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u-amarsh04chromium from unstable won't load as my hardware Athlong II X4 640 doesn't support sse305:38
u-amarsh04Athlon II X4 64005:42
u-amarsh04hmm, the Athlon II X4 640 does have SSE3 but /proc/cpuinfo doesn't report sse3 present?06:06
u-amarsh04checking my kernel configuration, the sse3-based crypto wasn't being built, so I've added that in06:07
Digitdeb-get okay with devuan?  okay to deb-get with devuan?  much point?  devuan'able 3rd party repos?15:24
djphDigit: I don't understand your enquiry.  Do you mean "apt-get" ?15:29
Digitnope.  deb-get.  featured on a recent distrotube episode, it's for unofficial repos.15:30
djphnever heard of it / used it.  "for unofficial repos" sounds like "for a good way to trash debian ... do this!"15:32
Digitit seems to strive to stick to original vendor upstream sources, to minimise that effect.15:33
xrogaanchromium can't run on my CPU anymore. Apparently the Phenom II do not support SSE315:40
xrogaan(it does)15:41
gnarfacedid someone from intel just start doing chromium builds or something? this is the "playing dumb" compiler fiasco all over again. they were sued in court and lost over doing the same thing to sandbag amd benchmarks in windows.21:34
gnarfacemaybe like 10-15 years ago i think21:35
djphxrogaan: or is it that the phenomII doesn't support SSE3.2 (or some other revision, etc) ... I mean we're talking about a decade old (or older) proc here ...21:53
gnarfacemaybe the law suit was more recent than that and they just had been doing it that long ago, i forget exactly21:53
gnarfacein the law suit the issue was that AMD had made a perfect to-spec implementation but had changed something about the labeling to avoid patent lawsuits, and intel just played dumb by pretending they didn't even know it was there21:54
gnarface(but it would have worked if they had just thrown a normal build at it that wasn't explicitly checking for some intel-only tag)21:55
xrogaandjph: no, it's a badly written script.21:55
xrogaancpuinfo doesn't expose SSE3 per say, but it's supported by the hardware.21:55
xrogaanI linked the bug report.21:56
gnarfacedjph: this "oopsie" has a long history and this isn't the first place it has cropped up, this is part of a protracted (and actually illegal) turf war, not a feature issue21:56
xrogaananyhow, please follow to #devuan-offtopic (no longer a support issue)22:00
djphgnarface: xrogaan: ohhhh22:05

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