libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2022-08-18

Atari-FroschI suspect there's noone here who found a way to make sympa 6.2.60 with nginx and spawn-fcgi run on Devuan Chimaera?18:54
Atari-FroschChecked the log archive already and only found someone complaining about not getting rid of sympa, back in 2018 …18:54
CenbeHow do I set up a printer on chimaera? I'm not seeing a printer manager.19:02
lts-Cenbe: cups
djphtime to panic ... dist-upgrading my daily driver to daedalus22:41
djph1825 packages ...22:41
gnarfacemake a backup first?22:48
djphgnarface: what could possibly go wrong? :D22:49
djphgnarface: (I have 3 of my important docs)22:49
djph* 3 copies of22:49
brocashelmtoo late, i'm already on ceres XD23:34

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