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jjakobI don't think I'll have much luck installing freeipa with ipa-client install, it's written to use systemctl to start/stop services03:23
jjakobI thought since it was in the repo, that it was patched to work with openrc or sysvinit03:23
jjakobmaybe, since I don't think the process is very complicated, I can do the steps by hand03:24
gnarfacei'm not familiar with it, but did you already check to see if the sysvinit scripts are gone?03:25
jjakobif I modified it to work with sysvinit or systemd, would devuan apply the patch to the package?03:25
jjakobgnarface: it's not that simple03:26
jjakobthe ipa-client-install is a python script that enrolls the host into a freeipa domain03:26
jjakobsets up sssd, certmonger, pam and so on03:27
jjakoband starts and enables some services in the enrollment process using its internal python functions that execute /bin/systemctl03:27
gnarfacethe version numbers strongly suggest the work has been done:*&x=submit03:28
jjakobso theoretically all I'd need to do is modify those functions to work with sysvinit too03:28
gnarface"+devuan" means it's already a forked package03:28
jjakobgnarface: yes, I have 4.8.10-2+devuan3 (chimaera)03:29
jjakobbut ipa-client-install doesn't work (file or directory not found: /bin/systemctl), and grepping the python scripts confirms it03:29
gnarfaceoh, maybe an oversight then03:31
gnarfacebugs for forked packages should be filed at bugs.devuan.org03:31
jjakobyou can find that in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ipaplatform/base/services.py03:32
jjakobright, I'll file it03:32
jjakobfiled against python3-ipalib03:43
ltsMicrosoft Systemd
djphlts: good thing there's Devuan, amirite?13:37
Kittywell now...14:59
targzTremenda sorpresa dijo nunca nadie XD
targzSorry, wrong room16:33

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