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sfoxI need help. I've set custom values in /etc/security/limits.conf for nofile, but no matter which terminal I open the softlimit is 2014 and hard is 409600:05
sfoxalso weirdly, upon setting a new limit hard is capped to that new limit even if it's significantly lower than the previous hard or soft00:05
sfoxif I login via a tty the limits as reported by prlimit and ulimit -n00:05
sfoxare correct00:06
sfoxbut if I use any terminal started by the display mamanger, it's soft1024hard409600:06
sfoxno matter what00:06
sfoxI don't see anywhere else in limits.conf or limits.d where a nofile directive is that would conflict00:06
sfoxI have this set00:07
sfox_steam        hard    nofile    5000000:07
sfox_steam        soft    nofile    6000000:07
sfox@users          soft    nofile  700000:07
sfox@users          hard    nofile  1000000:07
sfoxalso interestingly, the correct limits do show up when i do  su -l tom -s /bin/bash00:15
rwpIt sounds like you have not logged out of your display manager yet and it still has the previous limits.00:16
rwpIt is expected that "su -l" would show the new limits as su, sudo, /bin/login, sshd, others all are setting up a new login and do initializations.00:17
rwpIt has been a time honored technique when adding groups for example to "exec su - $USER" to get the new groups in that terminal, as opposed to logging all of the way otu and back in again.00:18
rwpNot sure why you would need "-s /bin/bash" there though...  Does "tom" not have a login shell that allows login?00:18
rwpThat's needed when the login shell is /usr/sbin/nologin for example "www-data:x:33:33:www-data:/var/www:/usr/sbin/nologin"00:19
sfoxit does have a shell00:22
sfoxI'll restart slim again but it didn't seem to work last time00:23
sfoxok that worked but it's still not picking up the varibles when logging in as other users00:29
sfox$ doas -u _steam /bin/bash00:29
sfox$ prlimit still reports tom's limits instead of _steam's limits00:29
rwpTo be honest the multitude of ways things get set through all of the different paths confuses me because they keep changing how and where.00:30
rwpBecause there is also /etc/login.defs too, and there is /etc/pam.d/* which messes with things.  And they keep changing from release to release.00:30
sfoxoh no :<00:31
sfoxthis is like configuring vlans on mikrotik devices00:31
sfoxthere's 35 ways to do it and their all kludged and differ depending on which device you have00:31
rwpHahaha!  But in reality it is better.  We do have the source and ability to debug through all source if it comes to it.00:31
rwpI just know that limits need to be set at the earliest process that limits them.  And then they are inherited from that point down the parent-child process tree.00:33
Kittyis there any good documentation on how to automatically install devuan machines ?16:34
ted-iousProbably about the same procedure as debian machines.16:36
ted-iousLike vagrant.16:37
Kittydoes vagrant do the install and everything?16:52
ted-iousI think it depends on what you're trying to install.17:00
ted-iousLike it can't put the cd in a system and hit enter for you. :)17:00
ted-iousBut vm's are different.17:01
Kittylooks like preseed is what I'm looking for17:05
ted-iousThat's a new one to me.17:15
ted-iousI'm only half joking when I say that this project looks like a social engineering experiment to see if they can convince people to curl | bash.17:32
ted-iousBecause it sure does look like that's what you do to run it.17:32
ted-iousOops wrong channel.17:33

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