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spac3rI'm trying to run Devuan on a mac mini 3,1 (8 gb) early 2009 which has the nvidia GeForce 9400M gpu.01:12
spac3rInstalled ASCII and xfce works out of the box.01:12
spac3rThe upgrade to Beowulf was succesful but then it boots into a black screen since Linux 4.19 isn't compatible with the GeForce 9400M.01:12
spac3rI can't find instructions to install the right driver (Nouveau?). Is there a way to run Beowulf with a dm for this mac?01:12
fsmithrednouveau should be installed without any special instructions01:15
fsmithredfwiw, my g210 that's six months newer than yours works fine in beowulf01:17
fsmithredI do recall a change in whether I used nomodeset in the boot command, but I don't recall if that changed with getting a newer vid card or with a newer kernel.01:18
fsmithredif you want to use the nvidia proprietary driver, follow the directions in the debian wiki.01:19
fsmithredbut use devuan sources01:19
spac3rthank you fsmithred, will try and see how far i get01:25
fsmithredspac3r, did you check the xorg log to see what driver it's trying to use?01:26
fsmithredor lspci -k01:26
fsmithred /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:27
spac3rIn /var/log/Xorg.0.log looking for 'driver' there is: Video Driver, version 24.001:47
spac3rAh, with lspci -k i see:01:50
spac3rKernel driver in use: nouveau01:50
spac3rKernel modules: nouveau01:50
spac3rSorry, i'm an absolute Linux noob. When i search for configure nouveau, not much useful comes up01:56
gnarfacespac3r: you probably want to use the non-free driver if you want full functionality from that video card03:07
gnarfacenouveau doesn't have a lot of config options but what it does have are on the man page03:09
gnarfacefor the most part anyway... it also does obey a couple kernel command-line parameters common to kms drivers, the most notably relevant one being "nomodeset" which tells it not to try to pick a resolution at boot as that has known to choke it up historically03:10
gnarfacesomewhat recently that's been fixed up but it's unlikely any of this is useful to test if you want the most hardware support available, which would only be available with nvidia's official non-free drivers anyway03:12
spac3rThank you fsmithred and gnarface. i will go for the non-free drivers then, as the mini will be used as a media player11:40
gnarfacespac3r: make sure you get them from the devuan repos and not from nvidia.com12:59
gnarface(the installer script isn't debian package-aware and can tend to make a mess of your dependencies)12:59
spac3rgnarface: thank you for the fast reply. i will re-install ascii and add non-free to sources.list. Will post the outcome14:24
Digit<3 devuan.  :)    how so, Digit?   oh, just in a general kind of way.  :)16:05
gandhii_really liking devuan so far.  Thanks to everyone who has worked on it.21:02
gandhii_i3-gaps would have been cooler..  but i3 is still good enough  ;]21:03
brocashelmgandhii_: you could try building it from source:

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