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systemdleteIt's no wonder that proxmox is not in our repo--guess what it depends on?   >(00:23
systemdleteproxmox describes itself as open source...00:25
systemdleteI suppose I could try building it sans systemd00:25
systemdletethat is, if their source code has such an option00:26
cws6969i am using doas13:01
cws6969The following line is the configuration13:01
cws6969permit persist setenv { PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin" }  test-user-name as root13:01
cws6969but "PATH" doesn't seem to work13:01
cws6969doas modprobe cramfs13:01
cws6969doas: modprobe: command not found13:01
cws6969Cannot execute commands in /usr/sbin13:01
cws6969os devuan 413:01
hagbardcws6969: did you use su ?13:05
cws6969not use su13:06
hagbardIn case of using su putting "ALWAYS_SET_PATH yes" in /etc/default/su would help.13:06
hagbardHow did you login as root?13:06
hagbardah, ok, u used doas. never heard of that, sorry.13:08
hagbardbut su would also work to do something as a different user13:08
cws6969general user ,  id=100013:08
cws6969su Greater scope of authority , more dangerous13:11
hagbardto replace sudo, I have definied this function, that uses su, in my .bashrc: suc() { su -s /bin/bash -c "$(printf "%q " "$@")"; }13:11
fsmithredcws6969, did you try using the full path to the command with doas?  doas /usr/sbin/modprobe cramfs13:22
Guest30no . it will automatically find , in the $PATH13:27
Guest30@hagbard  suc() { su -s /bin/bash -c $@ }13:30
cws6969@hagbard "suc"  Cannot execute command with arguments14:08
* joerg wonders what's wrong with sudo that justifies a "doas"18:53
phoggjoerg: sudo is far more complicated than is required for its most common use case18:56
joerghmm  >>doas was developed by Ted Unangst for OpenBSD as a simpler and safer sudo replacement.[4][5] Unangst himself had issues with the default sudo config, which was his motivation to develop doas.[2]<<18:56
phoggFor a tool which needs to be very secure being simpler is obviously better, if you can be.18:57
_ds_I think that this was intended earlier:18:57
_ds_suc() { su -s /bin/bash -c "$@" }18:57
joergemphasis on "default" I guess, which reminds me on rationale for inventing polypaudio etc18:57
phoggjoerg: It's somewhat difficult to configure sudo without introducing unintentional local root exploits. It's a lot harder to do that with doas.18:58
* joerg thought this class of concerns was the domain where solutions like vipw, visudo >>performs basic validity checks, and checks for syntax errors…<< excel and are the solution of choice19:19
joergseems simple enough to augment the editor to give hints and check for oopsies of all kind19:20
joerghmmm, maybe inspired by visudo?
* joerg takes it to #devuan-offtopic19:24
* used____ shudders seeing a visual sudoers editor.19:28
joergyeah, kinda funny19:40
used____You have to trust someone, eventually... Windows poledit is not much worse. Been a long time.20:03

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