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nemorwp: seems to be about once a day00:59
rwpSomething in /etc/cron.daily/* or /etc/cron.d/* then?  Hopefully root is not using /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root for goodness sake.01:00
Wonkahmf. hmf. time and time again I have problems with orphan-sysvinit-scripts ./. pdns10:33
WonkaNot replacing deleted config file /etc/init.d/pdns10:33
Wonkaupdate-rc.d: error: initscript does not exist: /etc/init.d/pdns10:33
Wonkathen I do `cp /usr/share/orphan-sysvinit-scripts/pdns /etc/init.d/ ; dpkg --configure -a` and all seems well10:47
Wonkaam I doing something wrong, or is it one of those packages?10:48
GrengarHello, I'm having a little trouble with my install of devuan and was hoping you guys could help me. when I run "sudo apt upgrade" I find the following error12:24
u-amarsh04Grengar - are you migrating from Debian to Devuan?12:37
GrengarI've been unsing devuan for a few months12:37
Grengarit was a clean install12:38
u-amarsh04just wondering why the pasted information seems to indicate that systemd and libsystemd0 are still installed?12:38
Grengaryeah that's what I was wondering too lol12:39
u-amarsh04what does the following show? dpkg -l|grep systemd12:39
Grengar I'm not sure what exactly I've done to cause this, I have had it shut off for a couple weeks and it's been like this since I turned it on earlier12:40
u-amarsh04dpkg -l|grep systemd can be run as a regular user, it doesn't change anything12:40
GrengarNothing returns from that command12:40
u-amarsh04can you paste your /etc/apt/sources.list ?12:42
u-amarsh04thanks, I have: deb chimaera-updates main contrib non-free12:46
u-amarsh04you appear to have it commented out12:46
Grengarno change uncommenting it12:48
u-amarsh04did you do an apt-get update after uncommenting it?12:48
Grengaroh wait12:49
GrengarIt seems like it's working now12:49
u-amarsh04 is also helpful12:50
Grengarwhat exactly is the difference between using apt and apt-get12:50
u-amarsh04not sure12:52
GrengarAlright. Weird that using sudo apt update didn't show any change but sudo apt-get update did12:54
GrengarThanks for the help, I really appreciate it12:54
gnarfacethere's not much difference, but apt is kinda general purpose whereas apt-get is just for download/install12:54
gnarfaceapt kinda acts like a frontend for the rest of the apt-* tools (see the man page) but i don't think it's technically a frontend, i think it's a bundled reimplementation that postdates the more specific apt-* tools like apt-cache and apt-get12:55
GrengarThat makes sense, thanks12:55
u-amarsh04I've actually just used aptitude for many years, it helps one to understand what package conflicts may exist and alternative ways to resolve them12:55
gnarface... and aptitude is something completely separate that tries to add helpful problem solving and obviate doing things as separate steps like the apt-cache/apt-get workflows do12:56
gnarfacesometimes when you've made a mess it can help out, but the primary complaint is that it can be slower on slow hardware or bandwidth constrained network connections12:56
gnarfacesynaptic is the graphical one, also no overlap of implementations with apt/aptitude tools12:58
gnarfacedpkg is the lowest-level tool, does not support the network features12:58
u-amarsh04I use aptitude with a little bit of dpkg -l / dpkg -i12:58
debdogplus patitude has minesweeper12:59
debdoghehe, *apti12:59
gnarfacenot "synaptic" the package manager is not to be confused with "synaptics" the optional (advanced feature-set) touchpad driver12:59
FatPhilaptitude is horrific on slow machines, but alas what I've become used to as the all-round general-purpose tool.13:16
FatPhildpkg -S/-l and apt-cache search/show are the only non-aptitude commands I use, IIRC.13:17
u-amarsh04my oldest/slowest pc is a Pentium D with 2 Gig of RAM13:21
FatPhilthis little puppy is a sweet little Intel(R) Celeron(R) 3205U13:27
FatPhil(Well, I lie, this actual machine is the RasPi I log into for IRC/tmux sessions from anywhere13:27
ribcagewhy would aptitude be slow?13:41
ribcagei always use apt-get though...13:41
FatPhilit does multiple rereads of the whole package database as it runs statelessly13:45
FatPhilonce it's offloaded responsibility for doing some actual task to one of the underlying tools, it doesn't trust that an OK result means everything's in a predictable state - it rereads everything from scratch13:47
gnarfaceit also updates the package database first from the network on every run, whereas apt-get has to actually be called twice to do that14:04
FatPhilI thought that was only done when you press 'u'14:07
FatPhilnot sure what happens in command-line mode rather than gui mode14:08
FatPhilbut I thought in commandline mode it was supposed to mimic apt-get14:08
u-amarsh04nice to see that .version auto-increment has been restored in Linux kernel building as of 19th November 202214:46
FilipZHi! I would like to ask about the power manager settings. In the "System" section, after setting "Hibernate" option, and triggering it through the required action, after turning the PC back up controls locks in a way where I only can move the mouse pointer within a small frame, on the middle of the screen, less than 1/3 of its size. Is it because of the "Lock screen when system is going to sleep" option? Why does it work like thi17:20
FilipZow am I supposed to unlock it?17:20
FilipZThere is also the separate "Lock screen" action after closing the lid, ciritcal power, or system power setting happens, and it also works in the strange way. After I closed the lid for this to happen, the screen blacked out and the window with login and password fields appeared only after 2-3 second from opening the lid back up(shouldn't it rather happen right at the moment of reopening?). After unlocking it worked just fine, but17:27
FilipZclosed and then reopened the lid again, the screen locked in the same way as it happened after turning it back up from the hibernation. Can I make it work correctly somehow?17:27
FilipZPS. I forgot to delete the '. and it also works in the same way" part. I described later that it once locked the screen in the same way, and once differently.17:29
rwpFilipZ, First, I don't know, but your report sounds to me like typical problems with the graphics upon resume from suspend with some hardware.19:43
rwpI think I would try disabling the lock upon suspend in Desktop Environment so as to remove the lock screen from the series.19:43
rwpThen try debugging why the graphics system is broken upon resume from suspend.  Lots of hardware problems have been typical in the graphics drivers.19:44
rwpAdditionally I would keep in mind that Control-Alt-F1 gets to the first vt console, Control-Alt-F2 to the second and so on through F3, F4, ... F6.19:45
rwpThose should be available to log into the text console *if the X lock screen is not active* and then would provide ways to interact with the system.19:46
rwpThough if the system is a UEFI boot which uses graphics for text consoles then the graphics there might be broken too.19:46
rwpIf you say what graphics driver your system is using then someone else (not me though) might know something more about it.19:47
FilipZThose are version 470.141.03 Nvidia drivers19:50
rwpI was worried you would say nVidia.  So many reports of problems there!19:55
FatPhilhaving intel, I'd say that surely nothing can be worse than intel20:52
rwpReally?  I have both Intel graphics and AMD graphics in active use with both working well.  I was driven there by previously using nVidia.21:00
rwpUntil about a year and a half ago the free software nouveau driver worked well for my nVidia desktop running Unstable.21:01
rwpAnd then Linux became unstable in Unstable using that driver and I had to move off of it for my own sanity.21:01
FatPhilwhatever the on-chip GPU is for my wonderful Celeron 3205U. Of course, it might be some other part of the chip that's broken, but it dies most often during video playback.23:03

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