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u-amarsh04openssl 3.0.7-1 lists addressing CVE-2022-3358, CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-378609:02
optyhello, i don't use devuan and i need to know when udev-finish exactly runs (before or after persistent network rules may change), could anyone look, please?10:29
opty(and i hope devuan doesn't use parallel boot by default xD)10:34
Guest414Hi, guys. I have a problem. Suspension does not work when I close the lid of my laptop. Once the system is suspended, I can't wake it up. However, installing pm-utils and running "pm-suspend" works perfectly. Can I substitute the elogind suspend for the pm-utils suspend somehow?17:45
rwpBummer on Guest414's not hanging around long enough to get good help about that problem.19:48
rwpI have thought that if pm-suspend is installed then it will be called.  I know that /etc/acpi/ does this for example.19:49
rwpBut if the DE takes over handling of the lid switch, as I think it does, then I believe it is a simple DE configuration to set it there.19:50
rwpRecently in Ceres every time Linux kernel upgrades produce these complaints "kernel: [251779.070406] BPF: type_id=97219 bitfield_size=0 bits_offset=0" and "BPF: Invalid name"21:48
rwpAnd also "kernel: [251779.073076] failed to validate module [dm_mod] BTF: -22"21:49
rwpI see lots of web search hits on [nvidia] instead of [dm_mod] but this happens to be in a VM with the QXL video driver.21:50
rwpAny ideas as to what might be going on there?  Since it appears as an error of sorts I am always trying to fix errors as opposed to ignoring them.21:51
gnarfaceis dm_mod something that was packaged with the linux kernel or is it some other tainted driver like the nvidia one?22:00
gnarfacehmm, i guess it looks native22:08
gnarfacedoes it stop happening if you stop using qxl?22:08
rwpI have no idea what dm_mod mod would be but assume it is related to device mapping.  Whatever it is it is from Linux kernel main.23:12
rwp> "stop using qxl" hmm...  The three systems in total all are running headless so I can definitely simply try the other video spigots and see what happens.23:13
rwpThis hasn't always been happening but probably since Linux 6 rolled through?  Probably correlates to Linux 6.23:14
rwpWhatever that problem is I don't think it can be the QXL driver.  Because I was wrong.  None are using QXL.23:18
rwpOne of the three is using the Virtio video driver.  The other two have no graphics configured at all, I have the serial port console configured.23:18
rwpBut it does appear to correlate perfectly with when Linux 6 kernel rolled through.23:19
rwpI have been hearing about this new BPF layer.  This must be something noisy related to that subsystem.23:19
rwpI guess I will ignore it until I learn something better about it.  Thanks!23:20

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