 - 5.21.  We only just got 5.18, so that'll be abit of await.04:32
gnarfacemaybe there's a way to suppress the error with a kernel cmdline parameter04:32
gnarfaceif not, then maybe you can suppress it in rsyslog04:33
onefangThat's what I'm hoping, but it was never mentioned, just "It's harmless".04:33
onefangrsyslog can supress messages?04:33
onefang"Expression-Based Filters  See the HTML documentation for this feature." looks like that might be what I need.04:35
onefangrsyslog-doc requires Javascript.  Pfffft04:37
onefangWhich starts with a warning that the syntax is subject to change as it evolvos.04:39
onefangI think - if $msg contains 'nvme0: Admin Cmd(0x6), I/O Error (sct 0x0 / sc 0x2)' then stop04:47
onefangSomeone correct me if I'm wrong.04:47
onefangIt DID stop those messages.  Hoping it didn't stop everything else.04:51
* onefang waits for some other syslog message.04:51
gnarfacesyntax probably won't change within the same distro release04:56
gnarfacethat would be against what at least used to be debian policy04:56
gnarfacehopefully still is04:56
onefangOther syslog messages got through.  Think I'm good.  B-)04:58
onefangNow that I learned how to do that, I may convert some of my logcheck rules to that, so things are filtered out of my log files as well as my logcheck emails.04:59
onefangBut I got more important things to do now.04:59
onefangThanks for the pointer gnarface.05:00
gnarfaceno problem05:00
onefangChromium I'll worry about later.  It's only a mild annoyance, not a constant log filling annoyance.05:00
devuanconsumeris there a way to install and keep a specific kernal.21:17
rwpdevuanconsumer, You can install any kernel you can install.  And you can "hold" it so that it doesn't get removed.22:05
Xenguyrwp, Is that 'hold' a grub configuration, or ...?22:16
spine-o-saurusis anyone able to get past the install screen when booting iso from grub?22:17
spine-o-saurusmine says the installation media is not found22:17
Guest49Hi, I get an Error while installing devuan_daedalus preview netinstall iso on a fresh system, the following Error hapens: in setup section -> bootstrap base -> cron daemon package -> postinstall: addgroup not found. I guess i need to wait for the next preview iso? ty!23:30
gnarfaceGuest49: you could probably install chimaera then upgrade it to daedalus23:31
rrqyes. there is a faulty package in debian that fails its installation; upgrade is a good path.23:32
Guest49okay, i'll try the upgrade path over ssh then, thank ya!23:35

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