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xrogaanIs somebody aware of breaking changes coming in the next stable?01:14
xrogaanbroken english urgh01:44
Guest87Can I use apt-mirror on Ubuntu to create a mirror of the repository for Devuan?02:01
fsmithredGuest87, maybe this will help:
Guest87How do I do that without Step 2? Can I ftpsync
fsmithredsorry, I have no idea how to do it.02:45
fsmithredGuest87, do you want to set up a public mirror or a private mirror?02:47
Guest87I want to setup a Private Mirror.02:48
fsmithredonefang would be the person who would know the answer.02:50
golinuxGuest87: Are you aware that most of the repo comes directly from Debian?02:50
golinuxYeah . . . talk to onefang02:50
fsmithredyou might need to run amprolla locally. I know that aitor does that.02:51
rwpI always used to maintain a full local mirror, until Debian got so very large. Now I am using apt-cacher-ng. Which only freaks out every other week or so.02:54
Guest87Yes. I want to update the OS and the other software I use. 600GB is too large.03:04
systemdlete /usr/sbin/grub-probe: warning: Couldn't find physical volume `pv1'. Some modules may be missing from core05:45
systemdlete(sorry for mis-fire there...)05:45
systemdletethe only place I see references to pv1 are in /etc/lvm/backup and /etc/lvm/archive05:46
systemdleteIt is no longer an active pv.  In fact, I think I changed this when I installed, but I am not sure.05:46
systemdletePlease don't tell me not to worry about it.05:46
systemdleteI am NOT worried about it.05:46
systemdleteBut it might be pointing to some code that needs clean-up somewhere deep in the system.05:47
systemdleteAnd, no, there are no modules missing from core.  Because I am running lvm without incident currently.05:48
systemdleteI think pv1 might have gotten renamed shortly after installing devuan.05:48
systemdlete talks about this a bit.05:49
systemdlete(the last message posted to this bug was in 2014.)05:50
xrogaanwhenever I upgrade the linux kernel, apparmor sneaks in. Is there a way to forbid that package from being installed?06:43
xrogaanFor some reason, it's installed as recommendation. So --no-install-recommends would work. It's just that I thought that I disabled that behavior.06:46
gnarfacethere is a way to disable recommends from the config file, it should mention it in the man page07:21
gnarfacebut there's also a way to prevent installation of specific packages through apt pinning07:21
loosh[m]i cant turn this off because i cant go to the lower abstraction realm from the higher abstraction environment of linux09:31
aitorGuest87: you don't need to host the whole repository15:56
aitorI'm developing a new alsamixer in Gtk, and the program is well advanced16:01
aitorI shall call it `gmixer`, maybe16:02
gnarfaceanyone know how to get vlc to stop launching maximized?20:55
* gnarface sighs20:57
fsmithredis that in ceres?20:57
gnarfacenevermind... fucking creepy it just stopped doing it and the only thing i changed was asking here20:57
fsmithredhere it opens to whatever size it was when I closed it20:57
gnarfaceyea it used to, then it wasn't, then it was again20:58
gnarfacesome fuckery is afoot20:58
lts-Did you try a search engine with something like "vlc launch maximized"? Though I don't think Devuan has any specialized vlc so you should probably ask from #vlc (if that is a real channel)20:58
* fsmithred watched gnarface's paranoia level shoot through the roof20:58
fsmithreddamn fingers20:58
gnarfacemaybe the config file got corrupted and .... uncorrupted itself just now somehow20:59
fsmithredstray click?20:59
fsmithredI get a lot of those on a trackpad20:59
gnarfacei mean, i was clicking through the menus but there's no clear evidence of why it suddenly worked, this was a problem for weeks21:00
gnarfacethe console output is noisy though, if there was evidence in there i would have missed it21:00
gnarfacebzcat: I/O or other error, bailing out.  Possible reason follows.21:01
gnarfacebzcat: Broken pipe21:01
gnarfacelike this maybe?21:01
gnarfaceeh, it's fine now but mplayer also broke21:08
gnarfacespecifically, this no longer works: mplayer -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffhevcvdpau,ffh264vdpau,ffodivxvdpau [file]21:09
fsmithredwhich version of vlc? I see that I'm one behind in daedalus.21:09
gnarfacewell, vlc now, but it was also happening on the previous one21:10
gnarfacei had updated first to see if that'd fix anything and initially it did not21:10
gnarfaceso it was weirder when it suddenly did21:10
gnarfacei'm wondering if it may actually be some weird misbehavior in enlightenment or efreetd or something like that... stale cache?21:11
gnarfacenot sure if that can happen21:11
gnarfacehmm, i think there was a regression in thunderbird too, i think it's no longer properly recognizing local certificate authorities22:01
gnarfaceanyone confirm that?22:02
gnarfaceugh, nevermind, just found a way to downgrade22:59
gnarfacewhat a mess22:59
gnarfacedon't upgrade to thunderbird 102, apparently there's lots of problems with it23:00
* brocashelm already upgraded to 10223:04
brocashelmhaven't noticed any issues so far23:04
brocashelmthere is 104 in experimental if fixes have been made23:05
brocashelmrunning just fine on ceres23:07
rwpI have replaced all use of mplayer here with mpv and find mpv to be a good replacement for mplayer.23:08
rwpBeing a fork the historical options are all shared the same but some of the newer options have diverged between the two programs.23:09
brocashelmi switched to mpv long ago. it's quite flexible23:10
rwpI could never figure out vlc (or cvlc) to launch it effectively to do what I wanted without then having to chase menu items with the mouse, driving me to mpv.23:10
rwpAs far as Thunderbird is concerned...  Let me report that Mutt continues to work excellently!  A short glitch with Bug#1009791 but fixed quickly. :-)23:11
onefangI had to revert to ASCII neomutt, which is called mutt back then, due to increasing bugs that ASCII didn't have.23:16
rwpI have a similar problem with kvm and virt-viewer for an old VM image.  I had to go back to Stretch (aka ASCII) in order to restore a working version.23:20
brocashelmrwp: one of my favorite mpv tricks is to run it in tty mode23:23
gnarfacesuspecting the mplayer issue is something to do with vdpau breakage23:29
gnarfacevlc complains about it too but doesn't seem to have the same framerate problem without it23:29
gnarfacenot sure what's up with that23:29
gnarfacei picked a bad day to upgrade23:29
gnarfacethe thunderbird issue is specifically to do with my local certificate authority, but it shows up in the list so i'm not sure what's broken23:30
gnarfacebut then i went looking and apparently people on reddit are having all kinds of other issues with it too23:30
gnarfacesomeone mentioned you can downgrade with "thunderbird --allow-downgrade commandline"23:31
gnarfaceseems to have worked though it jacked up all my sorting columns23:31
gnarfacethunderbird keeps getting worse, i'm more tempted to switch to something else now than ever before23:32
gnarfacethis shit is a joke non stop23:32
gnarfacelaunch time has also been skyrocketing with each release23:32
gnarfaceand then you go look on google for the problems and you see the same bugs reported and fixed again going back almost a decade23:33
gnarfaceit's like they're running in circles23:33
gnarfaceoh but the fucking directory icons are in color now... ooooh!23:33
* gnarface facepalms 23:33
rwpbrocashelm, Using aalib is a pretty fun feature!23:42
* rwp also laments that I haven't had an "upgrade" in years. Every new release breaks two things for every one thing it fixes.23:43
rwpIf I want to run something newer than ASCII/Stretch for virt-viewer I guess I am going to need to build it myself and figure out what they broke with it.23:44
golinuxrwp: I just said goodby to jessie about a month ago. Chimaera has been painful GTK3 and CSD and skinny bars for starts . . .23:49
brocashelmi was having issues running thunderbird profiles on a different gpu (same system) that would crash the program (same as firefox), so i've appended the --allow-downgrade to my launcher23:58
brocashelmthe problem is there are no viable graphical e-mail clients aside from thunderbird (a fork would work wonders)23:59

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