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bb|hcbhagbard: Debian erased old history from the changelogs and moved the full history to an online service. Devuan packages have the full history in /usr/share/doc/<package-name>/changelog.Debian.gz01:13
bb|hcbMaybe some tool didn't check for the truncation marker (not sure if that was accepted/implemented) and just tries to fetch the online one (which is obviously not there for Devuan packages)01:14
hagbardI might remember wrong, but i think it was possible to download/display the changelog _before_ updating the package, so that one could decide whether to update.01:16
fsmithredhagbard, do you have apt-listchanges installed? I still see changelogs on upgrades.01:28
hagbardNo. I was using synaptic and aptitude.01:30
onefangI tried to get the change log downloaded without the packages, and failed.01:46
fsmithredI've never tried that01:47
onefangI was trying to put together a cron script that told me everything about the waiting updates that I could find without actually downloading the packages.01:50
Xenguyapt-listchanges sounds easier02:04
HackphiLhi to all02:09
HackphiLfrench newbie on debian/linux I'm looking for the last devuan iso02:10
HackphiLis there also a live version?02:12
HackphiLthx for the links if possible.02:12
fsmithredHackphiL, isos are at or choose an iso mirror from
fsmithredthere are installer isos (with devuan/debian installer) and live isos02:26
fsmithredchimaera is current stable02:27
XenguyHackphiL, There is a Live version, thanks to fsmithred : -)03:08
HackphiLthx for all fsmithred and Xenguy03:44
XenguyHackphiL, good luck04:32
gnarfacerwp: no, just manually. tried "-usb -device usb-host,vendorid=[vendorid],productid=[productid]" as well as the monitor shell equivalent, no luck. i can get emulated usb busses to show up inside the guest but not the pass-through device05:09
gnarfacerwp: if this works for you in virt-manager can you tell me what command-line options it sets?05:10
rrqgnarface: I think a plain "-usb" is for a USB 1.1 hub; you'd use e.g "-devuce usb-ehci" for USB 2 and "-device qemu-xhci" for usb 312:36
gnarfacerrq: well without the "-usb" part it didn't enable usb at all, so i added that after the -device part12:44
gnarfaceit didn't seem like i could get any usb without some devices12:44
gnarfacewithout some -device flags i mean12:44
gnarfaceer, i mean with just device flags12:45
rrqhmm you should get the hub(s)12:45
gnarfacethe qemu software hubs, i should add them?12:45
gnarfacesoftware usb hubs?12:45
gnarfacei considered that but didn't try it, it said that it defines one12:45
gnarfaceby default12:45
rrqI get usb 1.1 hub with the -usb flag12:46
gnarfaceoh you mean i should get them without -usb12:46
gnarfaceyea, i do too, but got nothing with just the -device flags i meant12:46
rrqor usb 2 + 1.1 with -device usb-ehci12:46
gnarfaceyea, i was able to get a second bus, and make it usb2 that way12:46
rrqor usb 3 + 2 with -devuce qemu-xhci12:46
gnarfacedon't need it so i didn't try it12:46
gnarfacethe problem wasn't getting usb busses to show up in qemu, the problem was getting a usb device to appear on it12:47
rrqthen it needs the "-device usb-host,...." for the plugged in unit12:47
gnarfaceyea, got that12:47
gnarfacebut i'm wondering if there's problems with certain flags that the documentation says should work12:47
gnarfacelike maybe it's ignoring vendorid and productid12:47
rrqI run it as non-root but usr in plugdev group12:48
gnarfaceoh hmm, i'm not in plugdev12:48
gnarfacethe documentation also said it needs /proc/bus/usb which is deprecated...12:48
rrqneed rw for the /dev/bus/usb... node12:48
gnarfacedid /proc/bus/usb just move to /dev/bus/usb?12:49
gnarfacei wonder if the kernel is updated but the qemu in chimaera is not?12:49
gnarfaceer, in ceres actually12:49
gnarfacesomething i read suggested it moved to /sys/bus/usb12:49
rrqhmm the actual device access would be through /dev/bus/usb/.../... I would have thought; you could strace it to see I suppose12:51
gnarfacei'm not sure it's seeing it at all tbh12:51
gnarfaceaside from usb being off by default despite the docs inferring that it should be on by default, every -device seemed to work except the usb-host one where i tried to grab an actual usb device12:52
gnarfacebut i'm wondering if i'd have better luck trying to select device by port and bus id instead of vendor/device ids12:53
gnarfacebut the docs do mention this as an experimental feature but remember they were written when /proc/bus/usb wasn't deprecated12:53
rrqright; I'm using your usb-host setting for this special device ... meaning it seems to be the right thing. but you need rw access to the corresponding /dev/bus/usb node12:54
gnarfacehmmm... nothing in there is owned by plugdev though12:55
gnarfaceyou sure it's plugdev?12:55
rrqpossibly I improved my udev rules to set it as 066 + plugdev group in January this year.. unless that's the default12:55
gnarfacealright, i'll look into this, first i gotta make sure it's actually reading /dev/bus/usb in the first place i guess12:56
rrqa line 48 in 50-udev-default.rules12:56
rrqSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="usb_device", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev"12:57
gnarfacemy version doesn't have the GROUP="plugdev" part but that seems like a good idea12:57
L_Lesteris there a mini livecd of this project?14:10
hagbardthere is:
L_Lesterthnx, hagbard14:47
buZzoo even devuan_daedalus_5.0.preview_20220411_amd64_minimal-live.iso15:42
fsmithredbuZz, if you wait a little bit, there will even be newer live isos. "a little bit" might be a day or maybe even a few hours. Building now. Will soon see if they boot.16:18
buZznice :)16:18
fsmithredtalking about daedalus test isos, not stable chimaera.16:18
buZzfsmithred: do you know where we can edit btw?16:19
buZz> 06:02:53 < m31z0nyx> hi. I just want to report a broken link on In the Devuan description the link "Init Freedom" should lead to16:19
buZz            and not
fsmithredwe don't have access to the website. I'm not sure who manages that.16:19 is the listed contact address, but I'm not sure if the dyne mail is working right now. There were some problems with it recently.16:21
buZzi noticed '' as a website, looks nice16:23
ospecterhow do you change your dns in devuan16:27
buZzospecter: what do you mean by that16:28
buZz-your- dns? are you running a dns server?16:29
ospectermodem manager keeps overwriting my dns servers16:29
buZzyes, and? why not configure the dns correctly in that mobile phone modem manager?16:30
ospectercant connect to update apt16:30
buZzwhy not just kill modem manager? are you using it at all?16:30
buZzbtw, i bet you ment networkmanager and not modemmanager16:30
ospecterusing connman16:30
buZzwhy are you running multiple different network management tools?16:31
ospecterapt is getting timeout because of dns settings16:31
buZzwhy are you running multiple different network management tools?16:33
ospecteri am not just connman16:34
fsmithredospecter, is it overwriting /etc/resolv.conf?16:34
hagbardThe address to the dns resolver is configured in /etc/resolv.conf/ But yes, various network managers and tools of that sort, and even dhcp itself will overwrite that.16:34
buZzospecter: you said 'modem manager' which is part of 'network manager' which is a competing management tool from connman16:34
buZzso yes, you're running multiples16:34
ospecteryes it is overwriting on reboot16:35
fsmithrededit the file how you want and then 'chattr _+i /etc/resolv.conf'16:35
fsmithredto make it immutable16:35
fsmithredthere's probably a way to set the dns in connman, but I don't remember it. I replaced that with n-m on my laptop.16:35
fsmithredyou will need to chattr -i the-file if you want to edit it again.16:36
ospecterconnmanctl shows it cant figure out the command to set it16:36
hagbardif it's dhcp which overwrites the dns ips in resolv.conf, you can configure it to not do so, e.g.: supersede domain-name-servers,;16:37
hagbardin dhclient.conf16:37
buZzor , you know, fix your dns on the dhcp server you're using to not send you the wrong one?16:38
ospecteri will ggive it shot16:39
tux12hello, i'm used to debian, just tried out my first devuan install (netinstall amd64). During the installation process I selected the french keyboard layout and unselected the default graphical environnement which I replaced with kde.17:19
tux12When the system reboot, the login (session?) manager just proposed me the english layout.17:20
tux12I just had to manually install task-french-kde-desktop and everything has got fine.17:21
buZzwhich session manager is depending on kde configs?17:22
ltstux12: likely the installer selection affects only the non-X layout. You can set non-english X layout inside xorg.conf17:23
tux12buZz: sorry i'm not familiar with that graphical stuff, how can I find out?17:24
buZzif you didnt install any X in the installer , its unlikely the config would be there for that ;)17:24
buZztux12: i dont know, you said you manually installed it, yet you dont know which you installed?17:24
tux12buZz: ok, I used aptitude17:24
buZzooo, you installed kde in the installer? weird17:24
buZzi didnt know that was even a option17:25
fsmithredbuzz, even gnome is now listed in tasksel17:25
* buZz doesnt install X through installers17:25
tux12buZz: I know this has always caused problems even on debian17:25
buZzyeah i've had nothing but issues with gnome & kde too17:25
buZztoo nonstandard17:26
tux12so far i've seen if you unselect the "default" you get in troubles whatever you select else17:27
fsmithredtux12, are you installing chimaera or daedalus?17:28
tux12fsmithred chimaera17:28
fsmithredtroubles with keyboard layout or other troubles with non-default desktop?17:29
WonkaI wish I could uninstall Xorg in favor of Wayland... but XFCE is lagging behind in supporting it...17:29
tux12just the french layout doesn't appear in the graphical session, only english.17:29
tux12and from the point i installed the task-french-kde-desktop, it just proposes french.17:30
tux12the installed session manager is sddm17:32
buZzmaybe just use a international keyboard like rest of the world? :P17:45
tux12tell chinese about the rest of the world's keyboard17:46
buZz> Chinese typists actually use QWERTY keyboards17:46
buZzyep, they got the memo17:46
tux12anyway i was just pointing out that there is only one missing package to make things work properly.17:46
tux12But I don't know how much work the modification represents.17:47
tux12just thought it could help17:47
buZzafaik we dont have our own debian-installer17:48
buZzso it would be upstream debian's17:48
tux12i don't know, never used sddm before, and never had this "bug"17:49
golinuxThere are many branches set up for various Devuan iso builds18:10
buZzah cool!, thanks golinux18:13
tux12hmm anyway my proposal is not a solution; when rebooting the box i am back to the EN layout as unique choice.18:16
fsmithredmaybe try lightdm instead of sddm18:29
tux12i'll try a new install with the default environnement and then change for KDE.18:44
fsmithredtux12, I think you will encounter more problems that way18:47
fsmithredand waste a lot of time18:48
fsmithredhow did you end up with sddm, anyway? task-kde-desktop lists lightdm as first choice.18:52
tux12fsmithred: i just did as said before, unselect the default and replace it with kde in the tasks selector during the installation process.18:57
tux12fsmithred | tux12, I think you will encounter more problems that way // that's how i do it on debian, i'll let you know18:57
Guest3Hello! I have a minimal netinstall of devuan on my machine, im trying to ssh into my router, but It gets stuck in execution, does anyone know what might be the issue?19:18
buZz'stuck on execution' isnt a problem description we can go on :P19:19
buZzwhat actually happens?19:19
Guest3it just does not execute19:19
Guest3From terminal19:19
Guest3It just starts but never finnishes so i hace to ctrl-c it19:20
buZzso, its busy doing something19:21
buZzdo you have functional dns?19:21
Guest3How would I notice if i didn't?19:21
buZzby doing dns?19:21
buZztry 'ping'19:21
buZzit could be your router is trying to do rdns of your internal IP too19:22
buZzwhich you might lack19:22
Guest3aha yes, im typing from that machine right now19:22
fsmithredssh -v19:22
buZzhave you tried leaving it 'stuck' ?19:22
buZzif its dns , it should give up after a while and just continue, assuming you're connecting on IP , not host19:22
Guest3pinging works19:23
Guest3will try leaving it stuck for a while19:23
buZzand yeah , ssh -v will give verbose output19:24
Guest3trying that19:25
Guest3This is what happens19:32
buZzthats a nonfunctional pastebin service19:32
buZzmaybe use
buZzright, and after a minute or so it connects?19:35
buZzwait, this isnt right? whats happening with 'd no files' ?19:35
buZzoh, you miscopied, its the second part of the next line19:35
Guest3ah sorry19:36
buZzi see nothing wrong, what happens after a minute of this?19:37
buZzalso ; can you ssh to that machine from -anywhere else- on your network?19:38
Guest3I havent tried yet19:39
buZzso, its still likely your router doesnt even support ssh?19:39
Guest3after a minute ssh: connect to host port 22:connection timed out19:39
buZzseems like something you should be debugging on your own before asking us :D19:39
Guest3yeah will try it out more19:40
Guest3I wanted to know more if it could have been some path error or something like that since I did netinstall19:42
fsmithredGuest3, have you gone into the router's web interface and found any settings for ssh?19:51
fsmithredyou might need to turn it on. Or you might need to use telnet instead of ssh.19:51
buZzGuest3: you didnt install19:51
buZzoh wait, you did19:52
buZzi thought you said livecd19:52
tux12usually when you get a time out it means that the port is filtered (on source or target)20:09

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