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brocashelmi've tried claws mail and evolution, but they were quite lacking as i like having multiple e-mails and with their own configs00:00
brocashelmthere is that betterbird fork i posted about long ago, but seemed shady00:00
brocashelmi think we have plenty of browsers to play around with, so now maybe we can look into mail clients?00:00
gnarfacei concur thunderbird needs a fork00:01
gnarfacefor a while i really liked it00:02
brocashelmit used to be great00:02
gnarfacei would basically just want everything put back to then00:02
gnarfacesame with firefox00:02
brocashelmthe problem isn't firefox or thunderbird; it's mozilla00:02
gnarfaceyea :(00:02
brocashelmand mozilla answers to google >_<00:02
brocashelmthat's part of why most browsers are chromium-based if you don't want firefox-based00:03
gnarfacethe irony is not lost on me that their mascot/logo is literally "the monster we created"00:03
brocashelmwe need to do better than firefox forks, netsurf, pale moon, otter, etc.00:04
brocashelmi do use librewolf if i _must_ use something directly firefucked00:04
brocashelmshame debian/devuan doesn't have it in their repos as it would be a much better default browser by far00:05
golinuxbrocashelm: No one is preventing you from packaging it and putting it in Devuan's git01:20
brocashelmgolinux: i do see bgstack15 packages it for his repos (stable and unstable). would it work to just copy them over to devuan's git?02:13
brocashelmthere are some software i'd be interested in packaging for devuan. i'd first test them in ceres and then go down to stable once it works02:14
rrqatm the Devuan-specific packages are solely the required forks for avoiding systemd, and not really for other reasons.02:20
rrqI knw "rrqnet' is an exception, which was incorporated because we use it for our infrastructure02:29
rrq.. and a handful more in "Devuan experimental"02:36
golinuxI actually meant in YOUR personal repo on Devuan's gitea03:12
brocashelmthat's fine. i'll just install local debs or use certain repos03:14
golinuxSorry for being ambiguous. And sorry for making rrq do extra work.  :D03:14
golinuxYeah contributing to the community isn't worth the effort . . .03:15
FilipZgnarface: Hi! I would like to return to finding what's wrong with my wireless connections. There are logs, with flags increasing verbosity for wpa_supplicant and dhclient:
FilipZI made that bug happen in the last minutes of those logs, but I copied a little more from when something began to fail earlier. Somewhere at this time I also turned off and on wpa_supplicant with those flags, so some of those messages in the earlier part are related to that.08:32
FilipZAnd I forgot to mention. After setting verbosity flags, by running wpa_supplicant with the same arguments + a verbosity flag with root, restarting the connman service didn't restore connection untill I killed wpa_supplicant again, so it was later restarted without this flag. I don't know if this matters.08:39
toprohi there, I'm running a headless raspi as libvirt host (debian/devuan) with openvswitch for providing host and VM guests network access to different VLANs on the trunk-connected network port. Everything is working great except that whenever there is an update for openvswitch-common and/or openvswitch-switch packages, network connectivity on apt13:27
toproupgrade gets lost. As docs on how to configure openvswitch on debian/devuan /etc/network/interfaces are somewhat rare, this might be due to a configuration issue, but openvswitch networking starts perfectly on reboot. its just on openvswitch restart during package update when I am left behind with an inaccessible host. IIRC this started back when13:27
toprofirst openvswitch v2.15 packages appeared and keeps bothering me since. Haven't been able to fix it myself so any help on where to start looking very much appreciated.13:27
lts-topro: known bug unfortunately. You could try the workaround attempt in the message #10 in the bug report
toprooh ok, thanks for that heads-up. it helps to know where its coming from and that its a known bug. I'll see if I can contribute to that bug report. thank you!13:38
lts-I got hit with it a couple years ago with Proxmox, and "resolved" it by just building the same setup without openvswitch. The main stack is nowadays quite capable for handling VLANs and guests13:39
toprointeresting, I didn't think I could handle VLAN for guests without openvswitch. do you have any documentation resource (url) you could share with me?13:42
toproconcerning bug 1008684, strange there has not been any further reply from OP after message #1013:43
lts-That used to be the case IIRC that openvswitch was required for this, but that changed a few years ago. Basically you just create a bridge, set "bridge-vlan-aware yes", and give the bridge to your VMs as their network device. has some information13:46
lts-If you allow the bridge to have "bridge-vids 2-4094", the VMs can tag their traffic themselves, you don't have to create a separate bridge device (e.g. vmbr0.5) for each VLAN (unless you want to)13:48
lts-Or if you have a working setup with openvswitch, you could just try the workaround in the bug report, and if it works, great13:49
toproI will give the workaround a try. Its just that triggering that bug always comes with some downtime which I need to avoid13:51
toprohad a look at the proxmox link, might be worth a try, too. thank you, I think now I got enough to try to fix it13:57
toprolts-: I gave the workaround a try, or better two. Didn't do the trick :/  I sent my two cents to the bug report, as I would like to stick with openvswitch. again thank you!14:59
lts-np, good luck16:03
bdjuis the Devuan Bible real? where do you get it? I can't find it on the site17:24
* golinux cringes at the thought . . .17:29
fsmithredbdju, where did you hear of such a thing?17:30
bdjuLennart has it, supposedly17:30
bdju I did also find this, but not sure how to get it physically17:30
rwpThat book is online itself from that link and I believe that is the entire book right there.17:32
bdjuyeah but how did Lennart get it physically?17:33
rwpI might guess "lpr"??17:33
joergthe ultimate evidence that SOMEBODY is an idiot and a troll18:07
joergI'm just not decided yet WHO is that asshole to blame18:07
golinuxbdju . . . ahhhh that was "the purpy book" written by hellekin and funded at least in part by dyne.18:09
golinuxhellekin would NEVER have attached "bible" to anything devuan! That is pottering overlay. Hard copies were printed and distributed.18:11
golinuxI never got one. Never wanted one. It became more of a hellekin thing than a Devuan thing.18:11
bdjuthank you for the info18:17
bdjuis hellekin a part of the community?18:17
golinuxHe was in the early days. Moved on to personal projects at the end of 2015 early 2016.18:18
golinuxYou can check the dng list email history.18:19
golinuxHe and I designed the devuan logo and were created in it's current format for the jessie release18:20
bdjuoh cool18:21
golinuxHe was a significant contributor to making devuan what it is today18:22
golinuxHere's the first snapshop of the new jessie website:
golinuxIt's come a long way since then.18:24
golinuxbdju: FYI
bdjuooooh, thanks18:44
bdjuthe link to the pdf still works. sweet.18:46
golinuxNote that was replaced by the forum around that time.18:49
bdjuah okay18:49
bdjuhow come? the name seems pretty odd18:50
golinuxDiscourse to Fluxbb18:59
golinuxDiscourse was a disaster18:59
golinux Less is more19:00
bdjuand you couldn't use the same subdomain?19:00
golinuxWe can be quite whimsical.19:01
golinuxThis was the splash screen for our first "Valentine's" release which was around the time of Leonard Nemoy's death.
golinuxAns one of our dev was an astronomer so . . . galaxy seemed to fit in.19:03
golinuxI started it as a self-hosted unofficial protest against discourse19:04
golinuxand let the users decide which they preferred.19:05 withered away . . . wrong interface for this crowd.19:05
bdjuah, so they both existed at once for some time then19:11
bdjuthat makes sense19:12
golinuxAbout a year19:15
golinuxMaybe longer19:16

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