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rwpThanks for that information bb|hcb!  The transparency of being able to look at the actual files is really very nice.00:12
ted-iousHow much space does it take to host a package mirror?04:58
ted-iousLooks like it's at least 60gb.05:00
gnarfaceted-ious: i think if you just want to mirror devuan-specific packages it's a lot less05:33
gnarfaceor at least it used to be... i could be wrong05:33
ted-iousgnarface: 60gb for devuan specific and 2tb for debian.05:42
onefangAbout When the world stops kicking my arse and I get to settle down for a bit, I'll get around to making that more official.06:02
* onefang goes back to weekending and waking up.06:04
ham5urgA user asked me if the filemanager (thunar or nautilus) is able to search (beside filenames) metadata also, e.g. the data in office and pdf files.14:04
ham5urgI would like to make this happen, what do you think about it?14:04
ham5urgFurther, maybe is a fuzzy search possible, e.g. to find words like fuzzy when fzuzy entered.14:05
ham5urgIs there something in the Repo I could use?14:06
sixwheeledbeastsomething like recoll?14:14
ham5urgrecoll has a GUI which I need for my users. When I try to install it, I add the suggested packages to, like 'pstotext' but there is no package.14:28
ham5urgIs ps2text needed for PDF metadata support?14:29
ham5urgI use testing, that's why it is missing :-/14:31
ham5urgrecoll looks capable, thanks15:07
ham5urgAny Gnome installation suffers from this
ham5urgHas anyone handled it and if so, how?15:24
spine-o-saurushay what was the method to install sdl2-mixer-dev on the daedalus? It is saying there is libsystemd-0 error17:52
spine-o-sauruscompat issue?17:52
fsmithredspine-o-saurus, do you have libelogind0 installed?17:54
spine-o-saurusya it shows amd64 & i386 version installed17:57
ham5urg_When installing a desktop via the installer, is the local time managed via ntp? Or do I have to install another package?18:27
fsmithredmaybe telling the exact error would help.18:27
fsmithredham5urg_, if you do expert install it will ask if you want ntp or not18:28
ham5urg_too late :-/18:28
fsmithredI think it probably does use it to set the time18:28
fsmithredthat and whatever you tell it for tzdata18:29
ham5urg_which package is invoked by the installer? I install it manually18:29
fsmithredntp will run automatically, ntpdate will run only at boot18:29
fsmithredntpsec-ntpdate is the new package name18:30
fsmithredntp is still ntp18:30
fsmithredadd some timeservers to the config file18:32
ham5urg_This package is missed in Debian/Devuan which blocks recoll to search through pdf's. For my office-users a problem. I installed it manually via dpkg.18:41
spine-o-saurusany suggestion on the sdl2-mixer-dev issue? It is still saying there is libsystemd-0 error19:14
spine-o-saurusthat was the last package i needed installed19:14
norayrhey devuan folks20:58
norayri am trying to migrate my bullseye debian to devuan, and i have problems.20:58
brocashelmnorayr: what is the output when running sudo apt dist-upgrade? use or for your pastes, and then link back here20:59
norayri tried following this manual: and this script:
norayri didn't try dist-upgrade (unless the script tried) but apt-get upgrade fails, i'll show you in a minute.21:00
norayrshell i try dist-upgrade after changing the sources.list?21:00
brocashelmyes, point your repos to devuan's21:00
norayr and
norayryes yes, those are pointed.21:02
norayrand i manually installed the keyring package, downloaded and used dpkg.21:02
norayrfirts is output of apt-get upgrade, second of apt-get --fix-broken install21:03
norayrdist-upgrade gives me the same as upgrade (first link)21:06
brocashelmyeah, it always seems to be an issue when it comes to installing other inits. you even tried to install sysvinit-core from debian's side?21:11
brocashelmi know they became more init-optional sometime ago (you didn't have to have systemd installed from a tasksel), so maybe try to install that package to override the systemd and then remove systemd?21:13
norayrso restore the old sources.list and try to install sysvinit-core...21:13
norayrbut i lost the old sources.list (:21:13
norayrlet me try to find it and install manually.21:14
norayri found correct sources.list and installing sysvinit-core removed many xorg packages.21:18
springtidehi, im a bit unsure weather these heavy openssl bugs CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602 are fixed in chimaera or not, since says they are fixed in 1.1.1s but devuan delivers 1.1.1n.21:18
ltsspringtide: those vulns only affected 3.0.x. The 1.1.1 series was not affected. The version of openssl in Devuan/Debian is not 1.1.1n, it is 1.1.1n-0+deb11u3 which contains backported security fixes21:23
lts "OpenSSL 1.1.1 and 1.0.2 are not affected by this issue."21:24
springtidethank you. i promise i'll read the complete cve's in future. good work guys. bye21:25
brocashelmyou can get the xorg packages back21:25
gnarfacenorayr: expected behavior, just reinstall them after you put the devuan sources.list back21:26
gnarfacenorayr: in some upgrade paths even the running kernel was removed, just make sure you have one before you reboot it21:26
brocashelma useful command you could try if apt dist-upgrade still doesn't work is aptitude full-upgrade (if it looks risky, try aptitude safe-upgrade)21:28
norayryeah but together with xorg packages it removed network manager21:43
norayrso i think i need to create a wpa_supplicant config and connect to wifi to continue.21:43
brocashelmthis might help:
brocashelmscroll down to manual wireless network configuration (last section)21:47
brocashelmyou will be able to get network-manager and the other missing packages soon enough if you follow with the migration to devuan21:48
brocashelmnetwork-manager is one of the many packages that depend on systemd, unsurprisingly21:49
brocashelmdevuan forked it and around 150-200-ish packages to make them work with alternate inits21:49
norayryes, thank you! i will get back soon, will configure the network manually and come.21:49
norayri eventually configured wpa_supplicant by hand21:58
norayrand now connected21:58
norayrbut the apt process is thill there21:58
norayrso i think it asked a question on a non-existent terminal and waits21:59
norayror i don't know21:59
norayri cannot run apt now. shell i kill it?21:59
gnarfacehmm, probably21:59
gnarfaceyou sure the network is routing right?21:59
norayryeah, now it suggested calling dpkg --configure -a21:59
gnarface"dpkg --configure -a" probably couldn't hurt22:00
gnarfaceit usually just tells you to do that when packages were interrupted22:01
norayrso, sysvinit-core is still in 'rc' state22:01
norayri can do apt-get -f install but that removes more xorg packages and kernel22:01
norayrlinux-image which is current22:01
gnarfacelike i said you may have to uninstall and reinstall the actual running kernel22:01
gnarfaceand udev22:01
norayrok trying22:02
gnarfacelike i said, just make sure you put them back before you reboot22:02
gnarfaceand use eudev instead of udev though that may be automatic now22:02
gnarfacethis is with you sources.list pointing at devuan now right?22:03
norayrok removed kernel, installing sysvinit-core22:03
norayrhmmmm, it was removing lightdm... and i guess i hunged once again. i dont see updates from it over the network22:04
gnarfacethe network hangs are problematic... now would be a very bad time to have a power out22:04
gnarfacethe network traffic is just bottoming out mid package?22:04
norayryeah i think i lost connection to it.22:05
norayri guess i have to just reinstall it...22:05
gnarfaceyea, just try again... are you using
norayrok nothing important on that board.22:05
norayri had debian on the board, but wanted to turn it into devuan.22:05
norayrnow i'll download an installer, and will do that with installer.22:06
gnarfaceyou giving up?22:06
norayri have no kernel22:06
gnarfacedon't give up, you're almost there22:06
norayrthe monitor is black22:06
norayri lost ssh22:06
gnarfacewait, ctrl+alt+f2 does nothing?22:06
norayri am sorry, yes, the problem is i have no kbd connected and i am not sure i have a keyboard at all...22:07
norayr(i don't want to be such problematic but i am in the middle of move and probably it packaged in some box)22:07
gnarfaceoh, if i had known that i might have suggested a different approach22:07
norayri had mouse though and i was using it with onboard in gui.22:07
norayri am sorry that your efforts were fruitless.22:08
gnarfaceit would have worked if we were more careful about this22:08
norayryes, or if this thing didn't hung in the middle of removing lightdm for some reason.22:09
gnarfaceit should be possible to repair and continue from a live image or installer image22:09
gnarfaceyou don't need to start over, but you might have to chroot22:09
norayrtrue, maybe i'll try with chroot.22:09
norayrwhat i am now afraid of is wireless driver firmware22:10
norayrthere were unofficial debian builds with those. so that i wouldn't need to use wired connection.22:10
norayrdoes devuan contain firmware or linux-firmware?22:10
gnarfacedevuan does22:11
gnarfacedon't worry about that22:11
gnarfacemy guess is when it uninstalled lightdm it probably also uninstalled sshd right out from underneath you22:11
gnarfacebut that's just a guess22:12
norayrheh (:22:12
norayrit said the following packages will be removed: libpam-systemd lightdm mate-applet-brisk-menu mate-control-center mate-panel mate-polkit mate-settings-daemon modemmanager packagekit packagekit-tools policykit-1 rtkit synaptic systemd-sysv22:12
gnarfaceyea, it's a mess but a bunch of the graphical login stuff is all tied to systemd-specific permission-backend packages, which means they all get removed first before the forked ones get put back in22:13
gnarfaceyou just gotta kinda hold its hand through it, but it's not something safe to do remotely22:13
gnarfacewifi also is an extra complication, i would have advised against it22:13
norayrmore reasons to switch to devuan.22:14
gnarfaceagreed, sorry it's been difficult so far22:15
norayrbtw i learned about devuan from the project maemo-leste. i have it running on my motorola droid4. they use devuan as an underlying os.22:15
gnarfaceit's really not always this bad, you're kinda in a worst-case scenario22:15
norayrand on my other systems i run gentoo without systemd.22:16
gnarfacehmm, i've been meaning to try out maemo-leste22:16
norayryeah, thats okay, used to troubles. thank you so much for support!22:16
norayrreally? you have some supported device?22:16
gnarfacelet's step over to #devuan-offtopic22:16
fluffywolfdevuan has a 0% success rate of including wifi firmware for me, so you might want to check your specific wifi firmware needs.22:17
norayroh sure. and let me add #devuan and #devuan-offtopic in my pidgin.22:17
norayrfluffywolf, i'll figure it how soon.22:24
SagestMagehello all.  I'm curious if anyone here has any experience with running s6, or suite66 on the debian system.23:34
oemb1905has anyone made a devuan friendly recipe for mastodon?23:59

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