libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2022-10-29

chomwittwhat matrix client would you propose for my chimaera system ?00:24
gnarfacethe emacs one :)00:29
gnarfacenah i dunno reallyl.00:29
chomwittgnarface, i was afraid someone would say weechat! at least i know emacs !00:30
gnarfacei do see the weechat one in the repos00:32
gnarfacealso neochat, nheko and quaternion00:33
gnarfacethere might be others but those are the obvious ones00:34
gnarfaceyou know you can pass a regexp to "apt-cache search" right?00:40
gnarfaceit helps find stuff easier00:41
chomwittgnarface, quaternion worked fine!00:41
chomwittnheko on the other hand seems very unstable00:44
chomwittwith the same credentials it crashes00:44
chomwittneochat cant be found in chimaera00:47
gnarfaceoh, bummer, i guess i'm looking at ceres sorry00:52
msiismIs there some piece of documentation that tells me how to make a custom Devuan live ISO?23:16
rwpHello tpoot.  Welcome to the group!  Social chatter is welcome in the #devuan-offtopic channel.23:21
rwpHello msiism.  The live boot iso may be created multiple different ways.  Perhaps the easiest live boot is refracta?
msiismI'm more trying to build a custom live system, not instaling the live system to disk.23:24
rwpOops.  I meant to quote this one I think.
gnarfacemsiism: use refracta, that's exactly what it's for (and it's what they use too)23:25
gnarfacethere's different sections of the refracta tools; i forget exactly which one you want but maybe refracta snapshot?23:26
gnarfaceyea, i think it's snapshot23:26
gnarfacehmm, or maybe refracta2usb?23:27
gnarfaceit's been a while since i did it23:27
msiismOkay, I'll give it a read.23:30
msiismI had been looking at, previously.23:30
gnarfacei'm not sure what that's for23:32
gnarfacemaybe it just calls refracta tools?23:33
rwpI think, not sure but I think that was the earlier Devuan combined developer effort.  But one of those developers is the main person behind the refracta tools.23:33
msiismIt's a tool to build a Devuan-based live distro, as it seems.23:33
rwpAnd the refracta tools have surpassed the others by a lot.  So that's what I would recommend.23:34
rwpThough the debian-live style ones can still be created I note that only references the refracta based ones.23:35
gnarfaceyea, i know there was initially some other method but what happened was fsmithered switched to refracta for it, then shortly after that he became the refracta maintainer too23:35
gnarfaceso from what i've heard, refracta is well and truly integrated here23:36
gnarface(you'll notice their website even has devuan colors)23:36
msiismYeah, I've been using Refracta from a USB key recently.23:38
gnarfacei only used it once, and it was like the week before that all happened, but it was really easy to use actually23:45

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