libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2022-07-21

systemdleteis python 3.8 available for chimaera?07:41
systemdleteor do I build it myself?07:41
ltsChimaera is at 3.907:41
systemdleteI see it is already at 3.907:41
* systemdlete excuses himself and disappears into the void07:41
drdozerhi - I could do with a hand fixing some minor glitches on my new devuan + plasma install19:45
drdozerthis is my first time with devuan, so I'm a little bit lost19:45
drdozerthe first issue I have is that I've told the power settings in plasma to turn off my monitors after 20 min of inactivity but my monitors don't turn off19:48
onefangdrdozer: would you have any SDL programs running when your monitors fail to tur noff?  I had that problem with xscreensaver until I discovered they disable that, and there's an envirenment variable you can set that tells SDL to not do that.20:21
onefangexport SDL_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER=120:22
onefangThe symptom was the screens would blank, but the monitors would not turn off.20:22
onefangI'm supposed to be sleeping, but I wasn't falling asleep.  Much like our monitors.  lol20:23
drdozersorry - got called away for kid bedtimes20:40
drdozerthe screensaver comes on as expected, and the session locks as expected - it is just the monitors going to sleep after 20 min of inactivity that doesn't happen20:41
drdozerI have virtually nothing running as this is an essentially clean install but with my old home directory20:42
fsmithreddoes using old home directory include using old home configs?20:50
drdozeryes - I am happy to try destroying some of them if you think that may help20:51
fsmithredit might, if you get the right one.20:51
drdozersome hint as to which one would be appreciated20:51
fsmithredI don't know anything about where plasma keeps stuff.20:51
fsmithredbut you might compare what you have to what is either in /etc/xdg or /usr/share/plasma-something20:52
drdozerperhaps `~/.config/plasma-workspace`20:53
fsmithredthere are default config files somewhere, and they don't get used if you have a same-name file in your home20:53
drdozernope - that plasma folder is all empty20:53
fsmithredand if you don't have a same-name file, they may get copied to your home when you make changes to settings, so that it can save your settings20:53
fsmithredand sometimes the content of the default config file changes from one release to the next20:54
fsmithredI would expect something in ~/.config/plasma... (or kde...)20:55
fsmithredor maybe ~/.kde20:55
fsmithredI even have one of those, and I'm running xfce20:56
drdozerok, I'm resorting to grepping my home directory tree for any files containing the word "energy"21:00
fsmithredanything in ~/.kde/share/config?21:01
drdozerI'll ask in #kde as it seems it may be more their thing21:03
fsmithreddoes kde use its own screensaver?21:04
fsmithredor is it using xscreensaver?21:04
drdozerno, it's not xscreensaver21:09
fsmithredI was wondering if two could be running. Also, check for conflicts between screensaver and power-manager settings.21:10
drdozeroh - it's just done through the lockscreen I think21:10
drdozeryeah - the screen locking setting is just paging through my wallpapers while it is locked21:11
drdozerthe "battery and brightness" widget has a red x through it, which is suspicious21:25

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