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auantadoes anybody know if the ARM64 version of Devuan is different from Maemo Leste?15:41
auantai'm about to find out15:42
sixwheeledbeastLeste is Leste it's based upon Devuan.16:11
auantai just mean in terms of packages basically.. the functionality, the UI, the differences between them (if there are any) because there is an ARM64 image for Devuan16:21
fsmithredauanta, you might ask in #devuan-arm or maybe joerg knows the answer.16:22
auantaoh will do16:23
fsmithredarm64 vs leste16:23
fsmithredpackages, ui, etc.16:23
joergno idea16:23
auantaok that's ok, thanks for directing me to the other channel!16:24
joergI don't even know which flavor of devuan maemo-leste is based on16:29
joergseems to me the question is like asking "how is ubuntu different from linux?"16:30
auantahaha.. it's based on Beowulf16:30
auantaI think of it as more like asking the difference between Ubuntu and Debian16:31
joergI think leste may base on any devuan that's needed for the target platform16:31
fsmithreddo those images have a desktop environment?16:32
auanta@fsmithred they do. Nokia pumped millions of $ into it :o16:32
auantabefore later abandoning it16:32
auantait's pretty snappy16:33
joergAIUI maemo been based on debian and some details like init system and displaymanger etc been modified, and a lot of middleware added.16:37
golinuxIs parazyd still involved?16:38
joergI hope so16:38
golinuxI don't follow it at all.16:38
* joerg neither16:38
* golinux misses him here 16:39
joerggolinux: you miss parazyd ? There's a user of that name in [Whois] parazyd is a user on channels: #devuan #devuan-arm #devuan-infra #maemo-leste16:41
auantamy brain keeps wanting to read that as paralyzd16:42
joergauanta: you might find this thread useful to understand how stuff started
golinuxjoerg: I know he's around but silently not socially much . . .16:50
auantareading the thread.. what the heck is a gnuism and how does it break posix compliance..16:55
auantaoh i seeee16:59
joergbut I don't see where you seen the term gnuism in that thread17:00
auantaat the very end17:00
joergthere's a number of *isms, particularly nasty: messyboxisms ;-)17:01
joerga special bastard child of bashisms17:02
auantalol XD is that when... you install a bunch of stuff and don't clean up after you're done / uninstalled it?17:03
auantaor.. when scripts leave a mess?17:03
joergbashisms are special bash features used in scripts so those shellscripts won't work with other shells17:04
auantaoh gotcha17:04
auantaso messybox is when the non posix compliant shell leaves a system "messy" because of non compatibility?17:05
joergmessybox is my nick for busybox, a monolithic supposedly smaller bourne shell / bash replacement, that nevertheless often has nasty little incompatibilities to bash, so when you install a proper bash as your primary shell to replace busybox, you might find yourself confronted with a messed up system that doesn't work or even doesn't boot up anymore17:06
auantaoh my17:06
auantait appears that they went with busybox17:07
auantabecause of GNUisms smh17:08
joergon maemo fremantle busybox was the shell and when you chenged user "user"s default shell to bash, the system didn't boot anymore17:08
auantalet me try that17:08
joergit's fixed17:08
auantaoh ok17:08
joergat least with CSSU, maybe even with PR1.3 genuine fremantle17:09
joergthe funy part was that it killed the system when you used bash for USER default shell, for ROOT it worked17:09
joergthing to learn from that: always check your scripts against several shell implementations and avoid any *isms17:11
joergNokia relied on a messybox bug in one of their mission critical bootscripts17:12
joergiirc eventually community provided a patch for the scipt17:13
joerguser pali iirc17:13
* golinux says Pali is a beautiful ancient language . . .17:18
joerg[Whois] Pali is ~pali@user/pali (Pali)17:19
* golinux won't go further OT17:20
auantawho needs zim when you have emacs18:01
auanta* has seen the light18:02
auanta(that's Zim with a Z btw.. )18:08
auantait's basically a personal wiki running on GTK18:09
auantanot minimalist at all :P18:09
brocashelmi recently installed an rx 580 (two fans) gpu, which is in great shape, but always starts at 200 rpm and overheats if i don't use some sort of fan control software like corectrl. is there a way to force this in the kernel?22:21
brocashelmwith corectrl set to "automatic", fan speeds stay in 2120-2160 range, idle or otherwise22:22
gnarfaceare you avoiding the non-free firmware, or is this with the non-free firmware that this is happening?22:27
brocashelmi do have non-free packages installed22:30
gnarfacewhich release? last i checked, even the one in ceres was quite old22:31
brocashelmmy rx 550/560 cards were doing fine on their own without any tweaking (all of them are MSI models for the record)22:31
gnarfacesounds like a problem22:32
gnarfacedo they overheat at idle too or just under load?22:33
gnarfacedoes it, i mean22:33
brocashelmif i don't use corectrl or radeon-profile for the fan control, the gpu starts its fans at 200 rpm and takes a few minutes to go from 30 C to 40-50 C22:33
brocashelmand it remains at 200 rpm22:33
brocashelmi was almost about to return the gpu because i thought it was used for mining or worn out somehow, but then the software side applied a temporary fix to that, as long as i leave it running22:34
gnarfacewait so it doesn't freeze up or reboot or anything? it just looks like it's running hot? those might be normal numbers22:36
brocashelmnone of those. just very low rpm which leads to overheating if i don't intervene22:38
brocashelmmy rx 550/560 cards run fine on their own at 1400 rpm and 30 C idle22:38
brocashelmno software needed to adjust the fans/power22:38
gnarfacei think you might be right that it's a bios difference22:39
brocashelmi am using an lga 115122:39
gnarfacei wonder if they'd admit to a bug22:39
gnarfaceit might be worth trying a newer firmware-amd-graphics from upstream22:39
gnarfaceif there even is one22:39
brocashelmi updated the bios (dell) to the latest version from 201822:39
gnarfacei think there is22:39
gnarfacei mean gpu bios22:40
gnarfacebtw, not motherboard bios22:40
brocashelmi went to the source repository and downloaded the files. would i just have to copy and paste the bin files from amdgpu?22:40
gnarfacesorry about the confusion22:40
gnarfaceyou might just have to copy the bin files, but i'd think if they're not 1:1 you'd have to make sure to delete any old ones that weren't replaced too22:41
brocashelmso, i downloaded the latest from the git; paste the bin files (amdgpu) into /lib/firmware/amdgpu dir?22:41
brocashelmrenamed the old amdgpu folder and created a new one to place the new ones in22:42
brocashelm478 files (new) vs. 427 files (old)22:43
brocashelmi wonder if there's a way i could configure it in the kernel modules or something to automatically set the starting rpm22:44
gnarfacegood question... mine starts at 022:45
gnarfaceit spins up under load though, just not to where i'd want it22:45
gnarfacei'd spin them faster and leave them on at idle22:45
brocashelmfrom that dpaste link i gave you, would you say that is a good rpm/watt/voltage/temp to idle on?22:46
gnarface(same driver but a rx 5500)22:46
brocashelmeven when i'm playing supertuxkart on full settings, rpm remains stable, but temp goes from 26-31 C to 40-45 C22:46
gnarfacesorry didn't look at the paste, but i will if you use even though i don't really have an answer anyway22:47
gnarfacemine runs hotter than that and someone told me it was normal22:47
brocashelmyeah, i have an rx 6500 xt, but i didn't realize it's pcie 4, so i'll have to do a new build with it (it definitely works, but stops sometime when it says "missing usb device" or something in the message before the tty screen)22:47
gnarfacei suspect it's hardcoded in the vga bios and it's planned obsolescence22:48
brocashelmon this machine, it's meant more as an emulation/retro gaming/indie gaming machine, so i keep temps as low as possible (31-39 C per core on idle with my i7-3770)22:48
brocashelmyeah, a lot of new computer parts tend to be that way. that's part of why i don't overclock or do anything seriously demanding. i just want a stable gpu that lets me play my games smoothly without bottlenecking issues22:49
brocashelmnope, that didn't work22:54
brocashelmrebooted and it put me back on 200 rpm22:54
brocashelmi'll have to keep corectrl running to keep my fan speeds stable22:56
brocashelmjust experimenting with lowering the rpm from 2100 to 1500 to see if the temps remain less than 40 C on idle (trying to get that sweet spot between cutting electricity costs and still getting a cool, robust performance)22:59
brocashelmsetting "automatic" (even on radeon-profile) would keep me locked in at 2150 rpm23:00
brocashelmrunning at 1561 rpm, 27 C, 4.15 W, 725.00 mV now (according to sensors)23:03

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