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devuanconsumerI don't think I can update my nvidia driver00:10
devuanconsumerWhen I run the command it says apt install nvidia-driver --no-install-recommends && apt install nvidia-cuda-dev nvidia-cuda-toolkit --no-install-recommends00:10
devuanconsumerE: Package 'nvidia-driver' has no installation candidate00:10
devuanconsumerits because of the new repository lol00:11
fsmithredyou need to add contrib and non-free to the three devuan lines in sources.list00:15
fsmithredthen update again00:15
fsmithredshit, you already have them00:15
devuanconsumerno I just added them00:15
devuanconsumerthank you!00:15
fsmithredok, make sure you have the right package names00:15
fsmithredapt-cache search nvidia00:16
fsmithredshould give you way more than you want00:16
devuanconsumeri notice when i update nvidia drivers without purging the grpahics card performs worse00:16
devuanconsumerso when there's an update i need to purge00:16
devuanconsumerand reinstall00:16
fsmithredI gave up on nvidia drivers a few years ago00:16
devuanconsumerwhat are you using?00:16
devuanconsumerfor your nvidia?00:17
fsmithredg210 I think. Old and fanless.00:17
devuanconsumerwell it works :)00:17
fsmithredworks great for my gaming: freecell00:17
devuanconsumerE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (13: Permission denied)00:18
devuanconsumerE: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), are you root?00:18
devuanconsumerwhat does this mean?00:18
devuanconsumerit was nearing the end of the installation and it said this00:18
fsmithredeither you need to be root or you need to stop using apt in two places at once00:18
devuanconsumerdo i have to rerun the installation?00:19
fsmithreddid it work?00:19
fsmithredtrying to run a second apt won't disturb the first one00:20
fsmithredfirst one already has a lock on it00:20
devuanconsumerhow do you run a second apt?00:21
fsmithredopen a root terminal, apt install foo00:21
fsmithredopen a second root terminal, apt install bar00:21
fsmithredit won't let you do it if the first one isn't finished00:21
fsmithredsome programmer knew you would try that and is keeping you from shooting yourself in the foot.00:21
furrymcg1eis there a package that build depends on debian-cd?17:59
furrymcgeereproducible builds?18:08
XenguyI have been using 'audacious' audio player to listen to music (typically mp3, ogg, and flac files)...18:14
XenguyJust wondering if anyone has an audio player they really like, and would recommend?18:15
XenguyWondering if there are any other audio players that might do a good or better job18:15
thegoatXenguy, I like Strawberry music player; it's the fork of the unmaintained clementine, which was also awesome18:17
thegoatbit more beefy tho, but not by much, I imagine18:18
D-HUNDXenguy: mocp (music on console player)18:21
Xenguythegoat, I believe I saw clementine in the repo, but doesn't look like strawberry is there yet (I'm running beowulf still though)18:22
XenguyD-HUND, Yeah, there are a bunch of ncurses players it seems18:22
gnarfaceXenguy: Audacious is the best. menu->settings->appearance->interface->winamp classic interface19:29
Xenguygnarface, Is it the fact that it is less bloated, a leaner audio player, or ...?19:36
gnarfaceit's the fact it has a winamp classic interface :)19:37
gnarfacei mean it's not like all these audio players aren't using the same damned libraries on the backend19:37
gnarfaceyou're not gonna get an audible difference in quality19:37
XenguyCool, will have a look at that, thanks19:38
gnarfaceoh, well i don't think so anyway. if you find a notable exception otherwise please let me know.19:38
gnarfacethe audacious interface does seem fairly light though by today's standards19:38
gnarfacei dunno how you'd really get lighter without going to a cli player like mpg12319:39
XenguyIt seems light, compared to heavyweights like rhythmbox or clementine, for example19:39
gnarfacexine is pretty :)19:40
gnarfacevlc is ugly but does everything... when it's not choking on it's own configs then crashing19:40
gnarfacebut audacious has playlist files support and such19:42
Xenguyhrm, I take that back in the case of rhythmbox, the installed size is actually smaller than audacious19:42
gnarfacethe real think i like about audacious is just that it meets minimum standard of ui functionality winamp had in the 90's19:43
gnarfacei don't like change19:43
gnarfacei'm sure you could do better from a hardware resource usage perspective setting up a bash script to call mpg123, ogg123, or flac as appropriate19:44
gnarfacejust parse pls files with sed or something like that19:45
gnarfacepls/m3u whatever19:45
gnarfaceit would be a clever exercise but then you wouldn't get to pretend it's still the 90's and nothing is wrong19:45
furrymcgeempv on console/framebuffer20:21
gnarfacempv might not actually accomplish the "lighter" part though, isn't it a fork of mplayer?20:40
gnarfacemplayer drags hard on my raspberry pi20:41
gnarfacei use it here sometimes too but i purposefully excluded it from the suggestion list for not qualifying as a resource saver20:42
gnarfacei still use it here because there's a few things it still does that nothing else does, but it's also really heavy for a console utility20:43
furrymcgeefeature heavy20:57
* Xenguy uses mpv for video every day...21:41
brocashelmyou can also use mpv for browsing image galleries (works well with something like ranger)21:59
_ds_I have just three words… David Tennant? What?22:04
_ds_(ugh, just noticed, wrong channel)22:21

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