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spine-o-saurusanyone know how to get sdl2-mixer-dev installed on daedalus? it keeps reporting libsystemd0 error00:27
drbecohey guys01:48
drbecois there a good website besides distrowatch with linux statistics01:48
drbecoI remember that linuxcounter, but it is down for years now01:48
pablocastellanosHi, I'm running oldstable with lightdm and MATE. I'm trying to understand why root has XDG_RUNTIME_DIR correctly defined as /run/user/0/ but my user logged in MATE does have undefined the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR variable. This is expected behavior?07:04
pablocastellanosIf so, It is possible to modify anything to have XDG_RUNTIME_DIR defined on MATE sessions?07:05
gnarfacepablocastellanos: i think it's a known issue though i'm not sure07:25
gnarfaceyou should be able to define it just about anywhere, try ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile, whichever is present already07:26
gnarfacei was having the same problem on ceres a while back. it seems to have been fixed but here's the ugly hack i used temporarily:
gnarface(for ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile)07:28
gnarfaceyou can probably do better, that was just something quick+dirty i made to get it working07:29
gnarfaceon a truly multi-user system there might be some security risk or an even lesser stability risk but only i use this system07:29
gnarfacedunno why i don't need that anymore, they changed something so that it works right without having to define that again07:30
gnarfacei use startx to fire up enlightenment so my ~/.profile would run before X11 starts up, as i have no graphical login manager, ymmv07:31
gnarfacepablocastellanos: it might be something mentioned in the forum08:00
Digiti keep getting failed to fetch, temporary failure resolving *tags along for a forum post about it *...    irony, if i can get around this with a vpn, when i'm trying to upgrade to install the vpn software.12:12
bb|hcbDigit: What about changing the DNS on the affected host to some open one, like or
AlexLikeRocki got problems , and need restart machine  everytime19:10
AlexLikeRockhow to reload wifi firmware ?19:38
AlexLikeRocki got this error :19:39
AlexLikeRockFailed to wake NIC for hcmd19:39
AlexLikeRockError sending STATISTICS_CMD: enqueue_hcmd failed: -519:39
AlexLikeRock helpme19:39
AlexLikeRockjust reload  by termial19:39
plasma41gnarface: That's the first time I've seen someone contort 'pwgen' into doing the work of 'mktemp -d'.20:25
plasma41gnarface: Not that I can really throw shade. I am, after all, the person who cobbled together [this abomination]( as a single-use hack job.20:34
gnarfaceplasma41: hah, thank you. nobody was around to remind me of mktemp when i did this21:04
fifiopenbsdI am using openbsd right now, but I miss devuan <322:52
pablocastellanosgnarface: Thanks23:00

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