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brocashelmgnarface: so, doing a bit of research on corectrl, this linuxreviews article shows some ways to hack the user-specified gpu/cpu settings into the kernel/on startup:
brocashelmcan be done through polkit rules as an example, although pkaction --version told me i was using 0.105 instead of 0.10607:49
loosh[m]how to disable loginctl suspend09:25
loosh[m]which config file to edit09:25
loosh[m]found it guys i edited /etc/elongind/logind.conf09:28
loosh[m]stoopid me09:28
loosh[m]anyways long live devuan community09:29
spine-o-saurushey I need to make openrc script for network interface to accept dhcp lease10:25
spine-o-saurusdhclient was running but as soon as the nic plugged in it never got an ip10:26
yagluanyone else having trouble with the display manager not launching?11:11
yaglui just did a fresh install...with kde...install was fine...restarted the system...had to issue startx manually...11:12
yagluwhat am i missing11:12
gnarfacecheck release notes11:12
gnarfaceyou might need to switch permissions backends or uninstall a redundant one or something like that11:13
yagluthis was a fresh install11:13
gnarfaceit's in the release notes11:13
gnarfacenot all combinations of login managers and window managers work11:13
gnarfaceyou might have missed one or it might just have the wrong one11:14
yaglualright lets see11:14
gnarfacepermissions backend, login manager, window manager < these 3 things are picky about what they play nice with11:14
gnarfacehmm, or at least that was the problem in previous releases, i thought it still was but maybe they finally fixed that...11:16
gnarfaceanyway if you have no login manager try lightdm11:16
gnarfacehmm, yea maybe they fixed it sorry about that, try making sure lightdm is installed, that's the one that worked for me with kde in beowulf11:18
yagluthe release notes doesnt help me out11:19
yaglusddm is no...i dont wanna install lightdm11:19
gnarfacedoes installing lightdm and elogind help anything?11:19
gnarfaceis elogind installed?11:19
gnarfacethe new release notes do seem to suggest sddm is supposed to be working11:20
gnarfacei'm not sure how you'd have gotten it without proper dependencies in that case though11:20
gnarfacethis is chimaera you said?11:20
yagluand elogind is installed11:22
yaglujust chked11:22
yagluscrew it...lemme just go back to ghetto xinit scripts and trusty ol dwm11:24
yaglui wanted to give kde a try after a long time11:24
yagluthanks for the help @gnarface11:25
gnarfaceanyone know if this was supposed to work? i don't see the thing about having to have special permissions backends paired with the desktop manager anymore in the release notes11:31
unixdan22Hello, I have graphic artifacts on ThinkPad T430 and T530 with integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU. Sometimes white dots appear all over the screen. It seems to be an xserver driver issue. How can it be fixed?14:21
unixdan22Is this the right place to ask?14:22
gnarfaceunixdan22: yes, but you'll have to be patient because the channel is kinda slow at these hours14:27
gnarfacekinda sounds like video ram failure though, i'm afraid to tell you14:28
gnarfaceif it's a software bug and you're fully updated, try the backports kernel, sometimes it helps14:28
humpelstilzchen[unixdan22: do the dots appear on both machines?14:40
unixdan22Yes, they appear on both machines. It is unlikely to be a hardware issue, because I have run hardware tests (e.g. memtest) on both machines and they all pass.14:43
humpelstilzchen[What xorg driver are you running?14:45
unixdan22The artifacts appear more often, when there is intense rendering. For testing I watch the animations on
unixdan22Xorg defaults to modesetting.14:50
unixdan22I have tried switching to the intel driver. Now the the dots appear only on objects and not on the background.14:50
unixdan22On white dots appear on the aquarium image when I drag the page.14:59
pmp-punixdan22: most likely kernel driver issues i have artefacts on atom Zxxx gpu as well , they like to go as fast as possible from  WIP to obsolete-wontfix nowadays15:20
KittySo I found a bug in python's tz library caused by the tzdata package in devuan/debian16:28
KittyI have a dist-upgraded chimaera install16:30
Kittythe tzdata package has the timezone for Kyiv under the old name Kiev.16:30
Kittywhen you try to use python, it's internal pytz package doesn't know of this Kiev of which we speak, only of Kyiv.16:31
Kittythere is no tz called Kyiv according to tzdata16:31
Kittyso python crashed16:31
Kittyhmm, there is no testing or unstable version of tzdata16:33
cytokine_stormhow do i check the boot time. im using sysv17:27
___usedWhere did he go? `sudo grep 'Activating swap\.\.\.' /var/log/boot` is one way18:16
rwpBoot time can be checked with "who -b" for one way.  I am sure there are other ways too.20:18
rwpOne can also do the math with "uptime".20:18
rwpAnd that can be had with "cat /proc/uptime".20:18
___usedI assumed this kind of question is asked with the system down, requiring a look into logs.20:19
___usedWhen up, uptime is popular. Did not know about who -b20:19
___usedwho -p and -m return nothing (Beowulf)20:21
___usedMaybe it expects systemd data ;)20:21
rwpwho -b reads /run/utmp where system boot time is logged.20:23
rwpThat does depend upon proper logging to occur.  But since this is Devuan we don't need to worry about systemd breakage.20:24
___usedIn theory. Why does who -p -m return nothing?20:24
rwpI have never used them, so no idea, but probably nothing is logged for them.20:25
rwpSome of those options are non-portable and only do things on Solaris systems and things like that.20:25
rwpI have used "who -b" for a very long time to get this information the most reliably.20:26
rwpStandards docs on who options:
___usedI just read the manpage for who on Beowulf. Feb 2019 vintage, GNU coreutils.20:28
___used`who am i` returns nothing here, but there is `whoami`20:29
___usedReturns nothing and $? -eq 0 ... fails succesfully. I _hate_ that sort of program.20:29
rwpIf "who am i" returns nothing then your utmp logging is broken. :-(20:30
rwpwhoami returns the same as "id -un" which returns running process information.20:31
rwp"who am i" returns who the tty was logged into from the logged utmp data.  Who the process logged into the tty with is historical information.20:32
rwpHistorical because I could log in as rwp and then I could su to root and then I could su to ___used and then whoami would be ___used but "who am i" would still be rwp who I had logged in as originally.20:32
___usedYeah, so, logging is not... as complete as one would wish. Toy OS ;)20:33
rwpWhen using sudo to change users sudo leaves a trail of breadcrumbs with SUDO_USER and others to log the previous user in the environment.20:34
rwpUsing su does not log such information.20:34
___usedI tried with and without sudo above.20:35
rwpSorry I said utmp for some things above that I should have said wtmp for.  My bad.20:35
rwpSee "man wtmp" for some useful information about the logging.  I am curious why your ?tmp is not logging this data for you.20:36
rwpWhat does "last" say for you?  Anything?20:36
rwpThere is also "lastb" to which prints out information from btmp which logs bad login attempts but it's pretty unreliable information, don't use it.20:36
___usedlots but just user and reboot records20:36
rwpIf one is really trying to track bad logins then one should trace through /var/log/auth.log for all of the details as they happen.20:37
rwpIf last is reporting boot times for you as logged in /var/log/wtmp then I would think "who -b" should be able to do so as well.20:38
___usedIt reports.20:39
___usedWhat I really hate is the zero return code from `who` when unimplemented/unavailable arguments are used.21:33
gnarfacespeaking of unimplemented arguments... i was doing a ceres update last night and something flew by about unimplemented argument -cert[something or another] but i couldn't figure out what package specifically it came from or what it broke. anyone know what's up with that by chance?21:37
gnarfaceoh it was "illegal option: -cacerts" or something similar21:38
gnarfaceit came up in searches for various packages but at first glance nothing i had installed21:38
gnarfaceit did happen while there was a bunch of .pem file names scrolling by though21:38
gnarface(i reinstalled what i thought it could be but the error didn't happen again so i don't know if i got it)21:39
___usedlogless installs?21:40
___useddo you have a /var/log/bootstrap.log ?21:40
gnarfaceyou're right i should have been logging, i was being sloppy21:42
___usedlook if you have it anyway...21:42
gnarfacei do have /var/log/bootstrap.log but the error isn't mentioned there21:42
gnarfacewhatever package it was, the package install didn't get marked as a fail21:43
___usedIt failed succesfully! My pet peeve.21:43
gnarfacei couldn't even be sure from the context whether the command actually did something21:44
___usedI was unable to log installs using aptitude.21:44
gnarfaceit was clearly complaining about that option but it didn't tell me whether that means it canceled out or actually just worked normally in spite of the error21:44
___usedThe dpkg status logs exist, one can backtrack through them, but why would aptitude implement Tetris, but not logging?21:45
___used(it has a Tetris game built in for long slow download installs)21:45
gnarfaceheh, clever21:46
___usedEssential in snail's paced modem days, not so much now.21:46
___usedSorry, Minesweeper, not Tetris. Just opened it to check.21:47
gnarfacestill clever21:47
___usedI tried to pipe aptitude through tee, it works but the "gui" leaves tons of garbage in the log file21:49
rwpI never warmed up to aptitude.  For me apt-get is my favorite Dr Who actor.22:45
rwpgnarface, Do you have /var/log/apt/term.log that you could review?  I suggest "less -r" on it.22:45
gnarfacerwp: ah! thank you, i should have known about this22:47
gnarfacethe relevant package appears to have been ca-certificates-java, and it was one of the ones i reinstalled on a hunch, but the error didn't happen the second time so i'm not clear on what is broke22:48
rwpYou might review the postinst script by eye and see if you see anything.  /var/lib/dpkg/info/ca-certificates-java.postinst22:49
gnarfacethis is what it did22:49
rwpI look and find the line containing "cacerts_aliases=$(keytool -cacerts ..." but "man keytool" does not list that as an option.22:52
gnarfacehere we go, i'm not the first to notice it:
gnarfacei see it looks for /var/lib/ca-certificates-java/fresh which explains why it didn't run on the second time but the rest is a mess and i'm afraid to screw with it22:56
gnarfacegenerating a bunch of aliases or something like that?22:57
rwpIf it were me I would post an update to that bug ticket saying simply that you had hit the error too.22:59
rwpThat would add a recent ping to it and perhaps wake people up that the problem hasn't been addressed yet.22:59
rwpSince it has been a month since the first report and no acknowledgement about it.  That's long enough for a ping about it.23:00

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