libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2022-07-28

fatalhello, is there a devuan aarch64 specific channel or can i ask here?09:53
gnarfacefatal: #devuan-arm10:00
Guest32Why is it not recommended to use OpenRC in devuan?11:42
ltsGuest32: sure you can use it. The reason for caution is that it is really a wrapper for sysvinit in Devuan11:46
Guest32I'll just stick to traditional sysvinit then. Will I have to write my own scripts?11:47
ltsThere are packages which only provide a systemd service, but fortunately they are not that common. Depends on what you plan to run. Likely someone has already done the work for you even then, and you can find a working script with short searching11:49
Guest32What's the name of that debian package of the entire collection of sysvinit scripts already made?11:50
lts perhaps?11:52
Guest32Will I not be allowed to use third party repos that say debian in the repo name on devuan?11:52
Guest32As in it won't work on devuan.11:53
ltsYou'll have to test, but I've not had issues with the few such repos I use11:53
onefangorphan-sysvinit-scripts IS in the Devuan package repos.11:54
onefangAnd most of our package mirrors redirect to Debian package mirrors for packages that we dont fork / add.11:55
Tables_Does Devuan have a delta update server like Debian?18:42
golinuxIn over 7 years, I have never head the words "delta update server" on any Devuan channels.18:45
gnarfacewhat is a delta update server?18:46
golinuxBut then server stuff is not my thing18:46
Tables_TL;DR- Debian has a server for x64 to provide package diffs as upgrades over clearnet and onions18:47
Tables_This allows for extremely small upgrade cycles which are faster and conserve bandwidth.18:48
fsmithreddebdelta is in the repo. If it just uses whatever is in sources.list, then it probably works in devuan.19:02
fsmithredoh, it uses and we don't have an equivalent.19:04
fsmithredand that page is not kept updated. They think squeeze is stable.19:05
Tables_The repo is updated:
Tables_The actual program is also hosted at gitlab and kept updated19:06
furrymcgeeare those deltas of deb or deb-src packages?19:06
Tables_of deb19:06
furrymcgeedo they not the provide sources?19:06
Tables_To each diff? I have no idea.19:07
Tables_They provide the diffs19:07
Tables_ |
Tables_All they are doing is calculating the difference between packages and wrapping it up while keeping track of N levels deep of diffs.19:09
bb|hcbTables_: No, there is no such service in Devuan. BTW. In recent years bandwidth is increasing everywhere and that will make that service not optimal - it is faster to get the full update, instead of the diff19:15
Tables_I mean, in any sort of bandwidth constrained scenario it is nice. Data caps, Tor, DSL, Sat, LTE, PTP-WiFi, or other scenarios.19:16
Tables_It is the same principal CPUs use for power savings in time to idle19:17
furrymcgeeI think the package maintainers are responsible for sensible package sizes19:51

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