libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2022-07-22

Digit what'd i do wrong?  "Temporary failure resolving ''"  is "deb ceres main" not suitable /etc/apt/sources.list content anymore?00:51
Unit193Seems to work for me, what resolver do you use?  Can you try `dig` in the terminal?00:53
Digitno dig installed, no dig showing in available packages, is dig in a different named package?00:55
_ds_You could try “host -d”00:58
Digitah, yeah, cant install bind9-dnsutils anyway, getting "Temporary failure resolving ''" on every line.  |  &  Unknown command: host01:00
* Digit not giving in to urge to scrap it and reinstall devuan from scratch. will figure this out... after a sleep.01:01
fsmithredDigit, pick a mirror from the list01:09
fsmithredyou're hitting one that's down or maybe just updating. If updating, it should work after a few minutes.01:10
Digitthnx fsmithred.  i'll rest easier now i've got that hicup sorted.01:26
AlifAssalamualaikum all16:15

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