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gryInstalled 'supybot' loaded Web plugin, command 'title' returns error 'That URL appears to have no HTML title within the first 4096 bytes.'08:08
gryis this my misconfig, or bug in the package. could someone test it please08:08
gnarfacei'm not familiar with supybot but the error should be easy to verify as true or not08:12
gryanother url looks fine08:13
gnarfacewell it's probably a youtube thing then i'd guess08:14
gryi mainly installed the plugin because i would like to get youtube titles...08:14
gnarfacethey could add the title to the page from javascript in the footer and it would sabotage simple html string searches08:14
gnarfacegoogle does that type of thing a lot too08:15
gnarfacedid you check out youtube-dl?08:15
gryit is for youtube titles on irc chat, so i doubt youtube-dl would help08:16
gnarfaceoh, i guess not08:16
gnarfacehmm, it looks like it can fetch titles thoguh08:17
gnarfacemaybe the implementation could still show you how to fix supybot08:18
Unit193Basically set the max supybot will download to much higher or use a youtube plugin to get the titles.  For the other yt-dlp -J YOUTUBE_LINK | jq .title08:37
gryUnit193, i did 'config supybot.plugins.Web.fetch.maximum 999999999', same issue.08:40
grytried Supybot-Titler plugin, it uses supybot.i18n - where is that ?08:41
gryrefuses to load08:41
gnarfacei'm pretty sure i18n means internationalization (character sets support)08:45
gnarfacenot sure where you'd find it but you might have better luck searching for the word "internationalization"08:45
gnarfaceor maybe "localization"08:46
gnarfaceor maybe a slimmer chance of "translation"08:46
Unit193No, the problem is using the very unmaintained supybot that hasn't seen a release since 2014 or something, maybe '12.  Use instead Limnoria.08:55
rwpHi gry!  Good to see you here.  Install yt-dlp directly from GitHub.  Periodically by cron run "yt-dlp --update" to have it self-update.21:32
rwpgry, Get titles with "yt-dlp --restrict-filenames --get-title" with appropriate locale (e.g. LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8) for you set.21:32
rwpgry, Upstream URL:
ham5urgIs there an easy way to get sensor data from an laptop? I've found some old example using /dev/shm/sensor.log (not on my laptops).23:48
fsmithredham5urg, install lm-sensors and run 'sensors'23:56

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