libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2022-11-22

Quo-fani found a devuan build for odroid-c215:06
Quo-fandidnt even know it existed15:07
nemohave some bizarre behaviour on the VMs at work with devuan19:16
nemo /tmp is getting wiped clean, killing dbus/tmux sockets in /tmp which screws everything up19:17
nemo(have to send USR1 to tmux to recreate - for dbus haven't found anything better than restarting the vnc session)19:17
nemobesudes inotify monitoring of /tmp - anyone have any suspects for what might be causing this erasure?19:17
nemooh... /run/user/1000/at-spi/bus_1 was also missing - but I'm not sure if that was due to same thing, or just accessibility losing communication with dbus in /tmp19:19
nemoalso... why is dbus even creating these in /tmp instead of in /run ?  that itself feels like a devuan specific issue perhaps19:21
nemohm  although it probably wouldn't help here because /run is a tmpfs which could be suffering from the same erasure19:22
Quo-fannemo: its normal for dbus daemon19:22
Quo-fandont worry19:22
nemook. do you have any idea what might be causing wipes of what appears to be *ALL* tmpfses on these VMs?19:23
rwpnemo, This feels to me like a buggy script or program which is deciding to remove everything in /tmp/*.19:25
rwpBut what is the mode of the directory?  ls -ld /tmp should say drwxrwxrwt root root there.19:25
rwpThat 't' is the critical bit for /tmp.  Has that been cleared?19:26
nemoit's still 't'19:26
rwpIn that case it is a root process that is doing it.19:26
nemoodd thing is, I've spotted this behaviour across all of our devuan installs19:27
nemoI just never paid much attention to it before19:27
rwpIn a default installation /tmp is cleared at boot time.  But that's boot time.19:27
nemolet me see if I had to enable that stupid system scripty thing they insisted on, on all these machines19:27
nemoone moment :)19:27
nemohm. nope. it's not on the dev instances.19:28
rwp"tmpreaper" installed and misconfigured perhaps?19:29
nemorwp: nope19:38
rwpSomething is doing it.  Clearing /tmp after boot time is definitely not normal and definitely bad.  NOT a Devuan/Debian thing.19:47
nemoyeah. dunno. the odd thing is it's only happening to all the devuan servers.  the ubuntu ones seem fine20:09
nemoregardless of whether vmtools are installed20:09
rwpHow often is it happening?  I might install an inotify something to log activity on a system.  But I expect that to be a LOT of activity for /tmp.20:27
FatPhil/etc/default/rcS: TMPTIME20:33
FatPhilah, is that only at boot? Dang, I only reboot every few years.20:34
rwpFatPhil, /etc/default/rcS TMPTIME also configures and controls "tmpreaper" too.20:38
rwpBut at boot it is (uses TMPTIME) at boot time that cleans /tmp since boot time is the only completely safe time to do so.20:42
FatPhilI think tmpwatch was in the default install when I first installed a linux, and I just presumed debianalikes did the same by default too.21:54
FatPhilyou learn something new every day. I'll add tmpreaper to my list of packages to install on all systems, as my reboot cycles are glacial.21:55
rwp"tmpwatch"?  I recall that being available on the rpm side of the family but not the deb side.  tmpreaper is the deb family side attempt.22:34
rwpNote that hardliners will object to any attempt to manipulate /tmp and point to user private tmp directories as the solution.22:35
rwpWhereas on my system I claim that /tmp is my own user private directory. :-)22:36
FatPhilyup, it would have been redhat in those days. Had at least 6 months on each of slack, rh, and suse before settling on debian.22:58
rwpTraditionally Debian had always been everyone's last system.  Because then we realized we were home for a long stay. :-)22:59
FatPhilyou can fudge an unreapabel user tmpdir by making a directory, and a directory inside that, and then making the outer one 60023:00
FatPhilI stayed on suse on my DEC Alpha for a bit longer, as the graphics card support was better on minority architectures.23:01

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