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onefangI just checked, it does have the microhope package.  So there is hope, just a tiny amount.00:18
onefangOh wait, that wasn't a psionic support question, more a topic for #devuan-offtopic.00:19
onefangBTW the "dd a partition image into a qemu-nbd connected qcow2 image's partition device" did work, but it was horribly slow.  Took days.00:45
onefang187 GB on spinning rust before you ask.00:48
rrqI tend to use raw images for qemu, and on occasion raw partitions00:49
onefangI like the features of qcow2 images.00:49
onefangLike not storing empty space, which I could see as I watched it grow slowly while I was dding to it.00:50
onefangAnd "store changes to this file" so I can easily rollback after an experiment gone bad.00:52
gnarfaceJuest: i thought it was about whether you're trying to enable hardware acceleration/compositing in the guest or not. it could be other things too though, that was just my first guess...03:32
Juestthe system responds for a while until it just stops responding altogether03:52
Juestim trying to access recovery ui03:53
Juestno idea, xorg should in theory have worked, gnarface03:54
rwponefang, There are advantages to either qcow2 or raw block storage.  On the qcow2 size it will trim back to being a sparse file taking up less space.  On the raw side it is faster.05:37
onefangTrue, but I don't need speed, except for this one off dd shenanigans.08:47
vanacityHello, i was looking for an 'About' or 'Documentation' page on, but couldn't find any. I want to try Devuan, but have some questions, namely "What's the stance on non-free firmware?", "What's the stance on stability?" and "How do development cycles work?", or overall "What are the technical differences between Debian and Devuan?". Thanks in advance.20:19
hagbardvanacity: Basically it's 1:1 Debian, except that a subset of packages is forked to not depend on systemd.20:25
hagbardThus most of the packages in the devuan repos originate from the debian repos. And thus are as stable or unstable as those from debian. That includes non-free packages.20:27
hagbardThe main difference to Debian is that you have the freedom to choose your init system, and that you can install packages that would otherwise be uninstallable without the systemd packages also installed.20:30
golinuxhagbard: Just to clarify . . . Devuan does have a blacklist to check if there is a question about a package being installable:
vanacityThanks for the quick answers20:58
golinuxvanacity: Welcome to Devuan! BTW . . . all the questions you asked are answered on the website. ;)21:26
vanacityThanks, yeah i'm slowly finding the answers as i go through the website..22:31
brocashelmalso, there are existing devuan respins that can be suitable for certain use cases. refracta, miyo, exe, gnuinos (uses free/libre software only), etc.22:59
Juestso yeah, i wonder if anyone encountered a freeze with booting recovery media on vmware22:59

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